1. Well yea, almost all of Legend's videos involve him exploiting game mechanics or cheesing the AI to some extent. He had a disaster battle in Praag and he just sent his cavalry outside the wall to distract 3 units and Skarbrand while they just got shot by towers and died. He did all this while killing the rest of the force within the city because he left the gates unmanned.

  2. He offered me a non aggression pact, and I took it unknowingly (as I didn't want to fight battles on too many fronts). Looks like it was the correct decision as he got his ass kicked by AI and was weaker later, so I could just reap his soul easily.

  3. Yep. Even works with achievements, amazingly enough. There's absolutely nothing stopping you from playing a whole campaign on easy, switching to very hard right before the final battle, and then winning that battle to get the achievement for winning a very hard campaign.


  5. I've been doing very hard / normal, because I think that's a good balance of getting the AI stronger on the campaign map, but normal in battle, until late game where I up it.

  6. I mean tbf the anti-player bias is pretty bad on all difficulties but yea its getting a little silly seeing people complain about the game being very hard when they set it to,,,, very hard

  7. It reminds me of that time, when Blizzard promised a very hard solo-player challenge, that would require the highest personal skill to beat, for one of the WoW patches and people were hyping it up. And when the patch came out the same people went fuming on forums about how unfair and unbalanced it is because they couldn’t beat it in the first day.

  8. I’m playing as Miao Ying on hard, one of the chaos factions that is beyond the bastion spawned their army, and since there was no holes in the wall they opted to go south… 20 turns later, they showed up in the warpstone desert. The AI was so targeted against me that it spent 20 turns marching through winding mountain passes full of green skins, ogres, and dwarfs just to sack one of southern cities, instead of fighting literally anyone else or attacking the bastion like it’s supposed to. Made me laugh, peak anti player bias.

  9. I always played on VH because I like the challenge of an aggressive AI, I still do. On normal they always seemed to wait for me to come to them.

  10. I personally think it’s not the campaign difficulty, it’s the ai battle bugs combined with having to deal with settlement towers ripping those bugged units apart on literally every battle (5 hours into the game and I have yet to get a land battle)

  11. I confused. I thought the logical thing to do was play on a lower difficulty to get used to the campaign, then jump into a higher difficulty once you're familiar and looking for a greater challenge?

  12. ngl, Normal is still fairly rough. Have failed two campaigns (Tzeentch, Nurgle) now on Normal when I played WH2 on Hard. The economy changes in particular make it really hard to do anything beyond the souls rush, and there is a tendency towards ordertiding out of Kislev and Cathay that stretches dampened economies pretty thin. Granted a lot of it is wrestling with new mechanics, but there is definitely some room here for balance tweaks and potentially a real re-evaluation of the anti-player bias to make things less of a defensive slog and more diverse around what gets conquered by whom.

  13. Agree, been used to playing Legendary on WH2 but the normal on WH3 still poses quite a challenge I find it to be pretty fun and balanced tbh. Fun enough that the AI gives a good challenge despite just being on "normal" and balanced enough that they didn't had to get those handicap boosts to give the player some challenge.

  14. How far in did you fail as Tzeentch? I found there's no reason to actually start expanding towards Cathay, the marauders who spawn keep them busy so you can build up walls on your settlements. At that point your settlement garrisons will batter any Cathay armies that come through.

  15. Yeah, I agree with you. I am by no means a great player but normal has been a medium challenge. Still heavy anti-player bias but it’s manageable instead of frustrating.

  16. the final fight as tzeentch is reaaaaaallly hard, failed in last wave because i get overrun by all the dogs and horrors they get sent constantly from phase 1 still, have to summon reinforcements in p1 to keep them away from me partially

  17. I think that there is a lot to be said for playing on normal when you’re frustrated with legendary. I’d recommend that many people should play their first playthrough with every faction on normal before legendary. When you play them on normal you give yourself a chance to learn how to play that faction without being punished as harshly for it. When you develop a good sense of things like unit strengths, faction mechanics, diplomacy, and understanding priorities for things like conquest, then maybe consider upping the difficulty. Of course that’s just a general suggestion, some people are so hardcore they can play any faction on legendary immediately and some people aren’t good enough to ever play on legendary.

  18. Yeah, like, wow a whole new game with new balance, poorly understood starting positions and AI mechanics, and I put it on a deliberately insane difficulty setting and lost... What could have happened?!

  19. honestly only complaint i have for difficulty (katarin so not an easy one) as a normal/hard player, is how tf these LLs sniping daemon souls? goldtooth out here with 3 souls in 3 incursions. Ku'gath would have 3 but i sniped him in nurgle's realm after he spawned in first.

  20. alternatively - "oh yeah I had actually cleaned the entire map by turn 50 I don't know what you lot are having problems with" playing on easy/easy, doing anti-fun builds of sisters of averlorn etc etc. I stopped caring about other people's campaign boasts a while ago from this

  21. IIRC the difficulty settings in WH3 actually reference making the AI smarter, which was surprising to me. I would always like to play against the best AI you can manage, thanks - just without stat cheats/free upkeep/etc.

  22. Age of empires 2: definitive edition made an AI with no cheats that beats the shit out of players. We also made deep blue beat a chess champion decades ago. The issue here isn’t “can’t” the issue is “people keep buying the game and making excuses on CA’s part”

  23. I don't know if my game is bugged, or if it's just a Nurgle campaign thing, but I've yet to notice the AI doing anything aggressive.

  24. How is the AI agressivity on normal ? I’m only in the prologue now , but I heard from other players that the AI never attack settlements, they just siège them until attrition does the work.

  25. I'm playing skarbrand and I've had kostaltyn of all people try and take a town from me and I've had one of the norscan tribes declare on me. N'kari was gonna try and attack but I can't be certain if he was. Overall they are aggressive but are still pretty manageable.

  26. People aren't answering this question properly, but the answer is that the AI is much more cautious on Normal, ironically, because it judges battles on auto-resolve difficulty, and it gets a bonus to auto-resolves on higher *campaign* difficulty settings (not *battle*). So if you have it on Hard campaign difficulty, it's actually more likely to attempt siege battles than if it's on Normal. It's very clear that most people do not understand this, and have it on Normal and are just complaining that it won't do siege battles - well, ironically it will on H and above! On Normal it'll generally just try to siege it all the way down, which does make it very easy for you to come back and beat them up.

  27. The AI generally sieges settlements to death. The new attrition mechanic, lack of minor settlement field battles and the building-combo centric economy makes things pretty rough. Gates is kind of frustrating too because I just want to map paint with the option of exploring the chaos realms because the work they did is pretty cool.

  28. Yeah this is me. I turned down the difficulty from VH to N cause I was getting assaulted literally everywhere. Maybe the higher difficulties are sliiightly overtuned, but honestly it's a new game and it's a freaking blast.

  29. Big strats. Idk what it is about this game but i went from playing very hard campaigns in WH2 to getting stomped on hard. Idk if kislev just is a rough start but i quickly cane to the realization that the campaign was getting away from me. Cranked it down to easy to recover for a while then set it to normal and its been way more fun

  30. I started Kislev on N/N and got kicked in the face for a while. Around turn 60 I was like okay but also my first realm attempt I ran straight into skarbrand who just ruined my army. Him and his mini mes he's got going on just wreck me so far every time I fight him. Like I Benny hill the AI to avoid him in 1v1. So ... yeah if anyone has tips to beat Skar as the Ice queen I'll take em. The rest of the demons I have a handle on atleast

  31. I personally enjoy the grind of the demon prince campaign on VH/VH. The AI bringing stacks and then sailing off diseased and devistated really draws me in. I'm just building tall and will start doing realm stuff next round probably. Everyone should find what works best for them.

  32. My first campaign has been my usual VH/N but I'm willing to admit I'm being hard carried by Miao Ying being an unstoppable badass able to give her armies to someone else to solo the chaos realm and free up an entire army to defend the realm.

  33. i'm playing on VH/N as Ogres and it's fine difficulty-wise. The only thing that pisses me off is autoresolve. The first Ogre battle is your 12 units vs 3 and AI somehow kills more of your units in autoresolve than they have themselves.

  34. the biggest problem with the campaign starting position is that they are purposely crafted to put you in between factions which are inherently counters to yours

  35. I actually found a better way to work around the race being so unrewarding: Always try to go to the Slaneesh Realm, profit from it, play the campaign as you want ignoring everything else. I'm doing this with Zhao Ming, and it's really fun.

  36. I thought about doing this, but aren't you going to lose, since it's a race? I'm not actually sure what happens if someone else wins. Is it like WH2 and you simply have to battle them to catch up?

  37. I’m playing on hard for all the base campaigns so I can understand how mechanics work and will jump to VH once we get dlc. No rush, this is gonna be a few years, I can curve out as needed

  38. Personally I prefer very hard campaign and normal battle difficulty. I don't mind the economic cheats of the AI, but I hate when my units perform worse on the battlefield than they should. It just seems... off.

  39. This! And im having so much fun playing Kislev/Cathay on VH/N ! The enemy armies just keep coming and I keep blasting them back to the shadow realm, I love it!

  40. It's funny because I feel like the game is easier than WH2 on Legendary. I feel like my T1 units can actually stand up to enemy T1 units and not fold. Clanrats don't have Saurus tier leadership and the enemy doesn't shit out 3 stacks in the first 5 turns with 1 province.

  41. Play on normal, and the fundamental issues generally still apply. Played several more hours today and finally burnt out on the game after spending 8-10 turns in Tzeentch messing about with routes and getting sigils only for Greasus to be plopped in directly beside the fortress.

  42. Oppressive campaign mechanics favoring turtling, Kislevtide, awful autoresolve? No, it's the players who are bad!!

  43. Even on Normal i get kited around my starting zone and for some fucked reason had a 20 stack Kostaltyn with multiple lv. 6 units knocking of my front door by turn 30.

  44. Also for me at least expanding was also punoshing in the vortex campaign. Tried it suddenly one ritual town was at a really bad position ;)

  45. Wdym i love getting besieged by clan ropsmenn twice, then a full stack khorne chaos army, then a fullstack rebel knorne chaos army that spawned from low public order all in quick succession!

  46. Even on normal the ordertide is real as the Daemon Prince, I had 3 stacks come at me on turn 15 before I could build garrison buildings. Pretty much forced me to play whack-a-mole in my second province for 20 turns.

  47. As someone who only plays normal/normal, I find it insane that people moan about legendary difficulty! Would they moan if it was too easy too?

  48. Hard is a good balance for me. Had to reroll a couple times early in my Cathay campaign to get the first few turns to be as efficient as possible but now I'm snowballing nicely.

  49. Funny you should mention that. I did play on normal for the demon prince and it was still the same problem. Insane auto resolve outcomes huge anti player bias still defending my settlements from chaos AND nordland/woodelf invasions.

  50. The problem is that difficulty in these games is becoming more and more artificial. I tend to not mind the AI getting money bonuses. I’m somewhat ok with eco bonuses like food and public order in some games. But straight up unit buffs suck. Two units of the exact same type on flat ground should trade evenly. Flat out. If they can’t it’s not a strategy game, it’s a hide and go seek cheese in the mechanics. Even things like public order bonuses mean you can’t use agents to destabilize neighboring provinces into revolt, food bonuses mean starving enemy provinces and armies doesn’t work. Every artificial bonus exists as proof CA refuses to put time into it’s AI.

  51. Normal’s still kind of bullshit, especially with the demon prince. You still have enemies from across the map beelining for you for no reason and the auto-resolve is still way too harsh. The game just isn’t that well balanced

  52. Considering the fact that the Ice Court has 2+ factions playing Benny Hill with it by turn 15 without access to the "Block Army" agent action people have every right to come to Reddit and bitch about the game. That is the very definition of artificial difficulty.

  53. When will you people realize that they aren't complaining because the mechanics are hard, they're complaining because the mechanics are tedious and annoying. Hurr durr turn down the difficulty is just "get gud" completely ignoring the problem

  54. They're tedious and annoying because you literally chose to make things difficult for yourself. Difficult and annoying are not mutually exclusive, friend. Perhaps you could join us and enjoy yourself by playing on normal, where things are normal and not tedious.

  55. Yeah, playing Miao Ying on Very Hard has been nothing but insanely frustrating. They seriously need to tweak shit in order to make it even marginally enjoyable. Yeah sure, I could use a super duper optimized meta build a la Legend on top of cheesing my way to victory but that's just not my playstyle, I just don't enjoy it. Gonna have to resign myself to playing on Normal until CA sorts that mess.

  56. My first campaign was with Cathay on VH/VH and I won it pretty okay, only had to do the last battle once since I was not to that game mode. Most of the game I just used shielded crossbowmen (and later on dragon crossbows) in a checkerboard formation with some terracotta sentinels and Miao as holding force.

  57. Started kislev on legendary and csnt engage with the campaign as everybody is rushing me. I figured that tuning down the difficulty will help.

  58. No. I'm a sadomasochist. I'll play on whatever difficulty I want. Whenever I feel like it. And ironically I still say Slaanesh is the least hype/least intersting of the Chaos gods!

  59. I had to turn down to easy I always played on normal in ttw2. On normal Cathay for every province had 2 full stack. I felt like I could have handled it if not for the main story.

  60. True. Did that just yesterday. Did u know that, slaanesh atleast, starts with 5000 Background income on normal but only 2500 on hard and above. That is only enough to keep the starting army going+ 1 cheap unit. It`s definitely possible but that campaign on normal is just so much more fun. Especially for getting into the game

  61. Yes, i like the way more agressive AI in TWW3. With this you can get a challenge without the annoying parts of high difficulty. Only thing i don't like is, that you have to rush the rifts because if you dont the AI will.

  62. I was playing hard/hard since early on in WH2 but after getting the mod to remove the supply line penalty I bumped it to hard battle/very hard campaign and that's where I liked it.

  63. You are right, except for one campaign: Skarbrand, more ennemies means more SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE.

  64. Fwiw I think CA have done a great job of improving the campaign AI so they didn't have to keep the crutch of 15% supply lines.

  65. If I fail this last campaign on H/H then goddammit I will bump down to normal. But first I must challenge myself and make myself as angry and as miserable as possible :)

  66. I’m on a Kislev campaign on VH- VH… it has been a nightmare. I can’t expand. I have to rotate the 2 armies I can afford to defend the 10 fronts that have opened. Norsca, Nurgle, Demon prince, Khorne, the damn ogre kingdoms and the fucking Skaven all are giving me a hard time. Turn 80 and still have to even try the chaos realms. Can’t afford to send an army away. Tier 2 walls can’t do anything alone against 4 stack sieges. All the cushions state have crumbled. Only Fucking Toddy is still alive. I’m really considering restarting with Normal-Normal or at least hard-hard.

  67. I just discovered that Legion of Chaos gets 5k background income on normal and half that on hard and beyond. Oof

  68. I made the ass-backwards decision to going from a Normal/Normal player of WH2 to deciding to bump up the difficulty to H/H off the bat. It was certainly an eye opening experience haha. After 2 painful early losses as Chaos Undivided, my 3rd go has made good use of lessons learned. Could be wildly misguided here but since you can't really chase down enemy armies, I've found that the more defensive buildings for a lot of the settlements are much more useful than I ever felt they were in WH2. Anything that adds extra garrison units to give you a chance at outplaying the ai on the defense while your army actually goes to capture important cities while their armies scoot around inside your lands

  69. You are probably correct about the difficulty being overtuned, I think that even on normal the game provides more of a challenge than Warhammer 2, at least when playing some factions. Even without taking the race for Ursun into account it feels like you have less margin for thematic or fun builds, you have to min-max more than before.

  70. I enjoy the challenge of the AI having a bunch of oversized armies. If I play on Normal the game loses too much of its suspense for me unfortunately. I just wish the realms of chaos were a little more forgiving.

  71. I’ve always disliked how the AI would get unfair advantages in harder difficulty modes. The campaign AI in this game is the best in a total war game I’ve seen. It’s annoying as hell… but the fact that they will run if they don’t think they can win really beats my cheesiest campaign strategies. I’ve yet to click auto resolve because I have to keep taking unfavorable battles to keep from getting overwhelmed! (Also I think they adjusted auto-resolve to be slightly unfavorable relative to the actual difficulty of a fight).

  72. I started on hard/normal. Got frustrated and went to n/n. They need to tune the difficulties better because normal is way to easy and hard was way to punishing.

  73. Playing on hard with Kairos at the moment. My biggest annoyance is that the AI Cathayan armies don't suffer from attrition in the Chaos wastes. Shouldn't that be a "Very Hard" AI advantage?????

  74. I have always disliked the anti-player bias. I understand that being an actual human gives you a huge advantage, but I don't really like the game going "fuck you".

  75. I play easy/easy and though the battle and mechanics aren’t very hard the chaos realms are just a chore. Slaanesh’s realm is just a straight up race. The realms don’t scale very well, if at all, with difficulty levels.

  76. Hell, even "normal" isn't that easy in WH3. You're likely going to be at war with half a dozen factions for the whole game in a multifront war. WH3 main campaign is much harder than WH2.

  77. My favorite addition in wh2 was the split between campaign and battle difficulty, i like feeling like an underdog, but it feels terrible watching swordsmen trade evenly with chaos warriors.

  78. Yeah basically. One of the things people might be taking for granted, when we were playing warhammer 2 for all those years you generally knew what to expect. Whenever I started a new campaign up, I always knew exactly what I was looking out for. I knew to look out for the dwarves, the empire, the vampire counts, I knew where every single race was, where they would come from, what turn they would get a power spike, and how to react to each threat.

  79. No. I'm still soldiering on with vh/vh. Two failed campaigns with Tzeentch and Ogres (the later fortunately ended early with two invading Cathay stacks at turn 30something), my first campaign in the limbo with N'Kari with a strong position but no souls at turn 90something, and now finally Zhao with a very strong position at turn 35, I'm certain I can do all the rifts in row this time

  80. Auto-resolve penalties? Lol, I find AR as efficient or better than manual battle fighting, which is in contrast to previous releases. I have little incentive to play battles manually when campaign and battle difficulty is set to the same level, which makes the campaign a boring AR fest. It doesn't help that now I know exactly what the outcome of the AR will be, to include which units will be lost.

  81. I just have a big issue with how they have supposedly changed the battle AI to be dumber on lower difficulties. The AI is bad enough as it is, dumbing it down was a mistake and I suspect that's the source of some of people complaints regarding battles not functioning correctly.

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