1. Sunday Jeff and his consistent love of refrigeration goes all the way back to the original What Would Sunday Jeff Do.

  2. I like episodes like this a lot. Sunday saying he took a picture of his daughter for encouragement every time he had a craving for a cigarette was genuinely sweet and I'm surprised it didn't get a bigger reaction (unless the guys already knew that).

  3. A lot of the dudes around me I would never think would say shit like that have been talking recently about how everybody should have food, water, housing, and basic care. It’s really nice to hear

  4. TESD needs pussholes. Not only did it create this great episode, but also a lot of others. Walt gets inspired by stupidity.

  5. I mean this with all my heart and not in a bad way. Gittem needs to do either one of two things. Get a place or just sleep and stay at the store or look up van or truck living YouTube videos and make one himself. He needs a place to call home not a Shitty bed in a basement

  6. Too much work. It’s much easier to shit in a portaloo, sleep in squalor, wash his clothes in the creek and use TESD Wi-fi. So much potential, I’d love to see him convert a van or actually use his intellect to improve his life. Tough love doesn’t work, literally existing on the bottom of the barrel doesn’t work… might as well just enjoy what he brings to the podcast

  7. Give him a break, it's not like there was a bonus pod for him that raised ten's of thousands of dollars so he could get back on his feet...

  8. Also shave that beard. I don't know why he takes comments like that, and doubles down and does the opposite of the advice people give him. I'm not even making fun of him, or trying to say it in a bad way. Shave that beard and you'll like 10 times better.

  9. He should build a tiny house. Doesn't even have to be one of those ones on a trailer, he could build one on the farm. Use one of those shipping containers that are crazy cheap. He's capable of doing some of the work himself, which would save on cost.

  10. More stash crumbs from Walt “I could never have foreseen events that have me replaced but it happened” Sunday “it’s true everyone can be replaced especially in jobs”

  11. To be the anti-conspiracy person, it's not like he brought it up out of nowhere. The topic they were discussing was "how replaceable are you?" and had been discussing it for more than 5 minutes before he mentioned being replaced. And that's just a fact. If he quit he still would have been replaced.

  12. Yeah wow.... That one line makes me, I don't know, reconsider my support for other people in that orbit? That sounds way too harsh or extreme but if Walt was maybe more walked out the door than they let on, maybe visiting the Stash isn't as much of a goal anymore. The General Store might get all my money when I eventually take a trip to Jersey. It jives with Walt wanting to apply to just work at a regular shop too.

  13. Deq doesn’t edit the Patreon pods. So nobody is editing the mix to turn down the breathing.

  14. Are there any particular visual elements on the video that adds to the enjoyment? Quick skip through and it looks like there aren't so maybe the audio by itself is fine for this one.

  15. I mean, if you're one of those weirdos that isn't turned on by Gitem's weird beard, then I guess you can just do audio...

  16. Shocking that Walt chose the internet as humanities’ greatest achievement. A complete 180 from how he felt ten years ago.

  17. Man Git'Em is quirky. Can you imagine cutting someone out of your life for doing something completely out of their control? Lol

  18. I'm pretty sure that was self-deprecating hyperbole. He might be heavier, but he's not close to being as big as he was during early CBM.

  19. Please Walt. Can we please have the diapers back? This was painful. I'm sorry someone critized your episode. But for the love of god, please stop trying to please everyone.

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