1. More than two-thirds of Conservative voters say that the government should temporarily renationalise energy companies if they cannot offer lower bills.

  2. The government should just start its own energy company and sell energy at a cheaper rate. There is absolutely no need to buy out shareholders in the existing energy companies.

  3. Local Councils tried this already. It didn’t end well. Mind you they didn’t have the Governments nigh on unlimited resources which would probably have helped.

  4. Just set up an energy company with all the staff, processes and infrastructure and have it ready in a month to sell gas cheaper than it costs to buy?

  5. Doesn't this just highlight how poorly informed the public are about the energy crisis? It comes across as the media bragging about how sucessful their misinformation campaign has been.

  6. Exactly, nationalising energy companies is going to do all of sweet fuck all except bringing the losses onto the Governments books.

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