1. Haven't been on this sub in awhile. I assume the one where the boss demands 3 months advance notice to quit and required ev3ry employee to work mandatory overtime with a 30% pay cut made its way here?

  2. God, one of my favorite posts I've seen on reddit. It was hilarious, especially the amount of people in the comments eating it up lol

  3. Notices to quit are a joke too. I once gave a job 2 months advance notice as I was the senior operator on third shift and there was only four other operators myself included. Their other senior operator was going to be on medical leave for MONTHS. They fired me two weeks in. I no longer give notices because jobs just don't give a fuck about their employees so why should we give a fuck about these corporations?

  4. The three months is pretty believable, it's the norm and pretty much demanded where I live. I get that this sounds insane for US employees but it's possible they either aren't living in the US or their boss tried to implement western Europe standards to their quitting notice. Unpaid overtime isn't that unheard of either depending in which field you work.

  5. Reddit is so weird. It’s like part incredible communities where I’ve made legit connections with fellow fans of certain artists and then like… the tough guys of AwfulEverything who all claim to be carrying and the clout-chasing liars of Antiwork.

  6. Every sub that relies on social media screenshots, being it posts or private messages, tends to end up being filled with fiction when it gets popular. Don't forget

  7. So if this is the second most popular post there, does number one feature The floggings will continue until such time as morale improves? Such tripe!

  8. Hi OP, care to explain why this never happened? Is it the asshole boss, the employee who decided to use union, or the union that won the case? Sounds pretty common to me, but maybe I missed something. (I dont get why its so popular either, its so common story)

  9. I mean, this shit does happen all the time. My boss is like this. Expects us to work during our breaks and take phone calls whenever, has been caught under paying, charged a guy who quit for all kinds of nickle dime stuff like drill bits and things he used on the job after he quit because he only gave 2 weeks and we really needed him the next month for some dumb big job, etc. It's not unheard of, though I don't believe this particular story since it's so easy to make up for the points.

  10. It was limping along for a while, but ever since that fateful interview, AntiWork has gone full dumpster fire, because most people moved over to WorkReform.

  11. The people who started anti work are never going to go for that, they’re hardcore anarchists who believe all profit is stolen wages and will not be satisfied until all hierarchy is eliminated and all means of production belong equally to the laborers. Anarchists generally consider work reform to be a watered down liberal cop-out that can only ruin the movement they created.

  12. 99% of the posts on that page are works of fiction. I’ve noticed it’s more of a place for people to write what they wish they could do - but legit never would.

  13. I got banned from that shitty sub for "ableism" because I said that an extremely obese person isn't "too unhealthy to work".

  14. That's believable outside of the US, but then again, outside the US 20k a year would be a pretty sweet deal

  15. Lol, if only unions were that effective. I wouldn’t have been laid off during Covid. What an interesting fantasy

  16. I was 19 when I worked for a communications utility. I collected payments - back when they offered places to pay your bill in person.

  17. I was willing to believe the break thing, some bosses are really like that, but the rest of it is clearly a lie. Like, 2 weeks notice doesn’t apply when you’re firing someone. Idk about where this person is, but fines?? Do not come?? From the union?? The union could certainly look over things and be like “hey he’s been underpaying you” but then you’d like, take that to a lawyer or a government agency or something. Like damn I wish I lived in this persons fantasy world with unions that can actually make changes and penalise companies that fuck over workers

  18. I can see parts of this happening, but definitely not all of it. You do need to go to a judge regarding pay disputes and even then you're just going to get a settlement, not the whole amount.

  19. This sounds absolutely like it happened. Have you only worked for like, amazing employers?!?! Because every place I have worked for is this shady 😅

  20. Let’s describe a Venn diagram of people who 1) have a strong union willing to go to bat for them to collect back pay & administer fines to employers and 2) are high performing employees that are fired for petty reasons.

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