1. Snapshot of The Home Secretary has declined to meet the Committee before the summer recess. Read her letter to our Chair here :

  2. Seems the PM and the whole cabinet have decided- they don’t need to do any work? Utter madness, Boris rumoured not to attend PMQs, Barclay not taking questions over the details pressure on ambulance services

  3. Aside from all that stuff... there's just something about seeing the word "honourable" next to her name that makes me angry.

  4. Hopefully by the time parliament reconvenes she'll be a backbencher and an adult will be in charge of the Home Office.

  5. My wife’s theory is that Patel was humiliated by her catastrophic attempts at covid briefings ( remember them) was will avoid questions / cameras at all costs.

  6. Nah, she doesn’t see the point in working her notice period. Be out of a job come the next PM, doesn’t want any more shit on her

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