1. I never expected them to have a relationship, but giving her the wrong number was just mean. He came off as cruel and a coward- unwilling or unable to let her know he wasn’t going to pursue more with her. He should have spoken to Tommy about how to let someone down while still being a front runner. He ended up going from good guy to douche.

  2. Remember, the guys voted to kick him off the island. The girls saved him. Tommy was up front from day one, Taylor knew the only way he stayed on that island was to make sure Ashe wanted him around.

  3. I’m just shocked that Taylor have her a fake number. How incredibly awful is that? Worse than hania! I don’t excuse hania at all but basically Taylor used her and threw her away. I didn’t expect them to last but it seemed they had a deep friendship where she shared her deepest fears and struggles and he was also upset for fear she may go back to him! I just didn’t think he was that Much of a douchebag. I mean they probably didn’t even live near one another and it could have fizzled out. Unless she got super clingy and said things that scared him away ie love etc.

  4. Tommy, too. Kinda confirms the theory that they’re hired to try and get people to cheat, then once the show’s over and half of the cast leaves their long term relationship, they turn on you on a dime give fake numbers! Although Trace and Marissa seemed intensely genuine. 😳🤣

  5. The tommy thing drive me crazy because he very clearly didn’t like Gillian that much. He was kind of a douche but to his credit, he made it pretty clear that he wasn’t into her. I don’t know why she kept pursuing something with him

  6. Yup. I called that immediately. Taylor knew Ashe was an easy target. Tell her whatever she needs to hear to stay on the island as long as possible and get to hook up with her.

  7. I think at first he liked her then she just became so draining. She was draining to watch for 7 min of her airtime week.

  8. The fact that the guys wanted to kick his ass off gives me way more respect for them than I had, they knew he was garbage.

  9. Taylor could be on the cover of Fuc&boi. He wasn't into her just wanted sex from the only supplier. Let's be honest she is not easy on the eyes so he had to fake it to make it.

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