1. Global investment bank Credit Suisse about to fold because of Truss’ shenanigans? One person has caused so much havoc in such little time.

  2. Cannot understate how horrific it would be for a bulge bracket bank to go down, but I'd be stunned if it happened given the reforms since 08.

  3. Credit Suisse has been in trouble for a while. Truss is going to be the scapegoat for a lot of things she's made worse but were already precarious. She's an easy target and has done herself no favors with her idiotic policies, but all the fallout won't be her fault. Politically it will look like it is which she should have seen coming. So she's got bad policies and bad political instincts when she has to do more than please Tory members.

  4. Truss is speed-running the worst PM ever achievement with incredible efficiency. It's impressive.

  5. I just watched Flux Gourmet in the Curzon and it was only marginally more psychotic than the Truss administration

  6. Truss seriously worries me even more so than Johnson did. He may be as lazy as feck, a highly flawed individual, insanely self centred and possibly the worst PM ever but there is something very seriously strange indeed, weird and darkside about the Truss . There is her very unsettling, rabbit caught in the car headlights stare that suggests reality has suddenly and highly disconcertingly impinged upon some happy slappy internal reverie that is the world as she sees it, the staccato android like speech delivery and of course seemingly lacking any internal compass. Having been bought by the fossil fuel industry doesn’t help whilst her total lack of compass is of course a primary, if not the primary requirement for leader of the tories. I suspect she is actually an alien artefact, remotely controlled from the dog star Sirius, and that the faster than speed of light control system occasionally glitches leading to her sporadic twitchy behaviour.

  7. Our smart meter is reading over £30,000 for today. I’m hoping this is a bug and isn’t Kwarteng’s plan to balance his budget.

  8. Right, looks like the megathread is back to its usual level, and seeing as its October, what are people thinking of dressing up as for parties/going out with the little ones/for the sake of it

  9. Our first puppy barked for hours, messed in his crate several times a night, refused to go wee or poo outside despite waking up every two hours and waiting outside for half an hour.

  10. Just watched Don’t Look Up and thought it was fantastic. Really makes the point about the urgency of climate change it alludes to and how trivial and insignificant everything is regarding politics, world leaders and the planet and society in general. Genuinely quite powerful I thought.

  11. His is as "normal" an English accent as you're likely to get. Grew up in a working-class English household but out in suburban Surrey, which is about as generic as it gets when it comes to regional accents here. I imagine he neutralised his accent further when he received legal training at Leeds and Oxford. It's a bit Estuary but only a hint - I think he's trained himself to sound neutral.

  12. Nasally is more his individual voice than the accent. His accent is well spoken London/estuary English I would say. Not posh/RP, not cockneyish - somewhere inbetweeen. Very commonplace accent. Miliband speaks a bit more posh

  13. Well spoken, estuary? English. Just a normal middle class southern accent. He just has a bit of a goofy voice like miliband also did

  14. They’re both just kind of middle class London/Home Counties. I suppose you’d call it Received Pronunciation. It’s kind of like our notion of no accent as Americans say about the mid west. The nasal part is just their voice rather than any accent.

  15. One of the greatest ways we can do our bit to harm Russia is energy demand destruction. We need to get gas prices back down. I’m baffled that the Government hasn’t started looking to induce voluntary demand reduction. Even a letter to every household covid style explaining the issue and how they can help would make a massive difference.

  16. In all seriousness what do you think might be a route you redemption for Truss et al in the polls?

  17. She spontaneously comes full circle and becomes a member of Labour and starts breaking up large corporations, what will thereafter be known as:

  18. i belive the 1922 comittee can only meet while parliment is in session so no way for a VOC until they resume even if letters reached threshold during recess

  19. Apologies if this is old ground but is anyone else consistently surprised at how old Keir Starmer is? He's 60 -- I'm not saying that's too old or anything but a good decade older than I'd have guessed.

  20. Hence why unfortunately I only see 2 terms for Keir despite him being miles better than any potential leader we could put up. 70+ 3rd term re-election doesn’t seem plausible

  21. To be fair to Charles, I don't think his mother ever had to deal with anyone quite as awful as Liz Truss as PM. The comparison doesn't seem quite fair!

  22. It’s a shame the timing hasn’t worked out. Can you imagine if we were due an election in the next few months. It would be the end of the Tories, a game changing moment in history.

  23. in a perverse way i wonder if having a GE sooner rather than later would be in the interest of some tory MP's

  24. No. The polls won't stay this bad for the Tories for two years. That's just wishful thinking. They'll still on track to lose and a big Labour majority, come election time, but there's a difference between losing and the current numbers.

  25. Yup, although I don't think we as a nation will survive it. We've been acting like a failed state for the past six years, the Tories getting rid of Johnson to bring in someone who immediately crashes the pound in her first three days to only bring Johnson back is humiliation on an international scale.

  26. In theory the Conservatives could wait until early 2025, but governing with such low public support will bring inevitable questions of their authority/mandate.

  27. Questions don’t remove them from power. The press can be as disappointed as they want - I’m not sure what mechanism removes them?? I really want one I should add

  28. It’s more like Cell, self destructing to destroy his enemies and then returning stronger than ever, for some bullshit reason

  29. I for one am enjoying the Conservative Party apocalypse. I hope they enjoy decades in opposition for the damage they have callously inflicted on our country. Shame they still have a couple of years left to ruin things further.

  30. They've got their work cut out for them. Even if they throw everything they've got at Starmer for two years straight I can't see them knocking his poll numbers down by more than 8% or so.

  31. Telegraph columns for Keir Starmer on the eve of Tory conference. The Times running explosive hit stories on the Tories. The Sun running front pages blaming Kwasi Kwarteng for the economic chaos.

  32. I guess if proven he must have breached the ministerial code (for all that matters), but has he potentially committed a criminal offence as well?

  33. Campbell was talking about that on a recent rest is politics episode. He didn’t really give away how he knew but he seemed really certain and pissed off about it.

  34. NEW: The @LibDems have called for an official inquiry into the Chancellor toasting his mini-budget with bankers. "While struggling homeowners saw their mortgage bills spiral it seems the Chancellor was sipping champagne with hedge fund managers profiting from the falling pound."

  35. Can we just not? Can we just for once just do the thing we all know everyone wants? If everyone wants an election but there is no route to one does a tree still fall?

  36. Yeah there’s no surviving that, optics terrible, reinforcing narrative about support for bankers and it looks a lot like insider trading.

  37. The LOTO with a column in the Sunday Telegraph on the first day of conference seems like a shot across the bows, too. I wonder if they've put it on the front page.

  38. One of the best things to come out of hypothetical PR is the split of the Labour party and we can finally get rid of the Russia apologists into their own party which can stumble off into irrelevance.

  39. Worth emphasising we have never seen a weekly shift in polling like this. Not Black Wednesday; not Brown cancelling the election; not May and "nothing has changed". None of them come close to this.

  40. Genuinely very curious to see what the Opinium numbers look like at 22.00. For context, their last poll dropped on Sept 3rd, with these numbers:

  41. https://archive.is/?run=1&url=https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/2f54ab80-41a7-11ed-bf78-197f09550dd1?shareToken=4aba1909122141515e3f57b3ff4bd2df&s=09

  42. Just got back from a tour of the Morgan factory. Well worth a visit. Politics because the tour guide said most of the cars are built for Europe and Brexit hasn't really affected them.

  43. What does she mean by getting Britain moving? Buying and Selling houses? More physical exercise? Forcing people to emigrate to get away from her god awful politics? Or maybe she means moving (down) the geopolitical rankings?

  44. In my experience hardly anyone who calls themselves libertarian really is, in any kind of consistent philosophical way. They’re generally just some flavour of conservative. So many self proclaimed libertarians have been major cheerleaders for either Johnson or Trump over the last few years.

  45. The brass neck of the Tory’s attempting to gaslight/rewrite the narrative - don’t seem to have an answer for crashing the markets forcing 65billion quid of our money to be spent though do they

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