1. Yeah, and this isn’t unique to Texas either. It’s common to just about every free human society. Especially democracies.

  2. As a native Texan living in Florida, I hate both governments. But Texas is absolutely beautiful and I want to return home, I just don’t want to have to overthrow the government.

  3. Yea because everyone in this sub is a liberal. If 95% of the state likes it then sucks to suck ay lol

  4. People in this sub also complain that Beto didn’t win against Cruz or Abbot because of Gerrymandering. Sigh, gerrymandering in a state wide popular election where the only lines are the borders of Texas. Or know that elected state officials are scheduled to only work 21% of the time every two years.

  5. I've been to Alaska briefly and that was the vibe I got too. I certainly don't agree with all their politics but they seem to be the kind of red state I can kind of understand.

  6. Texas govt is a two-party shit show. The good ol boys who run the joint are crooked as hell, from the governor all the way down to the dog catcher. On the other end of the spectrum there's the uber -liberal hippie types who hate guns, gasoline-powered cars, and anything related to Jesus or English-speaking heterosexuals.

  7. I b dislike the evangelical influence over everything. I wish there were an easy way to get evangelicals to understand they have been led away from the teachings of tolerance and acceptance, principle aspects of faith.

  8. Evangelical Christians aren't really into Christianity. At least not what their man jesus supposedly said.

  9. Texas is a beautiful state, rich in nature. There are good people here too, who are kind and helpful. But our government is full of assholes who treat our state like a monetary asset and ignore the plight of the poor and the needy

  10. Nature is privately owned. Only about 1% of the state is public. I guess they have to have some public lands to dump their toxic waste in.

  11. The govt reflects the people. If the govt is full of assholes it's because there are assholes voting for them.

  12. It’s how I feel about most government. Can’t think of any one I like. Some are just better tolerated.

  13. Government isn’t just the politicians. Government to me includes HRSA which serves as a safety net and sets up federally qualified health centers. FEMA, NIH, CDC, IHS, EPA.. these are all government and longstanding agencies. And the people and the funds they provide are to help everyone. But they also are manipulated by the elected officials or hampered in ways that prevent them from being as effective.

  14. Im a Texan and I have pride in my State but the current government seems so counter to my beleifs and has screwed up our state so much that I might not come back after I leave for college.

  15. As someone who is 40+, I could have made this word for word reply 20+ years ago, and here we are, in the exact same place 20 years later.

  16. This would be a pretty rad place if it wasn't run by a christo-fascist oil cartel Edit: I love our food. I love the gulf coast. The vistas from the hill country and west Texas are pretty great too

  17. Republicans run Texas… into the ground! I’m a native Texan starting my 6th decade. And I have ALWAYS been disappointed by the leadership. (Or lack there)

  18. The entire purpose of republicans is to fuck all of us over in order to make the super rich even richer, and that's all they are ever going to do.

  19. Abbott has hit every brand of corrupt and harm. The amount of blood on his hands would be execution worthy in any just society. He knowingly hurts people to make political points with hateful people. He does anything for power. Fuck that rolling bag of human waste.

  20. I have a deep abiding love for this state and when I leave I’ll always be a Texan, accent, Stetson and all.

  21. Well almost anywhere in the world you can get to a different ecosystem within 5 hours of driving.

  22. Born and raised, and love it. The mix of people, all the delicious food and history. But I've lived out of state for 10 years. I've had free health care, help with housing and food, and I know that if I had needed those things in Texas, I'd be SOL. Moving back this year, looking forward to family, weather, and scenery but not the policies, not the lack of genuine help we all need and deserve sometimes.

  23. The regular folks, the outdoor adventures, the food, the arts and music, education opportunities (if you can find a way to pay for them), jobs all good. The people running the government need to focus on actual priorities though.

  24. Education opportunities needs a heavy “post secondary” asterisk. The colleges and universities are great, the high schools are almost universally garbage.

  25. The state with a giant memorial to the troops who fought for “states rights” is staying behind?! You don’t say….

  26. Like? Some regions are surprisingly scenic and lots of small towns are charming to visit on the surface (if you’re white).

  27. Same boat. I love my texas people and there is a vibe here. The government here is dog shit though. I'll never forgive Abbot for ending covid relief early

  28. I like the idea of Texas but tbh some of the very conservative Christian towns around Dallas are unbearable if you don’t look cis and straight. I’m still very feminine, but like, too much/not enough for the Christian folks depending on what mood they’re in.

  29. Hahahaha. I lived in Texas for a few years and I’m glad to see this reply. They are proud of what Texas stands for!? LOL. What the hell does that even mean? OP is probably part of the problem by voting for all the people that create it’s problems. I saw that big Texas flag when I lived there and saw nothing but a group of people who can’t see past their own two feet to see the fires they themselves created. There Is actually a whole world outside the Texas borders that do literally everything better. People should probably try to understand what that means.

  30. I have lived in North, Central, and South Texas, born in West Texas. The people are great. Texas has a lot to offer. However, our state government has taken a nasty turn over the last 30 years, sever since one party control took over.

  31. I love texas and love texans but hate the people who think government should be a Christian theocracy. And hate people who vote for Paxton for any reason, but esp those that do it because “at least he aint a democrat “

  32. This. Our government is shitting the bed and embarrassing us in the worlds stage. We used to just be the butt of cowboy jokes but now we’re a true laughing stock. I love (most of) the state itself and (most of) its weird, diverse, and friendly people.

  33. This is also being degraded due to climate change and natural disasters, something the oil and gas industry is enabling and does nothing to address.

  34. Coming from a blue state, I really despise the politics here. It’s sad and in desperate need of a change which I don’t foresee in a long time.

  35. That’s all I’ve ever been saying. Love the state. People who run it are human shit stains. Then always get told “IF yOu dONt LiKE It MoVE tO CaLIFoRniA.

  36. People aren’t the government, but friendly reminder that the majority of them still vote for Abbott and other conservatives. At the end of the day, majority of them would throw you under the bus for their own benefit.

  37. Well, the people aren't doing shit about the government. Hell, no uproar in my town a few years back when multiple people confirmed a police officer yelling racial slurs at children from their squad car. Or the second time it happened.

  38. Love Texas. Hate the politics. I also am gen x enough to know that no matter who gets in it won't get fixed sadly(in one generation). Even if you had all the people they want.... our government only meets 5 months every other year. Even if everyone is on the same page.... it isn't enough time to really change what needs to be changed.

  39. I HATE how 99% of land in Texas is privately owned. I HATE how the government won't let me choose what I do with my own body. I HATE how much I have to pay in retail sales and property tax. I HATE our health care system. But I love Texas because of its vast, diverse, and beautiful landscapes. I LOVE that we have our very own space race in Van Horn, Houston, and Boca Chica. I like how underrated Houston is with professional sports teams, symphonies, operas, ballets, international airports, diverse population, tons of interesting restaurants (I hate the traffic though). I really have a love /hate relationship with Texas. That said, I'm working on my exit plan, because bodily autonomy, low taxes, and public lands are important to me. I can find diversity and culture in other places too without losing my personal freedoms and paying my money to politicians who want to take away my rights.

  40. I don’t completely understand what this means for most people. Pretty much all the important people running the state were elected by Texans, including the judges. At least people from Austin and Houston have a clear case of state representatives screwing them over time and again, but for pretty much the rest, if your neighbor is kind to you but because you are “one of the good ones” but is voting to get everyone who doesn’t look like him deported (including the people here legally), who gives a shit about how “good” the state vs the govt is. The kind wonderful state of Texas still has sundown towns.

  41. Agreed on many points. And it IS a democracy... personally, I find it very easy to vote & have no objections to the ID requirements.

  42. My wife is from Pittsburgh and works for Home Depot. She was moving down here and asked if there was a store close to the house to transfer to. I told her there are 6 within 15 minutes.

  43. Russia, China, and North Korea are also "democracies". Clearly then democracy is never authoritarian and always held up by the will of it's people. 🙄 Nevermind the way soft power works and how authoritarian regimes use it to far greater effect than any form of outright force.

  44. I love Texas and will always. The best thing about the state are the people. And the worst thing are the people who listen to Alex Jones.

  45. I’m from CA and the one time I visited Texas I absolutely loved it but the thing that’s keeping me from moving is in fact the politicians. That being said, SF isn’t so great right now with the ‘most corrupt mayor in modern history’. Guess we’re screwed everywhere ya go

  46. I have lived in Texas off and on my whole live, after time in the Army and waiting for my hubby to retire all we could talk about was where in Texas we wanted to retire to. Can’t stand our government down here, but would not live anywhere else. Hard to explain that to non-Texans

  47. I love Texas. Moved here from Cleveland, OH about 23 years ago. There are a million things to love and only a few, albeit major, things I hate. If we could get the dickheads in the state government out, I think Texas would be a far better place overall.

  48. Does being disconnected to reality and compartmentalization also relate to what Texas stands for? What I think is happening, Is people who never cared about politics and understanding HOW government structures impact the mechanics and processes to get things done or undone, are getting a rude awakening! United States as a whole is a very structured/engineered country … like all European dominant countries. Psychological manipulation (scarcity, fear tactics is used to dominate) and manipulation of demand/supply occurs in almost all industries. The assumption that Texas floated around funding itself without tax money was a delusion spewed by politicians taking advantage of peoples ignorance. The average American is OBLIVIOUS about how the structure of military, government, public services (hospitals, police, firefighters) and business operate together. No, we don’t live in a vacuum… they are all connected! Follow the money!

  49. I've been here all my life and things politically have gotten worse. Our only hope is to make the younger generations realize the power they have in order to change things.

  50. Hate/disdain/dislike for “government” is the whole point right? Otherwise we would pick one person/group to do their thing for a generation. I’d say the issue is only having two parties to choose from. Which tends to be the loudest outliers within each party.

  51. We're transplants from a red state in the upper Midwest living in the panhandle for 11 years now. We love the wide openness, the average of 270 days of sunshine, the winters that can be rough, but very short. We're not on the Texas power grid, so we don't have to worry about that. With so much agriculture up here, the diversity of nationalities is amazing, and the food choices are great, and overall, the people are nice.

  52. The problem with Texas, and I say this as a native/lifelong Texan, is that it’s full of Texans.

  53. I love Texas, but I could do without it’s government…and lately, a lot of it’s people that feel the government is meant to be an extension of their church…

  54. I love the land of my state itself and I wish I felt safe enough here to have kids and the wages to start a family.

  55. They are radical, not you. The worst aspect is that their positions make no practical sense and are actively destructive, for what are paranoid conspiracy theories and a terror of anyone who is different in one of the most diverse states in the country. They are parasites with absolutely no vision or sense of responsibility.

  56. I like that Texas has so much natural beauty but hate that the Texas government doesn’t protect it. I love my Latino Texan communities, but I hate that the Texas government under resources and disenfranchises my communities. I love Texas beaches, but I hate that Texas government allows for so much pollution and destruction of our beaches. I love immigrants and celebrate other cultures, but I hate that my Texas government and so many white neighbors hate immigrants and multiculturalism. I love Texas history, but hate how white washed it is taught through the white hero narrative in public education leaving out Latino, indigenous, women, and Black heroes and points of view and voices. Basically, I love my community and my family and friends, and I hate that our state is over run with terrible hateful destructive people and the leaders they elect to run this, what could be a really great, state.

  57. You should encourage your friends and family to vote, every time. Texas is a low turnout state (particularly Latinos) and many are very apathetic. Seeing the same results every time only makes it worse.

  58. Too much money in politics. Need term limits. I’m tired of big oil and big pharma running our state.

  59. Yes, even someone who is pretty conservative, this religious fervor since Dan Patrick became Lt. Governor has really turned me away from our current leadership.

  60. Curious what it is Texas stands for in you opinion? I grew up here and I have a hard time separating our government and Texas. The two just mean the same to me at this point.

  61. The majority of Texas, yes. But I live in the Panhandle, and this place is the ugliest piece of land God ever created.

  62. How can you like what the state stands for, but not like those running it? The two concepts are intertwined, no?

  63. If you took away the government and the drivers then sure, but those two things ain’t happening unfortunately.

  64. It's complicated. The government is elected by a majority of the people in Texas so it's hard for anyone to say that they like all of Texas.

  65. I’m from Texas and feel the same way. I don’t know if I could bring myself to move back though. It’s a political nightmare there.

  66. Me. Moving from Metro Detroit area to DFW area was a huge upgrade in cleanliness. I will admit I prefer the Detroit style of Mexican food over DFWs version but all other food types Texas wins easily.

  67. It’s sad because there are good folks in Texas except for the ones that keep voting for Greg abbot and Ted Cruz!

  68. Originally from California, now I've lived here for over a year. Obviously, there are differences between the two states when it just comes to every day life (like weather and terrain), but overall I don't find too much difference between the two states. In Houston at least, diversity is great and food is awesome. So from that perspective, I really do feel like my lived experience is very similar. Plus things are way cheaper here which is always nice.

  69. Two years ago, during the winter power grid failure, I spent 7 days without power. I can't remember ever being as miserable as I was during that week. The last day, the temperature outside dropped to 2 degrees F.

  70. Literally everything is great in Texas except the government. This includes not getting their shit together with the power grid. My grandma who lives in a mobile home in Cedar Park has been without power for 2 days

  71. Me. I’m born and raised here, and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna die here. I can’t see myself anywhere else but here.

  72. Moved here in ‘81 from Los Angeles area. Texas was backward ass then. People were cool with a few jackasses to deal with. I left and had to come back in ‘97. Never got away again. It’s still backward ass now and most folks are still cool but there are a hell of a lot more jackasses and they’re in positions of power now.

  73. Dude. You need to travel some. I was born in Texas. I grew up in a small town wearing a cowboy hat to school, chewing tobacco, fist-fighting all that. I was a Texas boy through & through. By the time I exited highschool I realized I was in a redneck hellscape. Your average Texas citizen is a dumbass redneck racist homophobic POS. I know. I live here. They voted in those POS politicians because they directly reflect their beliefs & attitudes. Texas needs to be given an enema & repopulated with actual real decent respectable human beings. Oh yeah. And fuck Texas. You voted for Abbott? Fuck you.

  74. Texas has "strong economy" but that does not translate into lots of high paying jobs. It just doesn't. Also the heat is so horrible year round that it's a very unhealthy place to live. I do not like Governor Abbott but even with a better governor/government I could not live in Texas. Except for the hill country & beaches the rest of Texas is so damn ugly.

  75. I love living in Austin, but I can’t stand the conservative ignorance I’m constantly running into. I’ve tried my best to keep an open mind and hear their side, but it’s nothing but hatred, uninformed opinions, and hypocrisy.

  76. Maybe democrats should bring something to the table besides taxes, government waste and overbearing regulation?

  77. I think outside of Reddit everyone is happy with both. If last election tells anything Reddit is wrong about 99% of the time.

  78. Yes! I absolutely love Texas! I love our beautiful nature and hiking trails. But despise the government. I honestly wouldn’t mind another Republican governor as long as they aren’t another weirdo forcing their religion on us and our bodies.

  79. Love Texas and hate all governments and politicians in this state and all states alike! Federal too!! Fuck them all!!! I do love me some Texas though!!!

  80. I split my time between Texas and NY, let me tell you- no matter what party, red or blue, government sucks. They only care about their donors, their power and prestige. If tomorrow we went from red to blue in Texas, it wouldn't be much better. Just different bad shit.

  81. Agreed. Democrats and Republicans are both corrupt statists. The only difference is that Republicans reliably have cut taxes and Democrats keep trying to raise them.

  82. You deserve a downvote for lazy fatalism. Although oil and gas has a hugely over-sized influence in Texas and dynastic oligarchs choose candidates through the good ole boy system, Texas once had functional opposition to the GOP (remember Ann Richards?).

  83. Born and raised in East Texas, and have lived in other areas of the state ever since. I love this state and a lot of what it has to offer. That said, the state government is embarrassing.

  84. The current government stands in direct opposition of what I believe texas stands for. Texas is all about being there for one another, good food, and great times. Currently our state only represents one of those three and that’s the fault of our authoritarian government and their constituents who have laid claim to our home and decided they are the only ones that matter. The “Californians” that “true Texans” hate are actually the ones skewing texas more to the right. The are right about Californians ruining our state but it’s for the exact opposite reason they claim.

  85. As a born & raised Texan (who left the state & eventually returned years later) I can absolutely say that I like the idea of Texas a hell of a lot more than actually being here.

  86. This is increasingly true throughout the country; phony candidates who have no loyalty to their real constituents running on a nationalized agenda and the voters only know them by their calculated campaign ads.

  87. The state pride. I lived in Ohio for a few years and had an argument with a gal once about how prideful I was of Texas. It's not odd to have a Texas flag decal on your vehicle, a Texas flag on your house, to brag more than a little about anything Texas... (I won the argument after she said something about everybody in Texas having state flags all over the place and replied, "there's nothing wrong with having some state pride; y'all can fly y'all's

  88. Wage earners have fallen well behind inflation and home owners are bearing the brunt of corporate welfare. Yes the GOP are doing a terrible job for working people economically. I just hope and pray the surplus they squeezed out of our asses doesn't go to some pet projects crap instead of tax relief for homeowners(homestead exemption only) as it should. And while they are stopping foreign entities from buying can we add Saudi to the list please?

  89. I don’t give a shit about politics, I just love my life with whatever rules the place I’m in has. I love Texas, it’s so nice and green and the people are amazing.

  90. Yeah - fuck trans people, folks who can get pregnant, and The Gays. Amirite? Sure glad I'm not one of them, the. I'd be impacted and have to care. :/

  91. Texan here, as for the state I love it. I like going to small towns and seeing Texas as it was or that I remember, the old Texas. I do like going to San Antonio, Dallas and Fort Worth. Lived in Fort Worth most of my life after leaving Plano. Fort Worth had the old Texas feel. Nothing against the modern, Dallas, Houston, just means something here for everyone. Hate the government both State and Federal. We have lost all common sense.

  92. I had to go swap cars with my son yesterday in FW. I don’t know why the word popped into my head but I said “this seems like a successful city” . Love the TCU area.

  93. I fucken love it. I love the city I live in because everyone is friendly, I love the town I have my little ranch at because everyone is so friendly. The hate comes from the small few who hate the world but since they can't hate the whole world and change any of it they settle for hating those close to them and trying to spread the hate as far as they can and when. You get a group of them together they keep the same ideas they can spread it even further.

  94. I must because after living in two other states, I came back. While Washington is a solid contender, east Texas has my favorite geography. I love the combination of swamps, woods, and grassland. I also love the ability to be somewhere that pavement and strip-malls are not encroaching year over year.

  95. Suck it buttercup. Either go plant some bluebonnets or don't complain. Do your part to make things better in your community.

  96. They are doing their part by spreading awareness, on reddit, but still. And how the hell does planting bluebonnets help against the fucked state government.

  97. Nope, fuck this place and its shitty endless sprawl. Fuck the idiots that live here and keep voting for assholes. Whataburger fucking sucks too. Fuck the oversized pickups with an empty trailer camping in the left lane not passing a goddamn thing. Fuck the tolls roads and the employers that get offices only accessible via the toll roads. Fuck this dipshit gun culture, go buy some tweezers and jerk yourself off. Fuck those stupid ass come and take it stickers, you’re a toolbag not a tough guy. Fuck these jackass it managers that get together on the weekends and ride their shitty harleys. Fuck pollen. Fuck the heat, the humidity, the ice and the absolute inability of anyone to deal with it. Fuck the civil engineering programs at Texas universities, fucking answer for everything is an access road and a stoplight. Fuck access roads too. Fuck a traffic circle with a yield to incoming traffic sign, do you know what a traffic circle is for? Of course you don’t, it’s fucking Texas. Fuck the cheating Astros, the whining cowboys and their fans. Fuck the rangers and stars for moving to Texas. Fuck the liquor stores for closing at 9 and blocking Costco from selling hard liquor. Fuck how much we’re over paying for beer here. Fuck not being able to buy beer before noon on Sunday, but I can keep a couple hundred tons of ammonium nitrate next to a school. There’s definitely more, but mostly fuck me for moving here in the first place, I knew it was a terrible idea.

  98. I am a Texas native but now live in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. Trust me when I say we wished we'd bever left Texas. Tge complete loss of law/order and hordes of scummy theives makes it very stressful to live here. Y'all should be grateful.

  99. I had my car window broken because some asshole wanted to see if I had anything worth stealing. So in a sense, he stole $250 from me so I could get the window replaced.

  100. I love this place. I don’t care about following politics because it doesn’t add anything to my life except stress, but I know that this sub likes to frequently over-exaggerate things and if they spent some more time in the real world, they would see things aren’t constantly on the brink of collapse and “literally 1984”. Commence the downvotes lol

  101. Part of the reason people talk about politics so much is because politics effect the real world when a freeze is threatening to kill people, and our state leaders either blame someone who has nothing to do with it or abandon the people they took an oath to help.

  102. Republicans can't do anything wrong, I too love power hungry racist demagogues who leaves thousands without electricity~! I too miss the good ol' days where I could drop hard Rs and shoot anyone crossin' from Meh-He-Ko.

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