1. I got this piece for my bday, the idea came from me obsessing with Lana Del Rey and i’m a huge greek mythology geek. I contacted Martin with the idea and took about 3 weeks for him to get me in. He consistently sent drafts in between the time. He’s so kind and gentle! Not shown up in the pic but her lips and the snakes’ eyes are red :)

  2. Now I want to actually see Lana Del Rey as Medusa in a music video or something, lol. This is incredible. Love those clean lines.

  3. Well like the artist could have drawn any generic face but i asked him specifically to use Lana Del Rey’s facial structure haha?

  4. Oh man I think you just helped me finally find an artist that can do a piece I’ve been wanting, thank you. And that tat is just fantastic!

  5. He is awesome! I didnt give him anything to go off of! Just told him i want lana as medusa and BAM!! And happy that you found someone you want! I’m very happy to share his talent to the world

  6. HahahhHaha it was a happy coincidence for sure! But truthfully i picked Martin bc i love his style, just happens that he worked at the store with that name!

  7. I’ve had on and off thoughts about maybe getting a Medusa tattoo done one day...Coincidentally enough, the first thing that I thought of was having Lana portray her! (Big Lana fan. I actually already have a Lana tattoo, just a simple small line/sketch portrait of her).

  8. Big minds think alike! I love the fact that the shop name is that too haha! I kinda just have the idea of getting multiple greek myth figures with people i love’s faces on them haha’

  9. I mean the style i wanted isn’t exactly realistic so there is no way it could have captured her perfectly. Also, the tattoo here is warped due to my arm’s curvature so it isn’t exact compared to irl. she looks much fuller and better irl in my opinion.

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