1. Just as a reminder, next week is July 4th week. It's possible SYTYCD may be off next week as it has in seasons past. Be sure to check your local TV listings next week to be sure.

  2. Studio voting is so WACK, your journey means nothing, just that sole dance and whatever 50 people decide to show up

  3. Yeah… I’ve seen this happen on DWTS as the home audience pushed an agenda other than dance… sad to see it so prevalent here. But at least this season was bumped up from a top 10 for the studio shows to a top 12.

  4. I’m so sad about the voting situation. I feel totally uninvested and that sucks because I was so happy the show was back!

  5. Yes. And you have an audience that is almost exclusively 20-somethings, unrepresentative of the country as a whole. No wonder the Broadway dancers both were in the bottom.

  6. Carter got 2 dances in his style and I wasn’t particularly impressed by either. I don’t know how he got saved again tbh

  7. Honestly Essence and Waverly had the weakest performance of the night.. I'm shocked neither of them are in the bottom.

  8. It definitely had to do with their comments. Thiago danced that routine almost perfectly. He needed to butch it up a bit but other than that his technique was perfect.

  9. They arent judges. They are dance parents that say everything was good and they were 'entertained' I'll only speak on the opening dance - nigel/mary would have deleted that horrible salsa off the planet. No connection. No character. No sex appeal. They both looked shocked when they hit ONE lift... one freakin lift when you have a ballroom dancer... in the top 10. Joke of a season.

  10. That was an interesting bottom 4 and an even more interesting outcome. I remain very underwhelmed by Carter. Don’t understand Jordan going home other than she had the unfortunate fact that Alexis was in there as well. Super weird.

  11. it's like the show has no idea what audience it's trying to cater to. this ain't the voice, why alienate your fans who actually appreciate quality dance?

  12. Yeah, this might end up a real mess. Clearly quality doesn’t matter to this audience… nor these three judges.

  13. Factoring in every dance on the show, the choreography hasn’t been where I’d expect it to be. Too much depending on tricks or gimmicks instead of dancing

  14. Been like that since S14. I don't know why the kid season was the last one with consistently good choreo. S14 had such great dancers (lex, logan, koine, the all stars). but the choreography was often lackluster.

  15. I know we haven't had them in several years, but I really miss the solos. On weeks where someone might get a routine far outside of their comfort zone, they still got a chance to show off their best style, personality, tricks, etc. in a 30 second solo. It helped so much in getting to know the dancers and get more invested in the show.

  16. I feel like this happens to me every season… I find some dancers to enjoy and then somehow despite them doing better than others they are put in the bottom four. Often the sob stories of what someone had to overcome will seem to make a big difference over the actual dancing. People love the underdog. Jordan, I think was one of the few that didn’t get her story told until a quick clip during rehearsal in live shows week two… and it wasn’t a sob story. But I’m glad she didn’t lie and go that route like some others did trying to play up some hardship that hasn’t been a part of their lives for a decade or more.

  17. I loved her in this, and she definitely wowed me that she only rehearsed for 3 hours. However, when she came on to dance, I couldn't even remember her being on the show. I was wondering if they got the girl to dance, or if that was one of the old all stars.

  18. Disappointed that Thiago was sent home. His audition was incredible but we didn't really get to see him shine maybe because he was paired with Essence? Carter is forgettable to me and I would have picked him over Thiago.

  19. Probably saw jojo’s dress and decided to dial back. Refreshing to see him change it up. (Edit: autocorrect typo)

  20. Big bummer tonight because the Thiago/Alexis dance was killer…I’d have gone Carter over Thiago. What I loved seeing too is how much all the dancers love Beau and how supportive he is. As soon as Carter and Alexis went back to safety they went right to him and he was protectively holding them. Jordan seemed to love and appreciate him more than her partner she started with and when they interact on Instagram there’s a lot of love for him as well. I think he is a mature, wonderful partner and I thought he was great this week too.

  21. I’m rooting for her but how Essence is still here is kinda surprising tbh, I don’t know they auditioned all these people and didn’t find a stronger female technical hip hop dancer, forget other styles

  22. Yeah it’s shocking that she’s still here despite being so weak outside her style but then again, none of the dancers were really challenged outside their styles during the “Academy” episode, that could be why some weak technicians snuck through.

  23. If you watch her audition video, she threw in a bunch of random hip-hop styles and didn't execute any of them properly. She needs to get some proper training in hip-hop technique, and learn from trained hip-hop dancers how to execute the various styles of hip-hop properly.

  24. I’m still very glad it’s back. It was getting a bit grim for quality dance shows with this cancelled as well as World of Dance.

  25. I don’t really care anymore. The choreography is okay. Some of the dancers are spectacular and some are okay. Jojo used to bug the crap out of me, and then Leah came in, and she’s not so bad. This season is such a huge letdown. I feel bad for the dancers that have great skills. Not sure I’ll watch the whole season.

  26. If they're not going to let the viewers vote, I feel like the judges should rate each dancer after the dance, dancers with the lowest combined scores go into the bottom 4, then the judges pick which one goes home. I don't trust this tiny random audience at all.

  27. I agree. In that scenario, when Jojo ranks Beau first of all the dancers and that starts controversy, at least it's inciting conversation. Better than us all speculating how the show's voting will be rigged. At least it will be transparent in a judge voting format.

  28. Yeah, it was odd after last week getting 6 dances and one group to just get 5 dances for the same runtime. I was hoping we’d get those 1min solos at least. In this case they are filming more content per week than just one episode… so there’s likely just not enough time with such a compressed schedule to film more.

  29. Nope because he’s breaking boundaries and obviously better than everyone else purely because of weight and looks according to jojo

  30. Anna is 18, literally just graduated from hs, and studies at a studio that goes the convention route. So, no. She’s a true amateur, unlike Alexis. No idea about Carter

  31. Okay but how douchy to expose the crush situation with Keaton and Ralyn? Idk it was so cringe, I felt sorry for both of them.

  32. I'm so sad about this whole season. I feel like the dancers are not on par with previous seasons (like I can't imagine any of these people dancing in Lex's season, or Melanie's) and the judging is just sooooo bad. I love Twitch, and Jojo has her moments (I know controversial opinion) but having Leah Remini on the panel sucks so hard. Her comments are worthless and she delivers them like an expert and not a "dance enthusiast". The studio judging stinks too. I dunno, were ratings really that bad for the show that they had to completely kill the format and revamp it this much? It feels so watered down and boring now!

  33. One thing to consider: these dancers were not able to take classes, rehearse, compete, or perform for months and months during Covid. My dancer daughters lost almost an entire year of dance in California, as did Anna and other California dancers. Similar situation in other states.

  34. The dancers used to get a full week including one day of rest before each show, and now they tape these shows sometimes only a couple days after the previous show. I could see that having an effect on the dance quality.

  35. Seems like two of the best left while some that have struggled are always in the top. The studio voting sucks. The bottom 4 were near the top 4 imo

  36. Yeah I used to think Nigel was a little creepy and annoying but at least he talked about actual technique and everything and didn’t say everything was amazing. I don’t like Jojo though she’s too loud and annoying as well lol

  37. Waverly must have never seen the show and thought he'd be doing solos every week. If he'd never done partner work, you'd think he would practice in the months leading up to this. Fake it until you make it. But I think Julliard teaches performance quality...

  38. So lovely, nice to see some elegant standard ballroom again, they mostly do just Latin styles to cover ballroom. Props to Beau and Jordan making it work beautifully with all the obstacles they had to endure.

  39. I felt like a DWTS judge though for a moment as he spun her and both feet were off the ground and I had to call it out.

  40. "i've never done broadway" um yeah, you haven't been on broadway. i guarantee she's danced in at least community theater.

  41. Are Essence and Waverly really that simple-minded or did the producers ask them to play dumb? Not knowing pretty basic terms like euphemism? I'm convinced that they're playing dumb and can't possibly be as simple as they appear.

  42. I remember seasons where it was hard for me to tell who should go home, and judges would provide insight into technique I didn't notice that made sense upon rewatching. Instead now there are some clear standouts but it's so apparent that some of them are not of the caliber the show used to be.

  43. I will be so mad if they get broken up for any reason. It's the only good thing I've had to hold on to since this show came back and gave us a really crappy format.

  44. These two (Essence & Waverly) seem more comfortable with each other than their respective partners. I think this dance is good for people who are already fans of them. Not sure if this will get them additional fans though.

  45. Beau and Jordan… that was pretty good. A bit odd near the end with Beau and maybe one moment mid dance where it wasn’t clear as he was spinning if he was the lead. But overall impressive for being out of his style so much. And bonkers for Jordan only having three hours to learn that.

  46. Another issue with audience voting is doubtful many of these people watched throughout the audition process and know these people's journeys

  47. Keaton and Ralyn ate 🔥🔥🔥 they were so in sync and the side by side work was equal energy and not just performing it like it was a solo

  48. Unfortunately you can kind of tell that out of her style, Essence isn’t formally trained as Waverly, she seemed to struggle with the technique and keeping up with the tempo.

  49. Just not feeling it this season. I have watched and loved the show since season one. I was so pleased to get them back from the Covid break. The format, the judges, the voting, all are negatives to me. Hope they fix things by next year.

  50. If there is a next year. They are definitely shooting themselves in the foot with this rushed format. Tjis season seems like one last money grab before it really goes away forever. Meanwhile, awful shows like Dancing With The Stars get to keep living even on another network.

  51. I'm ready for tonight. It's interesting Kristyn Burtt posted on twitter they are in week 5 as of last night and tonight's episode is week 3. So they are taking advantage of not needing home voting by accelerating the filming. Makes sense they'd do this to help the budget and it's not unusual as World of Dance's last season was filmed in even more advance than this.

  52. does that format give the dancers less time to learn everything? I know they started filming the friday before live shows started--it seems like the dancers schedules must be really compressed this year to already be on week 5

  53. Interesting that they’re shaking up the partnerships already. Will be good to see what some can do with a new partner. Will this be weekly?

  54. People like Essence are the reason many people think hip-hop doesn't require technical training. Because she executes it with no technique. If you watch her audition video, she threw in a bunch of random hip-hop styles and didn't execute any of them properly. She needs to get some proper training in hip-hop technique, and learn from trained hip-hop dancers how to execute the various styles of hip-hop properly.

  55. I’m rewatching the episode as we had some storms here right over where the tv towers were on Wednesday and I missed a couple dances. Looking up what a Viennese Waltz is and how it’s done and there was only about three seconds of it in that dance and it wasn’t full speed. Don’t get me wrong, it was still fun to watch with all the tricks and spins… just thought it was interesting it wasn’t at all what it was labeled.

  56. The weird interactions between Jojo and Leah (and sometimes Twitch too) are kind of uncomfortable because it feels authentic. The playful banter between Nigel and Mary didn’t give me secondhand cringe

  57. First it's not airing live and then the tv viewing audience has no say in who stays. Then 2 people go home every week so it feels like they're burning through cast of dancers and then Leah Remini is a judge and provides worse commentary than a middle-America stay at home mom would, I just feel so detached from this show this season and it's sad.

  58. Honestly at this point the judges and producers are just going to get Beau to win and I’ve come to accept it even though that makes me really mad/sad with how the show is now

  59. I could see Anna doing an excellent contemporary dance with an all star which gets her a lot of support. Same thing is possible for Ralyn and Keaton, but seems unlikely to me.

  60. Give me like maybe 3 more shows, then I might accept it like you have. I just really don't want that to be true. He is not a great dancer and never should have made it to the live shows.

  61. Thank you that outfit gave me a headache and looks like it could physically harm others. Doesn’t fit through doors 🤣🤣🤣

  62. Not sure how experienced he is with Salsa, it’s not one of the five Latin competition dances (Cha-Cha, Jive, Paso Doble, Rumba and Samba). It’s a partner dance but it’s separate from the Latin that is Carter’s specialty.

  63. I'm not sure it's fake, I sensed it last week or the week before too. I think Leah likes a good fight and Jojo is 18 and scrappy too.

  64. I know a lot of people are talking about audience voting and the audience not being informed of what's going on, but it's not like a bunch of random people show up to these things. I've been to a few tapings throughout the years and every time I have found it's been filled with people really invested in the show. A lot of studios bringing their students, dance teams, etc, and a lot of other very invested fans. So beyond filming ahead and maybe not knowing what's happened previously, I don't think it's fair to say that most of the people there don't know what's going on or know anything about dance.

  65. I think the audience is actually stacked for some of the dancers with it being done this way. You pretty much have to be a super fan of the show to even know where to go to get tickets.

  66. They always butcher Bollywood, but it was still an enjoyable watch and they could only do what was choreographed.

  67. Oh no the fake showmance. Raelyn good job on doing a side aerial once again. We're at three out of three week. I'm so impressed. Probably my least favorite african jazz dance since a while. The costume department should know they don't need to go out all the time, less is more. Hopefully no bad wigs this season

  68. From everything I've heard, Sasha and Emma have been separated for a while. Glad they're still on good enough terms to choreograph together.

  69. I had complete signal drop on the fourth dance and the lead up to the final dance. I was watching over antenna. Not sure what’s going on, no issues on other networks.

  70. Ralyn and Thiago were my picks for top two. I think Thiago was disadvantaged by untrained partners and simplified choreography as a result and never got to showcase has technique fully. All in for Ralyn now.

  71. I’m not sure if you all know this but, Waverly goes to Juilliard…😆… just love the way he tries to throw that in all the dang time

  72. anyone else notice jojo’s body language after the last 2 eliminations? it looks likes she’s not happy with the decision and got out ranked by twitch and leah. or maybe i’m reading too much into it lol

  73. Just watched an interview with her. She said sending Jordan home was unanimous but eliminating Thiago was not. Maybe she was the one who wanted Thiago to stay. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  74. I notice that when the camera isn’t directly on her, she just looks generally unhappy. Resting bitch face, or bored/unhappy when she’s not in the spotlight, who knows?

  75. The whole piece was awkward and painful to watch. I don't know if it was the choreography or lack of technique. The only things execute properly were the non-Bollywopd components.

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