1. I adore Twitch but don’t feel he’s honest enough as a judge. I understand leah was a fill in but her face didn’t move the whole time. I missed the whole jojo/dance moms stuff. I saw her explode on social media and you couldn’t get away from the jojo merchandise explosion but good lord…move the flippen mic away from her mouth.

  2. I love Twitch but also got harsher critiques from him as a high schooler at dance competitions than he is giving to these dancers. And I can assure you he probably saw better performances and harder choreography at youth dance competitions than he is seeing on this show. It’s just SO disappointing where they’re taking it. I don’t know why the good choreographers are gone and I don’t know why the remaining choreographers seem like they’re dumbing down the choreo SO MUCH for these dancers. I wish they’d be pushed a little bit!

  3. I miss the longer partnerships too. My friend commented that when a partnership gets broken that it's unfair that they're the only new couple when others get to stay with their original person.

  4. I read somewhere the only reason Nigel and Mary weren't on this season was because they weren't asked to. If they're gong to get rid of the OG judges put some on that have been in the business for a while, not some young thinks she knows it all like the clown princess herself Jojo Siwa.

  5. That’s weird—because I know both of them, along with twitch, were set to be the judges as they began going into production when Covid hit. But I have no idea what or why things changed. Nigel was one of the 2 or 3 creators of the show (and I think a producer for awhile), so I’d find it hard to believe he was “fired” in any capacity. We def needed Nigel’s sometimes a tad brutal (but honest) commentary, with a giant side of Mary’s “hot tamale train” energy! I just don’t understand why they didn’t use the time during the pandemic to SCOUR potential contestants in whatever way they could, digitally. Even going so far as asking some of the best studios to send a video that had cameos of all their dancers. They made very poor use of their pandemic time off. I think one of the singing shows def sought out talent on a greater scale than usual, due to having the opportunity present itself!

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