1. Hell I just use facebook to see who's selling stuff I don't wanna pay full price for that I don't mind is second hand.

  2. We do work with local schools and I’m social media for them. We do FB for the parents, Twitter for the schools, IG for the kids.

  3. Shit I still don't use it in my 30's. The companies need to know people don't want to be connected 24/7. I quit jobs if they expect me to keep in contact after hours or on a "profile" that is personal.

  4. I keep mine for marketing, too. I already manually stripped most of my personal information and pictures from my page but sadly I need to keep the personal account open to run our business page, and the business page generates sales leads with boomers who seem to have all the money right now. I'd love to hock the platform, but that will likely wait another 10-20 years or until boomers find another preferred service.

  5. Also just in: Netflix taking internet by storm. They will send you your DVD in the post!! Wow. What an age we live in.

  6. Nah it was at its height with teens in 2010. It fell off by 2012-2013. That’s when Twitter and Instagram were used to escape from all the parents who infiltrated Facebook.

  7. Agreed. I heard them talking about kik beginning about ten years ago. I still haven’t seen the site, but the young people don’t do the Facebook anymore.

  8. No that would have been 2010 and that’s what teens were using then. We abandoned it around 2015-2020 when F*CKING BOOMERS JOINED AND CRINGAFIED IT. Teens no never used it unless they were like a popular influencer who’s management made one

  9. More like 4-8 years ago- Facebook high its highest numbers in that demographic from 2010-2013. But yeah, I get the point.

  10. Man I turned 25 a month ago and I remember like 8-10 years ago when I saw my parents in my suggested friends i immediately thought this shit is dead and deactivated my account lmao

  11. Seriously, I work with both teenagers and 30+ year olds (fast food worker, unfortunately) and only our 40 year old boss uses Facebook. I've never even had one.

  12. The difference is that 10 years ago most young people still had a Facebook account, they just didn't use it very much. Or barely at all.

  13. I’m almost 35… Facebook was for me when I needed a college email address. I open it and doom scroll it’s like 15 years of bad habits I need to stop. I removed it from my Home Screen, it helps a lot, I can’t bring myself to delete it but maybe just the app and shortcut.

  14. That’s because everyone’s parents decided to make Facebook their political banner. So they ran to Instagram and TikTok. I don’t blame them

  15. This was my reason for leaving. I left Facebook two years ago before the pandemic. I could stand all the people going crazy with the mask debate.

  16. Facebook ruined Facebook by over-curating your feed to no longer be useful for keeping up with your friends and family. They're doing the same thing to Instagram.

  17. Not only does my mom get political on FaceBook but she doxxxes me all the time. Last week she literally told people her maiden name on MY Facebook page... I don't even know how many websites I used that as a security question on.

  18. For real. I’m in my 30s and abandoned Facebook a couple years back once I realized that the only people on my friends list still using it were the people I didn’t really have any interest interacting with. I’m guessing they’re still on there hawking fake eyelashes and over sharing their personal lives

  19. Instagram is withering. I see a notable decrease in engagement almost across the board. It used to be very active in the past and it just seems like the traffic is slowing down day by day.

  20. They will also leave places where their parents and adult family is at. Young folks don’t want parents to be in on what they’re up to.

  21. When I got Facebook you had to have a .edu email address to get one. I deleted mine in 2016 because I got tired of losing all respect for people based on their shitty opinions.

  22. Maybe I’m just high but I thought way too hard about this comment lol. Teens friends are also teens themselves. At some level, teens are actively making a choice to use one platform over another. They can’t all just be following the crowd.

  23. Marketplace is confusing on purpose and I hate that you have to filter to local every time, Facebook wants to be the next eBay/Craigslist

  24. 27 and I don’t use any socials really. Just seems pointless to me, the people that want to know about my life will. My ego doesn’t need strangers to stroke it for me and i don’t need to post updates about my kids, people that care will ask. Plus, I get to avoid all the rage bait bullshit and can avoid shitty peoples unwanted opinions, it’s really helped my mental health.

  25. I've only tried selling something once on FB Marketplace and it was basically met with nothing but "I'll give you $5 for it after you drive it to my house that's 3 hours "

  26. Once all of us 35-55 year olds age out of Facebook it’ll be dead. I’m 37. I stopped using Instagram 6 months ago. And the only reason I use Facebook is for community events and school functions. Folks my age have started to use Facebook as e-mail so to speak. But once all our kids get older and we don’t need Facebook to know about Girl Scout happenings and little league, Facebook will die.

  27. Honestly, I don't get why anyone thinks Facebook is really dying. They have 2.92 billion monthly active users. Just because teens in the US don't like it doesn't mean it's not a massive media phenomenon. It's also growing every quarter.

  28. I'm almost 30 and I don't use Facebook. I work in the tech industry so I am too familiar with how they're using people's data, not to mention the psychologically abusive algorithms.

  29. Yeah, I never got a FB account. When it first came out, I found the concept of publicly revealing your identity online completely abhorrent.

  30. Inflation. In your 20s you're a teen, in your 30s you're a fresh-faced intern, in your 40s you think about settling down, in your 50s you have a kid, and you can only retire when you die.

  31. I’m 40 now. I only still have FB for all the forums that used to have websites and now moved to Facebook Groups. Instagram is the only thing I actively use, but even then only post maybe 4-6 times a year.

  32. facebook sucks. their notifications are mostly trash. zuck can suck my nuck. literally sent me a notification to post a new post the other day. one day they will just closedown n all our memories will be lost. mark my words. they dont care.

  33. Facebook became boomer central when they made their accounts to spy on me and my age cohort as a teen. When we hit college, they were on FB more than us. I'm 32 now. I would be more shocked if I met a teen with a Facebook account than without.

  34. I quit Facebook in like 2015 after it made me have a panic attack so bad I disassociated for a few minutes. I avoid Instagram for the same reasons.

  35. It's so funny that Facebook was what all the cool kids used in like 2009-2010, I remember in elementary school we'd all write our birthdays as the wrong date just to get on Facebook and bypass the age restriction. Then in 2012-13 or so we all switched to Twitter and Instagram as the new popular thing, then to SnapChat in 2015-16, then in 2019-today it's TikTok. And nowadays Facebook is most popular with old people and boomers, and millenials and older Gen Z who have profiles but barely use it.

  36. FB has almost zero relevance to teens right now. My older teens have rarely-used accounts, my youngest has absolutely no interest at all. I'm an old and I'm hardly ever on it anymore because it's just not worth visiting.

  37. I'm 30 and I barely post anything or get on it anymore. Its really boring. My friends and family always post annoying stuff about relationships stuff, food, vacations, drinking, and complain. I don't even use Instagram anymore

  38. I'm a high school teacher and about six years ago I was informed that "Facebook is for old people." To be fair it has been getting consistently shittier over the last ten years; I lost interest ages ago and I'm an old person!

  39. I’m 42. I remember the infant days of Facebook when it was pretty chill. Now it’s a toxic cesspool. I made the transition over to Instagram and Reddit. My son/niece prefer TikTok

  40. It’s a swamp of boomers sharing conspiracy theories and mom groups telling people to go to hell for vaccinating babies and feeding them formula. Yeah, it’s obvious why young people don’t find it amusing.

  41. I’m 36 and just, within the last two months, created a Facebook account because my kids sports leagues announce registration info about dates and links to where to register through their group pages. Small orgs like this typically have a webpage that hasn’t been updated in months/years and Facebook is basically all they use. It sucks.

  42. Because it’s literally old conservatives posting antivax shit now. It’s not even fun, it’s exhausting.

  43. It’s almost as if generations change depending on the current trend. Just look at Bebo, MySpace, Tumblr, BlackBerry Messenger, MSN, Vine and many others over the years. Most if not all are abandoned/defunct thanks to people moving on to greener pastures and eventually as time passes, TikTok, Twitter (sooner the better lol) and Instagram will meet the same fate and so on.

  44. Someone was telling me the other day that stuff doesn't change (in this case the current way people in the US use SMS). It's such a strange viewpoint - as you say, platforms come and go. Some last longer than others but none of this stuff is set in stone.

  45. I rely on FB groups so much, it remind me of the Internet forums of the past. Does Instagram, Snapchat, or Tik Tok have anything similar?

  46. Who wrote this article/did the research? Maybe they should research if the sun is hot because that’s something else that is also obvious. 😂😂

  47. I don’t understand how Instagram and TikTok replace Facebook though. The former two are about sharing fun content, but they don’t allow the dialog with friends that the latter offers. Signed, Gen X

  48. I’m an old fogey millennial and mostly just use instagram. I only have it cross post to Facebook so my older relatives can see pictures of the kids.

  49. Gonna be honest, the only reason why I keep my FB account is to use Messenger to contact friends and family that I've known for a while.

  50. Many of us adults, too, thank you. I left Facebook in 2014. It was the same as quitting smoking: I missed it at first, then I realized how stupid everyone else looked doing it, and now I don’t even think about it.

  51. Nobody wants to be on an app that they know their parents are heavily active on everybody moved onto Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. If you looked at my Facebook you would’ve thought I died probably about six or seven years ago.

  52. Someone from Singapore hacked my 12 year old account on Facebook at like 4AM. Still haven’t been able to recover the account 11 months later because Facebook has no customer service. As far as I’m concerned, I’m glad the shit hole is being abandoned.

  53. If it wasn’t for marketplace and groups I would have deleted it a long time ago. Those two features are too great to give up for me at least

  54. Didn’t we all abandon Facebook over a decade ago when the boomers moved in? Millennials retreated into Snap and IG, Gen Z didn’t even have a Facebook account to abandon (just went straight to Tiktok). Facebook has been a dying space for like 11 years

  55. The only reason people at my high school (5 years ago) used it was because all the teachers would post assignments there so if you wanted to pass the class you had to

  56. This is cool and all, but is this data based on US only? People fail to realize Facebook is a tool/app/website that is utilized by billions of users globally. A little teens in the US is not going to hurt Facebook.

  57. This is what happens when you cater specifically to boomers. Now you only have boomers. Who will probably give up on it now because it's horrible with only them to echo at each other with the bullshit bots

  58. Lol, I've had teens on Reddit tell me off, if you post something on here longer than one sentence. It's too much for them and they tell you you're a Boomer and that this isn't Facebook so eff off.

  59. I use Facebook more than anything else....made my account in 2012 and it's what I'm familiar with...I have insta and all that but literally never use it....10 years worth of joining certain groups and liking pages has tailored it to my taste perfectly

  60. I set my FB to Chinese. Now I can’t figure out how to get it back to English and every time I try I remember I set it to Chinese for a reason and give up.

  61. How do people not have facebook and keep up with events and such? Everything is through facebook here (Norway)

  62. They didn’t abandon it. The stopped being teenagers and were replaced by teenagers who didn’t take it up.

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