1. I'd like a strip set, like despair but with buff removal instead! Thought about this years ago and never thought this would be a bad idea, had to be a 4 piece set and propability couldnt be higher than 30-40% but i think it would add another cool thing to the game

  2. This is always the most common suggestion I see on posts like these but yeah, it unfortunately would be just too broken. Cleaving and one shot comps are somewhat balanced or designed around the fact that they require another unit to take up a slot to enable them to cleave or one shot their opposing targets. Wild how what seems like such a small thing could be so impactful.

  3. A rune status for counter attack would be cool. Like immunity, it would have 1 turn on it and guarantee a revenge proc. Would be a 2 rune set. This is different than revenge runes bc it is only for the first turn.

  4. The one turn revenge would be a really nice idea but it’s way too broken for verdehile and/or every Laime User for example

  5. A rune set that allows any unit to apply dots. Maybe call it poison or something to that effect. 40% chance on each hit. Less? More? Idk. Could be cool

  6. I have thought about that one before and really like it the idea, a chance of x% to apply 1 dot per hit for 1 turn, multi hitters would really benefit out of those

  7. That a cool idea i dont know why but i guess 20% would be balanced (bc of multi hitter would be too op with 40%) or the dot of that set instead of 5% max hp it would deal 2.5 %

  8. I wonder what would be a good amount of damage reflected to make it viable, it would fun that the amount reflects to all enemies tho 😂😂

  9. Impervious or Impenetrable and it prevents defense units from getting their defense ignored or a percentage of their defense ignored.

  10. tbh I would just buff the current values of these sets to be more impactful. There has been a big inflation on average rune quality since the release even for beginners, the amount to which these sets would be considered useful will never be agreed upon depending on where you are in the game, but it's obviously too low right now. Anything that has an effect independent of rune quality is way better (vio, will, nemesis, despair, shield..) therefore making these better should even it out a bit more

  11. I see how that would work as a quality of life update that would benefit us as player, totally down for it, must of us have that one energy/endurance/guard 24spd rune that ends on a broken set cause running energy is not really worth

  12. Idk about adding new ones, i'd rather focus on tuning existing sets and make some of them a viable option outside of Vio/Despair/Swift.

  13. That would definitely be a good idea, someone else already brought it up and I’m sure many more also think those percentages on most runes could get an update, realistically it’s hard to tell how much would c2u see the need twick those but hell yeah we are down for it

  14. I’d add a completely new rune placed in the middle of the 6 other runes let’s call them legendary Glyphs, these glyphs could give a base stat like Artifacts but for the other stats like Accuracy, resistance, crit rate, crit damage, these glyphs could really shake up the game adding a very strong ability while also having some down sides. For example perhaps a type of these glyphs could give Atk, def, res, spd, acc, anti crit buff for 1 turn at the start of battle but after you move for 1 turn you get the opposite negative effect, or maybe and effect that boosts a stat by X% that slowly goes down after your turn or after being attacked.

  15. That could bring a new dungeon with a boss that changes element or is element neutral, that’s a pretty idea!!

  16. Similar to despair, a 2 or 4 set that reduces the attack bar of the enemy by 20% with a 30% or 40% chance. Nothing crazy but maybe op on some mutlihitters.

  17. I'm wondering if an immobility cleanse and +50% atb would be broken on enemy proc (1 turn cooldown). See, a bad thing about c2us is that they don't test cool ideas. I get it, it's a business, don't rock the boat. They either implement big changes or don't. There's no external testing and scrapping.

  18. I see something like for as long as the unit with the “X” rune set is in the field vio sets would not activate on either side

  19. Its very weird to have a set that only exists to counter another set. Its probably never gonna happen due to weird design. It barely ever happens in games. Their not gonna release a unit for example that's passive is if giana uses s3 it doesn't activate.

  20. Unstoppable - 6 rune set - Unit is immune to inability effects and atk bar decreasing effects are 25% less affective.

  21. I like you used the 6 rune set idea, I feel that have to farm for that set and have into one unit makes it up for the for the effect on the set

  22. 4 set (pacify) - whenever a unit gains an additional turn, cast silence on it (once per turn) might be only enemy unit but there could be some plays with silencing own rakan or sth like that

  23. This should just be a passive on a new unit (but be reworded to "whenever a unit takes a second turn after just having a turn"). Would nerf a lot of units that are currently very annoying.

  24. An anti vio rune set, gives you stacks every time and enemy vio procs and the stacks do something like increase you speed

  25. I'd love to see Endure increase the resistance cap by 7% per set (making the max 121), to give 100% acc a point and to make it possible to forcibly exceed 15% if you're willing to go full meme triple endure. Let's face it, I'm sure we all have slot 6 runes that would be cracked with any percent mainstat other than Res.

  26. I think I would do 2 things: a 4 rune set that gives you additional Crit Rate equal to 25% or 33% of your unit's current Crit Damage value and make Rage runes a 2 rune set that give 20% extra Crit Damage instead. This should make some of the intense early-mid game Crit Rate/Crit Damage requirements more attainable for new players. Other ideas are:

  27. "Taste the rainbow" 4 rune set. Randomly changes the monsters element at the beginning of it's turn. Or vice versa, change the enemys monster to a random element when attacking. Would only work on one mon for aoe and skills would of course stay the same for both variants.

  28. I wouldn't add any but I sure as shit would remove violent runes. Unfortunately they kill a lot of creativity with rune sets and just straight up DOMINATE based off of luck.

  29. I was thinking maybe a set that at the beginning of every enemy turn gives you a very small chance to have a turn before the opponent. I know it sounds overpowered but when I say small chance I mean 1% or even below

  30. Ad you can see from the responses to this post, there is a LOT of design space here, and a LOT of enthusiasm for some changes in this area.

  31. The response has been truly amazing!! Lots of creative ideas, let’s hope c2u gets the hint that this would refresh the game sooooo much, bring new strategy and so much more

  32. That be pretty cool! Or the unit that gets an add turn would fill its atb at a quarter of its spd for uno turn, effect cannot be cleansed

  33. Care to elaborate? We’re just theory crafting but it’s pretty clear the community feels this would bring new life to the game, more runes means more packs equals more money for them, more farming more engagement

  34. That we are talking!! We really don’t know difficult for devs this could be but definitely not more that programming special perks to rune sets, I like that idea

  35. That’s super savage you have some pretty cool ideas, I specially like the atb boost to the enemy team on procs

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