1. Snapshot of Nicola Sturgeon: "This is a full-frontal attack on our democratically elected Scottish Parliament and it's ability to make it's own decisions on devolved matters. @scotgov will defend the legislation & stand up for Scotland’s Parliament. If this Westminster veto succeeds, it will be first of many" :

  2. Supposedly because it contradicts the Equality Act, though they haven't explained quite how it does so yet, and within the bill itself they expressly state that nothing within it contradicts the Equality Act.

  3. Sunak is not popular enough to be sticking his nose in where it's not needed. This just gives Scotland's separatists further impetus and leaves voters wondering about his priorities in these stressful times.

  4. Sunak is doing more for Scottish independence in the past few hours than the SNP have in the past decade

  5. Devolution doesn't mean you get to legislate whatever you want without acknowledgement of the powers you've got. I'm surprised this didn't happen earlier in the SNP's tenure, but what'll happen now is that not only is a culture war coming but they'll use this to rile up the coalition of voters for Independence - like they did with the Supreme Court ruling which was completely legal.

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