1. I think IRIS and Luke stay together. The post eating at the same places and I pretty sure he was sitting across from her in one video she posted. Can't find out about the other couples though.

  2. Cant help but wonder if the show will be renewed after this season. It’s just been uninteresting relative to the previous ones but it’s still some of my favorite trash tv. I hope they do a season 5 with a good cast

  3. I am enjoying this season just like I did the last ones. I started watching a similar show on Netflix called the Ultimatum. Its like TI but they are in the same house while cadoodling with their new temporary loves

  4. We might get two engagements, Hania and Luke. I can't share the screenshot here, but on TI's Instagram story they posted a shot of Hania showing Karyna the engagement ring along with a close-up shot. BUT, it's different from the ring that's shown in the initial season 4 trailer.

  5. Thank you for posting this in the spoiler thread. Some viewers don't use Instagram and/or want to avoid any spoilers before the season ends. ❤

  6. know they have to get outfits from wardrobe, but what are with the guys always wearing red flower shirts? luke in episode 5 made me think of thomas in that ugly shirt from the final bonfire last season

  7. Looks like Lascelles and Ashley got married..? Their photographer posted a photo of them and tagged them both on Instagram like a month ago. Its currently still posted.

  8. They could have been together legit this whole time, faked everything on show to get on TV/get into acting/the normal stuff these people do.

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