1. Always remember the point of the bills is to make us second class citizens. Also remember that no one who votes republican is your friend, they are literally pushing for this.

  2. My mom is in a nursing home north of where I live and north of West Virginia, which is south of me. So, I have to travel through WV to see her.

  3. Honestly would like to know if I should live my life in a constant state of fear or if I should just give up and spend all my time stoned out of my mind. There's no fucking winning and I'm so tired. Why can't they leave us alone?

  4. We are an easy target for their hate. When they run out of easy/accessible targets, they always resort to eating their own.

  5. I already walk around stoned 24/7. I feel this same way and I live in a safe state. This shits crazy. Thank goodness I know how to defend myself cause there may be a time when we need to

  6. Let it be known that trans folk are not cowards. Not everyone is a fighter, but everyone has some thing they can contribute to the fight. Now is time to think about what it is you may be able to contribute.

  7. (Orange overlord)- I call him the Orange Sock Puppet- and he's not as smart as an actual sock puppet. I really think I'm being insulting to sock puppets to even think that he's good enough to BE a sock puppet...

  8. It's time to fight for your lives. No more closets, time to tap into your trans courage and let the World know this is not acceptable. Get vocal.

  9. I'm so fucking high I legit just make meme's that we are going to get mass graved every day totes not panicking or anything. Gonna live this year like it's my last no reason.

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