1. Was there not someone here in this sub who was recently asking about a D&D aspect to TESD? You must have wished really hard! (Unless this is an episode about the GOT writing duo...)

  2. I did, seemed like a popular idea. I remember seeing something a bit later that made it seem like they had it shot already when I made the post. Can't wait to see how it went

  3. “I have syphilis and it’s effecting my memory” - Sunday Jeff. This made me laugh out loud so hard. Between that and the pronunciation of chord

  4. This episode was so epic I forgot about "chord" hahahahaha oh man. I can't wait to watch it all over again. A

  5. holy fucking shit this is amazing and needs to be a regular show!!!! I was laughing from start to finish. Tom is amazing and really brought his A game. He's actually a really great DM. I was so pleasantly surprised by this. Please do this more frequently!!

  6. I have no knowledge of D&D and I would upgrade my Patreon to get a monthly episode of this. This might be my favorite piece of Patreon content since in launched. Fucking wow I enjoyed that so much

  7. I always wait to watch the video version, but I had to listen at work for this one. Really hope they continue this, so good.

  8. I know nothing about D&D but I thought this was fantastic. It should be its own series, or at least have something like every 3rd TANSJS ep be a D&D ep.

  9. Loved this. Sunday wasn't too into the game but I really hope they do more episodes, I feel like they were just getting into the swing of things

  10. TOM, please PM me if you need help putting a campaign together. I got stats and demon encounters, I have a lot of material and would love to share to the TESD community(I don’t want credit). You have a wife and family and this hobby is nothing but a time drain. Please PM me if you need any help at all dude

  11. I don't know about this episode specifically, but I can say that I'm really glad I went for video with my Patreon. There is so much to watch it's insane. It's just so much better watching than just listening. I wish they had video for every episode. I also wish there were videos from back when Bry wasn't so sedated. It would be so funny to get to see it the times that he would blow up over little things haha. I'm glad he's doing better though

  12. Love seeing Git’em practise rolling the dice, knowing that he’s watched videos with tips on how to get advantageous rolls

  13. unrelated to the ep, but can someone tell me does the patreon give access to all the old bonus pods and christmas pods too? cryptozoicman, fiasco pod, overkill, etc

  14. Yes. Depending on your tier you also get the dvd/bluray releases like puppet theatre, live at the gramercy, the video version of some of the Christmas pods, etc.

  15. For anybody who’s been to the studios or anybody that would know, while watching this I noticed on the wall behind Sunday, top left corner, there is what looks like a framed g-string or something? Anybody know what it is and what’s the story behind it?

  16. I thought it was a good episode, but if they do it again Jeff can be left out. He's great, but this is clearly not his thing.

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