1. Hate people like that, I remember dinning out with my sister and she was making a mess, I brought it to her attention and she said "that's what they're paid for" pretty much knew we were nothing alike.

  2. I do hate that attitude and mentality. I have rarely, if ever, seen someone sitting around just hoping someone spills and makes a huge mess so they can "do their job." 99 times out of 99 its someone who has to do extra to clean this up.

  3. At my highschool cafeteria people used to do the same thing. People are just trash. We used to help the custodians with whatever people left on the tables. I don't get how people don't feel bad about it

  4. As a Janitor myself honestly it seems a lot worse than it is. I'd just drag a garbage can/ bag over, shovel it all in, then sweep and wipe down the tables.

  5. Honestly my house is seriously bad, like "invite people in once every few years after marathon cleaning" bad. We never leave messes in public though. We even stack the plates and wipe up to make it easier to bus the table. What you have here is not NECESSARILY evidence of a family with a messy home. What you have here is evidence of shameless and selfish adult(s).

  6. Had a table look like this as a busboy once, except more food on the ground. I found a kids pair of tennis shoes amongst the garbage, and promptly threw them in the trash with the rest of the garbage. The mother of the child came back in after a few minutes asking if we had seen a pair of shoes, I was so worried I was gonna lose my job but no one ratted me out luckily lol

  7. From the surroundings it seems like this happened in an Arab country. Unfortunately stuff like this is quite common and somewhat normalized around here.

  8. Some people think its the janitors job to clean up after them. They think its not classy to clean your own garbage in public places because there are ppl hired to do that. So stupid

  9. I went to Egypt some years ago and one of the things I saw in Cairo was two 10+ story buildings with a 1-story building between them, and the 1-story building had a story of trash on top of it.

  10. I would guess Saudi Arabia. Probably had huge ass family. Is used to being taken care of. And would expect the cleanup of the meal to be included in the price of it, or saw there were janitors and thought you could just leave 'Everything' on the tables.

  11. Yea. I’ve seen pictures of the floor of a commercial airline flying between Arab countries. The amount of trash was amazing and apparently isn’t abnormal.

  12. Well, i work at KFC in Iceland. Haven’t seen nothing this bad, yet. But people around the world are definitely pigs.

  13. I had a family member that worked as teacher in the UAE and the parents of the kids she taught would get mad at her for telling kids to pick up trash because “that is what Philippino people are for”

  14. I came for this! This looks like Dubai mall, and a lot of these people in Arab countries just assume us Filipinos are their maids. Not to ignore the nice families, but Arabs are infamous for beating their maids.

  15. Shit like this is super common over here. Like it’s almost abnormal to clean up after yourself in a food court. Some people clean up, some people organize the trash and the trays and stack them up, but it’s most common to just leave your trays there. Really sucks but that’s just what the level of wealth usually results in. Most of the kids I’ve gone to high school with still don’t have jobs, do their laundry, cook their meals, have life commitments and are extremely complacent when comfortable.

  16. This is the attitude of “someone gets paid to clean it up”. Same attitude of people that don’t return shopping carts, obviously not returning a cart is much less worse than this.

  17. Damn. Trashy people. I wonder how some folks go thru life doing things like this & giving zero fucks. Probably the same that use Target or Wallyworld as a babysitter turning their heathens loose to destroy the store. I wonder if they grow up into the kind that hit a store in mass filling their arms & running out without paying?

  18. I personally think trashy people do this to feel powerful. Their lives are miserable and shitty but they can drop 40$ on some KFC and WRECK a table to feel special again. Pathetic.

  19. A very long time ago I was in an all you could eat and a family of three were eating. A ring of food surrounded them on the floor, the messiest people I've ever seen.

  20. It was my dead end job that gave me the money to buy that cancer causing chicken and it is his dead end job to clean it up. Circle jerk of poor

  21. This is why I can't stand people. Gross lazy fat pigs. There's surely enough bins around, takes afew seconds to put it in the bin

  22. To be fair, being a child in that type of family is quite different and much more forgivable than being a parent in that type of family. At least one has the potential for future salvation.

  23. When I was in college I was sitting in my car at a Taco Bell parking lot, eating my food. A car pulled up next to me with a whole family in it. Mom, dad, three kids, and a grandma. They were eating some KFC. Once they were done, they just threw all of their trash out the windows. Everything. Chicken bones, drinks, napkins, sauce packets, the whole bit. Then just casually drove off. I've never been so disgusted with my fellow humans in my life.

  24. In the Middle East, it is customary to leave all trash on the table for the employees to pick up. My friend was a foreign student from Dubai, he did this in McD one day when we went out to eat and I called him out. He apologized and cleaned up after himself and mentioned to me that things are different overseas.

  25. Lived in he Middle East, this is the typical local arab families. You should see their nature, when they go out they do the same shit. Bbq in he desert, leave all the rubbish behind he car and go home. Went dune riding a gazillion times and the only constant was sand and plastic rubbish left by local fuckos.

  26. My daughter once said something about cleaning up being their jobs and i went off on her. It is their job to clean off the table, yes. That doesn’t mean it’s disrespectful. They are not the guys whose job it is to follow elephants with a shovel. Pick up your own shit

  27. We used to have huge Gypsy families come into the restaurant I worked at, they would trash the place, then complain that something was wrong with their food and demand a refund of the entire order. They were absolutely terrible people.

  28. Infidel? What the fuck are you on about? It’s not a religious issue, Muslim servants are also mistreated.

  29. This looks like the Middle East and when I was there it, you don't typically clean up your own table at a fast food place.

  30. My sister is like this. We were at a fast food place the other day, eating in. We ate our food, finished up, my mum went to the bathroom while i grabbed our rubbish and put it on the tray in front of my sister, that they provided for us, expecting her to pick it up and tip all the rubbish into the bin. She stood up and walked off. I said to her, “what are you doing?” And said, it’s their job to clean it up. I said “well, yeah but it’s polite to dispose of your own rubbish”. She rolled her eyes but picked up the tray and tipped it into the bin. The whole time she grumbled about having to do it. Then after she argued that if you’re at a proper restaurant you don’t take your plate to the kitchen. I do like her, but sometimes she is a horrible person. My mum told me one time she was out having lunch with my sister and her baby and her baby kept chucking food on the ground. When they were leaving she didn’t pick up the big chunks of food off the ground. My mum mentioned it and she said “it’s their job to clean it!” My mum told her off and made her pick up the food and put it on a plate.

  31. They believe they have money and cleaning up is below them . They probably treat their home employees like crap. Embarrassing.

  32. What pieces of shit. We are a big family. I am always sensitive to not leaving a mess behind like this or at. A restaurant leaving a extra big tip because our two year old probably dropped half his food on the chair and floor.

  33. You can bet at least one person from that party was like “better leave the mess for the cleaner otherwise they won’t have a job”……..

  34. Do you think any of the people who left this table like this will ever look back at that moment and say "damn, it was messed up of us to do that"...?

  35. I still remember how my father used to tell us to clean up whatever we can after eating at these food joints. He just knew how to raise kids.

  36. If you do things like this, or leave piles of garbage in your seats at the movies, you are an unequivocal piece of shit.

  37. Ikr? I fail to understand why the fed and local govts want to pay MORE fucking financial aid to future octomoms whose offspring will likely be the poorly-raised menace to the same gov when they grow up.

  38. If this is Saudi Arabia, it's pretty common. Lived there for 10 years and no matter where, hotel, restaurant, food court, or even weddings, they leave it. Not generalizing all, but a lot do leave without cleaning up. Hanged out with a friend from Saudi once, he said "Why clean up when we pay for these cleaners to clean anyways...", shitty, but sad cause he does not know shame. Welp hopefully now that he is older, he maybe will cleanup after himself...maybe.

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