1. But that is the official! I mean who else would pay $8 for verification! Obviously it’s very special because only people with money can buy it

  2. No, $16! Tumblr gives 2 checks (which may turn into crabs at any time) for every $8 you give them. And they stack infinitely. I've seen people with 16 checks before.

  3. When unalived first started spreading I thought it was cute, a decent survival tactic against censorship. But now it’s a plague, spreading despair

  4. I found it very strange because there are many ways we already know to express the word "kill" without actually using it. and many of them are would make censoring difficult because they can be used for other contexts. (Imagine censoring the word off :D )

  5. The first time I came across “unalive”, it was Deadpool in the Spider-Man cartoon with a supposed mental tick that censors everything he says for the purposes of being a cartoon so he can’t say words like “kill”, although I think the joke was that his censor was more strict than the actual cartoon rating.

  6. Pretty sure it started on YouTube as a way for YouTubers to say kill without having their video demonetised because YouTube really is that bad when it comes to that now.

  7. If my memory serves it started from an episode of Spiderman where Deadpool couldn't say "kill" because his therapist told him it's a trigger word, and then Captain Sparklez saw a meme referencing that episode and from there it blew up

  8. Same with "heckin.'" Thought it was really funny the first time I saw it. By the second I was already sick of it.

  9. I want to do some sort of anthropological study on the migration of twitterers and their adaptation (or lack of) to new ecosystems. 'The lesser-spotted 'unaliver' is seen here mistakenly interacting with the False Fox, fooled by their natural disguise, and quickly falling prey to them. At this rate, they will not last the winter.'

  10. Not relevant to Twitter but on TikTok, an account for the new movie The Menu posted a challenge trying to start a trend — use this sound and give us your best YES CHEF! — without realizing TikTok users can’t make videos with the audio from a Sponsored advertisement. So the attempted trend for this movie is a dud.

  11. Tik Tok and Instagram are where "unalive" comes from. Twitter is largely unmoderated as long as you're not making explicit death threats.

  12. I’m sure someone will pay for a study of differing behaviors between social groups, it doesn’t sound far fetched at all. This scale of interaction between internet subcultures is rare, and could also be used to study the process of assimilation, or of the adaptability of human social behavior.

  13. Holy shit there really ARE new users?? Like legitimately new users that have never had a tumblr account?? Damn, who tf out there marketing tumblr and succeeding???

  14. I mean, I joined Tumblr many years ago but I didn't use it a lot so I deleted it. I rejoined about a year ago because it's the only place I can post art and recieve feedback without being drowned by an algorythm and without having the pressure to grow a large follower base.

  15. My various friends who insisted that I give off tumblr vibes. I dropped tw*tter when it looked like it was gonna stop being a usable place to put all my dumb thoughts down and made a tumblr, which is probably where I should have been doing it all along. Can't believe I was bold enough to post all that dumb shit with my real name attached to it...

  16. I've seen the funny textposts come out in the wash on Instagram for quite a while now, so I made an account. So far I've only reblogged colour of the sky, and am quite content to just scroll through the explore/trending page like I'm standing outside someone's house peeking in on their dinnertime

  17. I think that's what the person in the tags was saying. I think they were saying that caring about follower count is newbie behavior, not that censoring kill would get people more followers.

  18. Yeah the FOUR blue checkmarks absolutely slay me with laughter in a way no one 50 years from now will even come close to understanding.

  19. I think the “or they actually care about follower count” tag was supposed to be someone adding onto the point, not refuting it

  20. It was, and Firefox is saying the the tumblr algorithm does not push your posts down in response to you saying no-no words.

  21. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/feb/10/russian-teenager-nikita-uvarov-jailed-over-minecraft-plot-to-blow-up-virtual-spy-hq

  22. They cost 7,99$ and you get two check marks, they can turn into crabs at random and you can stack then pretty much infinitely, so they actually cost something but they're also a joke

  23. pretty sure the “or they actually care about follower count” was an addition to the list, not an alternate explanation.

  24. It's a TikTok/YouTube thing, on Twitter you might get a couple days suspension if you tell someone to kill themselves but apart from that you can mostly do whatever you want

  25. As twitter dies I need my tumblr account to undead the shit out of the limbo it was in. Is that the right use for death nouns?

  26. I’m bthiji they mean more like if they actually worry about there follower count. As long as like 2 people see and laugh at my shitty posts I’m fine

  27. You have to follow people bc there is no algorithm. You should reblog bc otherwise people will think you're a bot and they will block you and report you for spam. Decorate your blog, use relevant tags ...

  28. i thought the whole unalive and self censoring stuff started of tik tok? but it is funny to see people take the habit to other platforms

  29. I think that # was supposed to be about how Twitter users actually care about follower count, not that people wouldn't follow you if you said kill.

  30. The first quoted noter knows that saying kill doesn't influence follower count there. They're just saying that newcomers also care about follower count.

  31. Even long before twitter began to eat itself alive I’ve been considering making a tumblr account but also I don’t think I could survive having to share a space with tumblr authors so I haven’t.

  32. Is this the sign the times are moving on? That was indecipherable gibberish to me. If that's the next generation someone end me please.

  33. Everyone's all side eye about the newcomers but I think fetus tumblr users are kinda adorable in an, "omg we're all going to make fun of you and shitpost meme you into oblivion, it's great," kinda way.

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