1. What is a naval stone? Please explain without providing links or photos. Or you can ignore me. I will appreciate either reaction or lack thereof.

  2. I too have a deep navel, and while digging some crud out I gave myself an infection. I was 13 so the clinic doctor was giving me the ol’ I usually see this in younger patients ribbing but also commented on how deep my belly button was remarking that I was like a kangaroo and asking if I carried my luggage around in there. I was thoroughly humiliated that day.

  3. Oh man I also had one cuz I was deathly afraid of cleaning my belly button (I’m a bit paranoid so I thought I may poke through my stomach wall cleaning it). When I finally got it out, it was literally so gross but amazing lol. I have a picture of what that sucker looked like if you scroll back on my profile

  4. This reminds me of the guy that was in his 20s and uncircumcised. He didn’t know he was supposed to pull back his foreskin and clean under it.

  5. I use to work at the nursing home and those were super common. I enjoyed pulling them out when I discovered them

  6. My dad used to say you could unscrew your belly button and your butt would fall off. Said he was in the army with a guy who unscrewed his belly button in the helicopter and his butt fell out of the back of the aircraft, never to be seen again. Now I have a deep fear of anyone touching my belly button. This story made my stomach hurt. I hope your belly button and your butt are okay.

  7. As a kid my dad would always tell us we needed to tighten our belly buttons to keep them from falling off. I'd never heard anyone else in my life say this. He was also in the Army. I'm wondering if it's some Army thing. Otherwise we're related, obviously.

  8. My belly button goes up to almost my second knuckle. I legitimately will get a fungal infection IN MY BELLY BUTTON if I do not keep it clean. Yes. You can get a fungal infection in your belly button. I was also mortified at myself when I discovered this.

  9. My wife had a deep navel that now and then hurt a little and smelled pretty bad, after a week or so it went away. When she got pregnant her navel turned inside out and the nastiest gunk came out. Like the stuff they forgot to clean the few days until the remains of her umbilical cord fell off. After her pregnancy when her navel turned inside out she hasn't had an issue with it.

  10. Yep, I was very worried (and still am) that it's infected. I think I'm okay, but I'm monitoring it closely to make sure it doesn't get worse or anything. For a little bit, I was seriously worried that I had somehow given myself a hernia but my mom reassured me that it's highly unlikely.

  11. I don't think mine is that deep, though i have huge hands so it could just be that, but i have gotten fungal infections and i very much DO clean my belly button. Fun fact, i was an outie until puberty. Then i sunk in and in and in.

  12. I had one once too. Figured out it was because my body pillow was apparently disgusting and threw it away. I washed it before but I guess it wasn't good enough. Got a new one with a pillowcase.

  13. My Nanna was a Surgical nurse and she was specifically on belly button cleaning duty quite regularly. When I was growing up she instilled in me the great importance of a clean belly button. She never gave me specific details/stories but frequently remind me of the disgusting belly buttons she had seen over the years.

  14. Yep, I'm going to be haunted forever by the possibility that mine was nasty when I had a laproscopic surgery a couple months ago.

  15. Several years into our relationship, I made the mistake of sticking my finger into my husband's belly button. He tried to warn me but I paid no attention- after all, what's worse about a belly button than any other part of the body?

  16. So, I'm identifying very heavily with your husband, in the sense that I've never ever washed my belly button and thought that the awful smell was completely normal. It doesn't stretch very deep or anything but it smells REALLY bad, and it feels like there's some sort of crust inside that I think hurts if I try to peel it off.

  17. I hate to admit this, but I never used to clean mine until one day I felt something weird and dug around in there and dug out a hard sliver. I guess I got some hair down in there and it turned into a tiny horn. They say a rhino's horn is made of hair. I'll always remember it as my belly button horn.

  18. I can see a bunch of belly button injuries resulting from people reading this post who actually have shallow belly buttons and just go to town excavating out of a pure, primordial fear that something dark and disgusting is lurking within.

  19. When I was 5 and my sister was 4, I absent-mindedly made a statement: "Maybe if you press your bellybutton, you pop?", then went about my day with no more thought to the musing.

  20. How deep are people's belly buttons? Mine is MAYBE a centimeter and a half in. This guy sounds like he could fit his whole finger in there,

  21. Deeper if you have a lot of adipose tissue around it. The belly button is anchored to the top of the bladder by the median umbilical ligament. So it's kind of like a

  22. I can get my fingertip in mine kinda, well I guess like half to 2/3 of the way to the first knuckle.

  23. I have read so many weird medical stories about the wild variation in the human body that I really thought I had reached the limit of my ability to be surprised by it. But learning that you and multiple people in the comments have belly buttons deep enough to shove whole fingers into has shaken me to my core. I may never recover from this. This trait seems common, mundane, and entirely benign, and yet it fills me with a visceral horror and perverse fascination that I cannot adequately express. God bless you and your weird belly button, but I am having a crisis.

  24. Reading the comments has made me realize that I may belong to a minority of deep belly button-havers.. it's a demographic that I never really considered until recently. Myself and my weird belly button are also working through our crisis, my poor navel hasn't seen the light of day in years and I so rudely brought it back to the harshness of reality.

  25. I have this mental image of hundreds of people on this subreddit sitting around with fingers in their belly buttons.

  26. Wasn't exactly an injury, but after my doctor told me my ear was full of wax, I worked at it with a shower head sprayer and some soap. A bullet-size monstrosity of ear wax came sliding out. It felt a lot better, but WTF . . . I routinely clean my ears now.

  27. My ear started hurting one day and I didn’t know why. After a while I had my gf check it out and she didn’t see anything. Got an ear wax cleaning solution from the drug store and tried it. Not much happened, but my gf looked again and that time she saw something. I guess the solution loosened it but it wasn’t able to come out on its own. She pulled it out very carefully with some tweezers. It felt so fucking good when it came out.

  28. When I was a kid, my sister and I would get pretty gnarly wax buildups. My pediatrician liked to dig the clumps out and leave them for the nurses to see :/

  29. FYI if you are ever having any kind of surgery that will result in incisions on your abdomen, please clean your belly button beforehand. After you’re under anesthesia the nurse will clean your belly button and the entire room will discuss if it’s gross. We don’t judge patients for much in the operating room but dirty navels make the list.

  30. Crap. I had a laproscopic surgery a couple months ago and this was not something that occurred to me. I will never see any of those people again, but now I'm going to be haunted forever by the possibility that some strangers had to ungunk my belly button.

  31. I cleaned mine 3 times two days in a row before my surgery for this exact reason! And then I couldn't clean it for a week (the tape they put over it didn't come off for that long) and it was so nasty. AND THEN the "dissolvable" stitch started coming out of my belly button and my dumb ass thought it was just a random piece of string/lint and pulled it, I nearly died when I realized it was attached to me. Went to the doc and they cut it but that hurt the most out of the whole recovery.

  32. I'm reading this after just having a procedure on my abdomen today. Thankfully I keep my belly button very clean, and it's quite shallow. Phew!

  33. I read this before my shower... I also have a deep belly button. I've stuck my finger in there many times hoping I'm cleaning it thoroughly enough...

  34. I’m so so so particular about cleaning my belly button. I’m now pregnant and it will pop out soon and I’m excited to get it cleaner than I have before.

  35. Some people's don't pop out but just kind of...disappear? My sister's disappears. Though her first pregnancy she did get some intense cleaning done on her decade+ old belly button piercing. Yyyuck!

  36. It's 1am and I'm lying in bed with the lights off but now I have my phone's flashlight shining into my bellybutton and a Google search that says "how to clean belly buttons"

  37. I'ver never heard the belly button referred to as your "old mouth". I'm torn between hilarity and horror.

  38. You found a navel stone. They can become "fossilized" and become a stone like. Yours sounds like the beginning, or the seal, was formed and making it's way downward but you discovered it first.

  39. I like how you are wishing it. That means it's possible. Maybe even likely that you are pre-aware of the fact that this is going to happen to you.

  40. As an aside, why are they called "belly buttons"? I guess it makes sense for outies. I'm more like... an abdominal abyss? A stomach sinkhole? Negative navel? I'll need to workshop it a bit.

  41. Just don’t make he mistake of using peroxide and alcohol too soon together. I have a small scar from the irritation THAT cause.

  42. It could be a fungal infection? Anywhere dark and moist would be prone to getting them. It’s easy enough to treat.

  43. I have a deep belly button as well. Back when I used to cut hair, little hair slivers would be stuck all over me by the end of the day. They stick in your clothes and poke you, stick in your bra, poke your tatas. But one day a few hairs made it into my belly button. I tried the q tip swab, and I nearly passed out from the pain. A hair sliver poked me deep in my belly button and became infected. So much pain! I laid down and dripped hydrogen peroxide in. watched it bubble for a while as tiny hairs that had been living in my belly button for who knows how long started floating up to the top. curly hairs, straight hairs, dark, blonde and red. many peoples hairs. Gross.

  44. Given how painful hair slivers can be I think your story is the worst one here. That sounds horrid.

  45. I must confess, I've always been kind of weirded out by outie belly buttons. But now in the aftermath of this event, I'm reconsidering my stance on them

  46. Aha thank you! I actually went into undergrad intending to major in English. When I looked at the degree requirements, I had a similar reaction to my belly button goop (i.e., "ew, wtf"). Took an intro Geology class for a distribution requirement and fell in love with the topic, and now here I am.

  47. Thank you! I paused while writing it to debate whether it was too cheesy. But then I decided that no joke I could make would be as cheesy as my belly button was :(

  48. When I have my navel pierced, the piercer said, "wow, your belly button is unusually deep." I'd never really thought about it before. I assumed that all "true" innies were, like, an inch deep. Apparently not. I've never had any problems with keeping it clean, but I do have to be careful when I am working out or going for runs that I make sure it dries properly.. otherwise it gets temperamental and can develop a sore.

  49. OP I really enjoyed this story and your comment interactions. You’re delightful and charming and stinky. And that’s the kind of combination that really makes you think. Really makes you wonder what it’s all about.

  50. I use my belly button as my fat-o-metre based on how far I can get a q-tip in. But yea, I regularsly clean my belly button with disinfectant/soap

  51. This was me with my wife! I poked her in the belly button early in the relationship and felt something in there that was neither belly nor button.

  52. Sounds like you have the makings of a drug mule. Get you a prosthetic outtie and fill the innards with half a pound of drug dujour

  53. “My old mouth”. Goddamn, she’s right, but I don’t like to think of it like that. But here I am. Thanks OP, hope you heal quickly, you dirty git.

  54. Ok so I'm a ball-less woman but I was searching for someone to write this exact comment because I swear I CANNOT dog too deep into my navel because I'll feel it in what feels like my uterus or my bladder... it's fucking bizarre and I hate it lmao

  55. There was a story on reddit a while back of a vet tech that swabbed an human belly button and showed the culture to the vet and she was horrified and asked which dog it came from.

  56. I’m sure you enjoy being a geologist, but you have truly missed your calling as a writer. Delightful (albeit gross) story!

  57. Thank you kindly! I'm still young, so maybe I'll switch to writing at some point in my career. I have been told that I'm an excellent writer, so I should probably find a way to capitalize on it lol

  58. I reckon your mum is hilarious. Carbon Dating! This got me real good. Also, I’ve always been weirded out by belly buttons but now I’m SO glad I only have a shallow innie. This story gave me the heebie jeebies.

  59. I don't know if this will make you feel better, but there's videos out there of people who have let belly button gunk build up so much it basically becomes a hard stone that needs medical assistance to get out.

  60. I'm now feeling very self-conscious about my very deep innie. Reading these comments, I feel like a freak of nature... And that there very well maybe some sort of kink I can exploit...

  61. I tried to clean my belly button a while back and discover that it had been closed up from my hysterectomy. Not much left but the outside appearance of a navel. I was a tad bothered by it, not gonna lie. I guess it does save me… gestures broadly …all of this horror.

  62. I.... have had this, or something very like it happen to me. Not so dramatic, but several years ago I felt an itch or something in my navel, so I dug in there (not so deep but I can get in there up to near the second knuck on my finger) and felt a pinchy pain and then realized that I felt like... wet. This caused all the existential dread I sensed reading OP's post; Did I just fucking pop through my navel? Is there something wrong in there?? It wasn't terribly painful, but sure enough there was mildly bloody looking discharge there... I did the whole clean that shit out routine, and for a few days after I kept going in and feeling around. I theorize that like OP I had just accumulated a gunk plug which caused some kind of cyst or zit type situation in there at that point which got popped when I itched. Since then, I have been VERY attentive to making sure the depths of the old mouth are soaped up and as lint free as I can manage.

  63. This reminds me of something that happened a few years ago, in the shower. I felt my belly button for whatever reason and felt something...hard. So i finished showering and went to check what the heck it was, with a mirror and all. Similar to OP, I got a ton of awful, stinky, moldy black and white stuff out of it. NO IDEA how long it's been there and definitely don't know what exactly it is.

  64. “At some point, I think the gunk sort of…sealed my belly button together like some sort of disgusting letter” i’m dead at this imagery lmao

  65. Just be careful because you could have a urachal cyst. The gunk coming out could be due to an infection. It might not be but worth getting looked at. I did not have gunk coming out but went to urgent care for pain at my belly button and wound up getting stomach surgery. Usually, the cyst is presented by the gunk coming out — I didn’t have that but the doctor said that’s how they usually find them. It can be serious. Mine had a blood clot in it. You are probably fine but you may want to get checked out if the pain doesn’t subside in a few days.

  66. Thank you for your concern! I am keeping close tabs on the situation, and definitely plan to go to a doctor in a couple of days if things don't feel better.

  67. Similar thing for me, but it didn't just happen in one occurrence like this. I would clean the ol' belly button pretty well, as I knew that I also had a cavernous innie and made sure to keep up on hygiene.

  68. Thanks for sharing your story! It does make me feel a bit better knowing that other people out there have been in similar and/or worse situations.

  69. I have a similar story to this. Embarrassingly, I also have to same habit of not washing my navel. One day I was poking around in it (to remove the lint) and felt something hard. That was weird. I was curious. I started poking around bit more. Tried to pull on the object.

  70. I'm seeing all these replies saying that these people actually have to deliberately use q-tips to clean their belly buttons, and I'm totally fucking confused because I literally cannot fathom an belly button deeper than an inch I have never even heard of this problem before wtf

  71. Weirdest question I'm probably ever going to ask but can we see it? At this point, I think we're all curious.

  72. You may not, I'm sorry. My belly button is feeling too shy atm, dude just got forced back into the world with no warning and needs time to adjust

  73. This is why I flush my also rather deep navel once a week with a 25ml syringe with a 21g catheter tip attached, filled with a mild solution of chlorhexidine or povidone iodine. It really gets every last bit of gunk out of there, and my belly button no longer smells like a Stilton cheese factory.

  74. Back when my wife and I were first dating I convinced her to delve a bit deeper into her very deep belly button. The result was that she popped something and like a gallon of pink ooze came out.

  75. I just wanna thank you, OP. I've been feeling a bit self conscious about slacking on personal hygiene because of my depression lately, but I'm comforted by the fact that I've never let my belly button get that bad before.

  76. So late to the party but I actually have a story just like this that includes a deep belly button, a long scratching device (a screwdriver), some blood, then surgery.

  77. I don't know whether you're incredibly fat or if your belly button is a fucking pocket universe but jesus christ, up to your proximal phalanges? I can't even get half of my index finger's distal phalanx into mine.

  78. I'm a little chubs, but not too fat :( I just have a weirdly deep belly button. I didn't get any weird vasovagal reactions when I cleaned, but I was also trying to be extremely gentle.

  79. I dissected a cadaver whose neck fat went up to my proximal phalanx. She was medically obese, but if you saw her on the street when she was still alive she would look well within the norm.

  80. You weren't taught to thoroughly wash your ass along with the rest of yourself as a child? That's kind of an important thing parents need to teach their kids.

  81. Doc here. Decent chance you have had and continue to have a fungal infection. Fungus/mold loves dark, warm, moist places and sounds like your belly button is just that.

  82. I was going to make a suggestive comment about the sexual opportunities such a deep belly button might afford but the words just didn't... cum.

  83. Yo. I'm gonna be real. I'm way too high and was not expecting this story to be so bad. OP I'm seeing this as if you have a small cave tucked in your belly. O_O

  84. I went to nursing school. Clean it gently with some hydrogen peroxide and a little neosporine to prevent a bacterial infection. And if it gets itchy use an anti fungal and/or hydrocortisone. Hope you feel better.

  85. somehow you casually referring to your bellybutton as ‘old mouth’ is more horrific to me than the actual story

  86. You should lay on your back and pour hydrogen peroxide in your belly button and use a q-tip to clean really well in there. Maybe a few times.

  87. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely do that, but I'm going to let my belly button rest for a little bit after its impromptu reintroduction to the world.

  88. When I had my kid, my old mouth got really shallow. it was pretty cool seeing what the bottom looked like. Then my SO decided to investigate my old mouth one day because he has a very shallow one and both my kids have outies. He takes the hydrogen peroxide and uses a medicine cup to measure how many ML it takes. Then digs with a qtip to make sure it's clean. Weirdest feeling having someone do that.

  89. Your story telling is absolutely hilarious. You should write reviews for things, i dont know what, but i'll read it!

  90. Ok so I work in the OR. It's common practice to take a q-tip to the patients bellybutton prior to abdominal surgery to clean the gunk out. It's really not uncommon for people to neglect their navel. So don't feel too bad about it.

  91. Quite recently I noticed my boyfriend had a hair growing out of his belly button which he asked me to tweeze out - let’s just say it came out along with years’ worth of what I can only describe as stinky belly button cheese 🤢 like yours his goes quite deep and he’d never thought to give it more than a cursory clean. So you’re not alone!

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