1. For any history buffs out there, I highly recommend the Irish Museum of Archaeology in Dublin. Fantastic gold jewelry and other artifacts there. Also visit Newgrange north of the city to see the inside of what may have been essentially a prehistoric church.

  2. Newgrange was an amazing experience. I visited during a really bad time in my life, it meant more to me than I thought it would.

  3. Ireland looks like a beautiful place to be. Every time I look at photos like this, I get more of an inch to travel around the world for a year straight

  4. After Brexit, Dublin is the Anglophone entry-point into the EU now. So many companies setting up European HQs there. The city is so much more diverse than 20 years ago. A world-capital is emerging.

  5. And drive two hours to Athlone and you can drink in the world's oldest continually open pub,with ownership records back to the 900s!

  6. Did Brexit have much to do with it? London is so expensive. And racist too. It’s hard doing business there. Dublin is the better choice, even without Brexit.

  7. Ireland does have lovely cities and towns, but it makes me a bit sad to see only 1 picture of nature. Ireland has so much natural beauty as well and it's one of my favorite places in that regard. Just speaks to how great it is to visit - whether you prefer exploring cities or the countryside!

  8. Looks like OP was in Dublin for the most part, not much nature there. All the cool natural stuff like cliffs and mountains etc are on the west coast

  9. Miss the river Liffey. You basically did all the sights I did, but you took excellent photos and they make me miss it all! Glad you could go. Never knew city folk could be as friendly as those I found there, and it looks like you had a similar experience.

  10. Try the West, like Westport, Galway (which I think you have visited) but also The Burren in Co. Clare - largest Karst landscape on the planet. Kerry and West Cork are absolutely stunning also. Enjoy!

  11. Dublin is awesome, very vibrant. If you go there, go to Howth, seaside town, about a 20 min train ride. Cliff walking, walk through the town, take a boat to the eye of Ireland right off coast and hike. Get some fish and chips at Leo Burdocks, visit a local pub in the hills

  12. I did a very quick two-day visit there 5 years ago (I can't believe it's been that long) and I'm dying to go back to do a several-week trip around the whole country. If it wasn't so bitterly cold when I went, it'd be my favourite place (I suspect it will be, which is why I want to go back).

  13. If you’re going for a few weeks you should definitely go to Inishmore for a night or two. It’s like the most rugged, authentic part of old Ireland. Most tourists stay in Dublin and don’t get out that far but Irish locals (myself included) swear by the beautiful ruggedness of the west.

  14. Doolin and McGanns pub is mine. If you haven’t been, definitely go. You can rent a room above the pub as well. Local music every night

  15. Went to that exact temple bar when I visited Dublin in the winter of 2017, an Irish coffee warmed me up nice in there

  16. Being from and living in Belfast I think it’s easy to sometimes forget that it (and Northern Ireland as a whole) has some really beautiful places. Your photos of our city hall are amazing, really stunning 💕

  17. Just recently came back from Ireland myself . Whilst I never went to Dublin, I can confirm that the South West is beautiful. Try to do the Ring of Kerry drive and also up through Killarney National Park. Annoyingly we went out of season so things seemed quiet and definitely not beach weather but beautiful nonetheless.

  18. Thanks! We definitely made it hasty, but wanted to hit as much as possible. We did a day trip tour to the Cliffs of Moher and Galway City on the West Coast (~2 hour drive), a day trip to Belfast (2 hour train up north), and had 2 total days in Dublin. If you get a chance to go further down south I also recommend Cork! Definitely not enough to learn near all the history of each place or see everything, but I found it enough to still do a lot and get the big historical details and attractions, and those destinations were all simply amazing. Irish people are the nicest, even bus drivers and servers in busy restaurants. Everyone seems ready to have a good time and chat it up with strangers! Hope this helps a little!

  19. Great pics. I’m traveling to Scotland for the first time this year. Trying to figure out a way to add Ireland if I can as well

  20. My dad lives in Ireland. I’m from the states. I’ve been on many trips there. Im planning on going back in august. Love it there. Working on my Irish passport. Am planning on moving there within the next 2-3 years.

  21. ikr? ireland has been the biggest surprise for me too. i still think about it almost every day. i miss dublin, it's such a lively vibrant place!

  22. What are the must sees in 5 days when I’m there in a couple of weeks? I’m driving btw so can get about to more niche places

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