1. They were, until he started to go all in on Roberts wife. It got very personnel and bitter and I tuned out at that point. It was good and very revealing for the first few episodes though

  2. With how much time has passed in between episodes and the very last we got, this really stinks up to the heavens like lawyers got involved or he was paid a hefty sum to keep quiet

  3. Getting anyone's spouse involved—however necessary it is—often carries swift, sometimes severe, consequences. Not that I feel bad for Roberts given the context, lol.

  4. He's stated he's waiting for more information about the game before doing the next video. Last we heard from him on that matter was some time ago, but a long long time after that video and he never once said that he wasn't going to do another video.

  5. I think he talked about it multiple times saying he has no good material to make new episodes. Where this lawyers theory is even coming from?

  6. The guy still posts on something awful’s SC thread sometimes. He didn’t vanish. He’s just not posting any new videos. I think he said he’s waiting on the Jesus tech to come out to criticize it or something but honestly he probably just moved on with his life or got bored. Sooo many good games out there to play.

  7. With all the interesting stuff coming out of CIG, it isn't enough for him to make another video to his documentary. We all know what happens next, so he is just like the rest of us, waiting for the coming train wreck.

  8. AFAIK he's still around, he just got bored/moved on from SC. He said he'll make a new episode once there is enough material for it. I doubt CRoberts or CIG have anything to do with, except for not having really done much in the years since the last episode.

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