1. Then we have posts here like "I just rubbed one on the train on my way home and nobody noticed ;) oh I jerk off at work and nobody notices". It's cringe worthy and trashy

  2. See at first I thought she might have been flicking the bean, but then she went to other areas. The flick at the end though 🤮 You know homegirl next to her prolly caught a little whiff....repulsive

  3. Now remember people, post Covid it’ll still be best practice to keep the hand sanitizer with you at all times… fuck it, if I had to ride the subway everyday I’d probably wear a charcoal N95 for the rides just so I don’t have be caught off guard by the smell of some ladies vag crust

  4. We have to wear masks on public transport here in Germany, but most other places not. However, every time I exit the train and take off my mask, I get hit with the sweet sweet aroma of summer piss soaked city. So I still wear my mask everywhere

  5. I mean it could also be that her pubes are growing, was told its itchy a few days after shaving. Why does it always have to be clap lol

  6. WTF?!!!!!! I'd tell that nasty to seriously quit digging! Then throw her a bottle of hand sanitizer! Clearly lookin for love in all the wrong places!!!!

  7. TIL Tosh.0 isn’t running no more - I’m shocked especially considering all the viral internet videos there are now

  8. Had a friend (a dude) who contracted crabs. He used pick them off his crotch (in this manner) and flick them off.

  9. i want to kill myself in front of a person doing this to change the trajectory of their lives and forming that negative association in their minds for the remainder of the society

  10. Shit like this is why I'm not big on shaking hands. You never know what people do behind closed doors, let alone something like this in broad day light on a public transit that is already filled with germs everywhere.

  11. It’s a bitch when the shaved bush starts new growth keep it clean and hands where we can see them. Probably on her way to work at the diner you all heard so much about “Ho’s crab shack”

  12. Probably a neurological condition. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions as people who are diagnosed with these kind of compulsory behaviors suffer immensely and have their entire lives ruined by them. Best ignore them or move away.

  13. We expect men to scratch and adjust. I think because we don't see women doing that it makes this even stranger. Of course, it's always strange when a person actually puts their hands fully in their pants tho 😳

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