1. I can accept that in some situations personal hygiene will be difficult to maintain properly, but don't understand why you would post shitty underpants as some sort of flex

  2. I seen a similar post like that before, the guy said wiping his butt is gay and that only real straight man have shit stained underwear and it's gay to shower and clean down there.

  3. Real gangstas shit their pants. Nothing entering my ass. No wipes, no dicks, not even a pill if my tummy hurts. Y'all never catch me slippin.

  4. Quick! Somebody update the Wikipedia page on trapping. It is critical that everyone know you must shit yourself to be a real trapper.

  5. “Trapping” as a “trapper” out of a “trap house” is the equivalent of “Selling drugs” as a “drug dealer” out of a “house used specifically for distributing drugs.”

  6. I was thinking of fur trapping, but I don't think someone who buys overly priced undies would be tramping about the woods killing God's furry creatures.

  7. Dealing drugs out of a trap house. A trap house is designed so that there’s only one doorway accessible, one way in, one way out, like a trap.

  8. Looks like Calico Cut pants is expanding their product line. Those are the new Calico Cut underwear. They're made like that. That's got nothing to do with shit.

  9. Real hardworkers do not have the time for menial tasks such as wiping your butt after pooping. If you spending time wiping your butt, you are clearly not good at selling drugs, like I am, a man with poopy pants.

  10. Can confirm. Former Army. Also had nearly a month without running water on our FOB in Iraq and so no laundry and nothing of mine ever looked like that. The opposite actually as you'd get the white sweat rings in everything.

  11. My dad (he's in his mid 60s) has a TikTok with videos of him trapping critters on his property and instructions on how to do it properly.. there isn't anything vomit-inducing like this post though lol

  12. i have pretty severe digestive issues, IBS, lactose intolerant, certain foods will make me fart all day, have horrific shits etc. and i have underwear thats like 10+ years old with holes in them that dont have shit streaks in them like this.

  13. This photo has been circulating for years with the caption “For sale only used once” It’s a meme at this point it’s not trashy.

  14. This is the underwear of the guy who posted on Reddit a week ago " I wipe my arse only once, why do people look at their toilet paper after wiping why you smelling you shit, I know I'm clean I don't need to look and I wipe once"

  15. I've been working out in the bush for months without a shower and never ever have my underwear looked like this. Even shtting in the woods I still wipes good lord.

  16. If you ever wondered why some of us use a paper towel to open the door or prefer not to touch handrails, this. People like this dig in their ass to scratch an itch and come out with actual feces on their hands, and then touch everything.

  17. It shocks me as to how little ass hygiene is pitched in the states. And the wipes are great and all but they are a recent phenomenon.

  18. After getting on the bidet party train I now feel like an absolute animal if I poop somewhere without one.

  19. Is this guy just constantly digging in his ass? Unless you legitimately shit yourself I don’t understand how one gets skid marks

  20. I once worked in a place that the bathroom makes noise whenever someone open the faucet. And half the time people never wash their hands let alone use wet wipes.

  21. Wtf is going on in the world that shitting your pants is becoming a seemingly “manly” trait? Def not the first post I’ve seen of people proudly announcing they don’t wipe their assess.

  22. Is the trapping he’s talking about poaching because only excuse for those boxers is being in a forest for days using leaves to wipe your ass

  23. Reminds me of an old joke: How do you get the skid marks out of your underwater? A: You put them over your head and “Shout” them out ;-) You know, as in “Shout” stain remover.

  24. People sell & transport drugs because of how easy it is compared to having a job and this dude is out here so stressed he shits himself 😂

  25. Real road runner hahaha no shit, look at those skid marks. That's more than a week of not showering, thats straight up from not wiping your ass. I'll go a week without a shower (camping and what not) and my drawers NEVER look like this. Poor hygiene.

  26. I think dude miss interpreted something wrong “Real trappers” wipe their ass still, wtf. plus i dont know what trappin has to do with having a shitty ass thought is was trap or die not trap or have ole nasty booty.

  27. It’s like that because he stores the crack or smack or whatever in a condom up his ass and he needs to retrieve it every time he has a customer. Maybe.

  28. Like, wouldn’t you smell yourself? Working hard or not, there would be a threshold of smell, grime, and sweat I could tolerate. I’ve been in situations (camping, trimming, deep in addiction and stranded, etc.) where I couldn’t shower for weeks at a time, my undies still didn’t look like this…

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