1. Kontakte. It is very detailed on the profiles. It is designed to essentially stimulate personal conversation on a platform that sort of parodies Facebook. Imagine WhatsApp meets Facebook. Insanely popular in not just Russia but this also affects democratic Slavic countries where VK is the most popular app

  2. I think all the world by now has Social Network apps, the first Social Network in the world was Cyworld from South Korea, years before Facebook.

  3. No updates and it’ll version-out of the IOS ecosystem. Meaning new versions of iOS will eventually be incompatible with the app.

  4. Ive had an account for years to find good Russian punk and pop punk music (VK is like MySpace crossed with Facebook) but I’ve been force logged out and can’t get back in. Unlucky…

  5. Wow, a meaningless gesture that will do absolutely nothing to help the Ukrainian people and only further isolate Russians, proving Putin’s anti-western propaganda.

  6. Removing VK won't help Putin's propaganda. All VK anti-war and anti-putin channels/groups/profiles are all banned in Russia. Its just full of propagandistic channels. If you were a Russian against war, the removal of VK won't affect your ability to get western news about the war. You can see it as the disappearance of any other social media in any other country, you could still get news.

  7. Probably required an agreement to expire or for a notice to be removed to time out and allow them to remove it.

  8. Great move, I’m anti-war. But then, why wasn’t Facebook/Insta/Reddit blocked in the USA and Europe when they slaughtered Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, dropped Drones in Somalia & Pakistan, attacked Iran, proxy war in Yemen?

  9. wouldn't you want them to have a social network though. How are they gonna know what sort of bullshit the government is pulling now.

  10. When are we removing ours? Facebook is responsible for so much damage to our political system and democracy as a whole. When are we going to hold them accountable? It's time to hold a mirror up to our own country.

  11. But isn’t this kinda counter productive? Don’t we want the people to finally rise up against the dictatorship? How is removing the biggest social media platform going to help?

  12. Except boomer generation and older gen X. They’re on vk and govnoklassniki constantly. It’s a disinformation cesspool.

  13. Epic! Other companies need to follow suit. If we don’t unite against Russia China will follow suit and help hand a world depression we’ve never seen before

  14. What if people are using the app to organize protests? Wouldn’t it be beneficial for the populous to keep the app up?

  15. Russian here. People who want privacy use telegram. VK is just a meme/media platform, kinda like reddit. It sure has some cool functions like a music player, calls, better eco-system and yadda-yadda, but it's not a safe place to discuss such things as protests.

  16. If I'm not mistaken the app is mostly owned by the government. Any sane person will not dare to get close to it, not even talking about organizing protests in there.

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