1. Literally the weirdest people I’ve ever seen on this show and you can throw Ashley in that pile too. Girl thinks her boyfriend is going to grow after telling a stranger he’s known for two weeks that he loves her and is going to marry her?!! All three of these people are seriously fucked in the head.

  2. Lol he really doesn’t seem very into her in my opinion, he’s probably just pretending to be for more air time

  3. Tommy is just trying get laid with the least drama. He knows she will blame him for ‘leading her on’ if he pushes to hard. This is fuckboi 101 lol

  4. On episode 1, I thought they had the least chance of leaving together and now it seems pretty clear they're the only ones who will (though I guess we've been shocked before).

  5. I can’t with Lascelles dead eyes when he speaks…like he’s talking but it’s not actually connecting with anything inside of him

  6. dude Ash is constantly talking about how performative and disingenuous Hania is (and I’m sure he is) but those are literally the first features I noticed about Ash. the way she says everything with such emotion and poetic wording and makes everything so deep and romantic feels so performative. That’s a pet peeve of mine

  7. A hand clap of praise to you for figuring this lady's ruse. At the beginning I was 100% pulling for her based on the whole "He introduces me as his friend" thing. Now I literally leave the room when she's on. Also her personality on the After Show videos is disgusting and judgmental of everybody (except herself), even the other girls.

  8. That was not what she was expecting to hear. She knows what is going on, just doesn't want to accept it.

  9. literally Lascelles: "I wanna spend my future with Trace I know she's the one, but we gotta see what happens at the bonfire. I want Ashley to see that I've grown and I'm a better man. When I leave here I'm gonna leave with Trace but I'm still gonna keep in contact with Ashley. I love Trace though."

  10. “I can’t put myself in a position to love someone that loves someone else” girl you’re on the wrong show lol

  11. How many times has Gillian tried to sleep with Tommy and yet thisbis absolutley appalling to her? I think they're just shocked Edgar could actually do it

  12. Edgar seemed to be really trying his best guys lol Reminded me of that sex and the city ep where she’s getting Jack rabbited or whatever 😬👌🏼

  13. Kind of sad for Luke all happy that he is this new “loyal Luke”, the most amazing thing in not cheating on his girl, but not realizing that’s like the bare minimum of a relationship and Iris is over there thinking “originally this was about cheating but he’s just kinda annoying” lol

  14. My eyes rolled into the back of my head at that. All of these guys seem to think cheating is something their girlfriends should just “get over already”. And the single girls are there for it, patting them on the backs lol

  15. Him constantly groaning about her not acknowledging whenever he doesn’t cheat like bro, I don’t think you get props for that … it’s the standard and a low one

  16. Lascelles is really promising this girl everything only for this shit to most definitely not work out once they leave the island

  17. he has a better chance of trying to work out that 7 year relationship vs this new one he’s claiming to be in love after 2 weeks🙃

  18. Trace constantly trying to back away from this man. She can barely kiss him, and he’s all I love you. Lascelles you stupid.

  19. You cannot convince me that Lacellus is not an AI, speaks so robotic and with no emotion. Only argument against it is his stupidity.

  20. Gillian isn’t ready to dance with dudes like Tommy yet…you know guys with options. Different ballgame over Edgar. She’s gonna learn the hard way now.

  21. Gillian is obviously crazy but Edgar saw her making out like twice and was like “guess I’ll have sex!”hahaha

  22. I thought Gillian and Tommy had already had sex before Edgar did. At the very least, Gillian bj’d Tommy before ever seeing Edgar do anything so Edgar’s instinct to just go for it was on point.

  23. Have you people even been watching this shit? He literally said multi times that he doesn't care about her making out with people as it doesn't hurt that much. He had sex, because he saw her constantly talking about wanting out of the relationship and not wanting to leave the island with him. That is literally all she's been talking about since the first episode almost. She just kept talking about wishing him the best in his future relationships and shit. Now she's all shocked that he had sex with someone else. lol

  24. I love how the producers never hold back on the videos of Gillian at these bonfires. “We want you to leave this woman.”

  25. True, but they definitely vibe better with others than anything we saw from them together idk. Definitely tough with less info to compare, but I'm happy if they find love apart.

  26. Yeah she didn’t even seem mad - just honestly shocked. I think she gets the ick from him now and was just shocked someone else wanted him

  27. and trace what were you expecting? he came here with a 7 YEAR RELATIONSHIP before you! while he shows that he doesn’t care much for ash it’s still hard to act like the relationship didn’t happen…

  28. She could have got her shit together to send him a message. Dude, how selfish are you? Maybe she just wasn't feeling it. Which if he knew her well enough, he should have known. And oh yeah, it wasn't like she didn't go bang another dude during this. Get the eff out of here.

  29. DVR is a television necessity. Not only do I skip the commercials, but also the stories I have zero interest in like Lascelles / Trace.

  30. Gillian is just pissed Edgar was doing what she was doing. Thought she deserved more respect than what she was giving him lol

  31. I’m sorry I think I went deaf and lost some brain cells listening to Ash new age BS. Oh, look how cool, quirky, and unique she is. Ugh!!

  32. I do the same thing. Can’t stand to watch him or Trace. What a waste of space and air. My constant eye rolls at their ridiculous actions give me a headache.

  33. I think he's just super self-absorbed and sense she's always been there, why wouldn't she now? He's done a lot of dirt, and just didn't think it would catch up with him.

  34. “I don’t know what she wants me to understand but I’m excited to show her I CAN understand” 💀

  35. there was a moment there where i thought luke was saying he wanted positive reinforcement for not cheating. like a cookie, literally.

  36. Mans is 100% delusional. How else do you explain someone watching a video of their significant other getting their back blown out and still wanting to be in relationship with ‘em?

  37. TRACE WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKING CREEPY, GIRL? (Lol I’m watching drunk this week - and it’s so much more entertaining)

  38. Hania is gaslighting himself. How dare he say that he is in love with his gf while being a serial cheater even the day before coming on the show. He needs to move on and has a ton of personal growth to have, but he isnt being truthful to himself and it is almost cringe

  39. So... is anyone gonna leave together? I'm thinking Iris and Luke but.... They really shouldn't. Iris is so sweet and fun and Luke is just unhinged... He has this weird glint in his eye where he's like one snap decision away from peeling off someone's face

  40. Unfortunately ash will never know her worth, to the point where I feel like it’s hopeless to expect her to be genuine with herself let alone with her relationship truth with Hania. I think Taylor is truest interested in her, but recognizes all the trauma and baggage she will bring to table and is hesitant (which is totally reasonable)

  41. I am fairly certain by the looks of the video that she was on her knees in the shower as well, showing Tommy what that mouth do. I think the shock is from the fact that she thought she had him wrapped around her little finger and couldn't believe that he wasn't moping and pining away for her.

  42. Plus sleeps with him, plus showered with him. Why is she so shocked?? Maybe the other girls don't know what she did (and what he saw) but she knows what she did long before he did anything.

  43. Alright idk who annoys me the most. I think Edgar and Ash are tied though. Because they take themselves SO seriously. But oh god Trace and Luke are also super obnoxious.

  44. The first couple of episodes she was my favorite but omg the theatrics are killing me. I can no longer support her on this journey.

  45. Summing this all up ladies, and some gents. Lascellas is a fucking clown. Gillian, way too young, anddddd not sure why she’s here, but ok. Mark is just fucking amazing and I love when drama happens at bon fire so he can get that fat check. (He’s really cool and sweet in real life.) Edgar, good for you bro. Hania, this isn’t Shakespeare. The end.

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