1. I remember the first time I played Shadow of Chernobyl in 2007, I did think "wtf is this, I die within seconds of a gunfight with lame bandits". Then I realized that I wasn't playing call of duty.

  2. Every few months I’ll get the itch to play misery and then I’ll immediately ragequit and uninstall only to repeat the cycle.

  3. IMO Misery's Hobo Phase is 100 times worse than any other Stalker game or mod,.and it lasts so much longer.

  4. There is however the satisfaction of dragging your emaciated, shredded self back to a medical after expending all ammo, med kits and rations to accomplish a task that rewards fifty Zone bucks.

  5. What, you guys don't find it fun when you raid a Monolith Stronghold, expend all your ammunition, break your armor, and have to run a gauntlet all the way back to safety, through armed guards and chimaera at night? No? Just me?

  6. I actually only just started playing Stalker games a few days ago. Started with Anomaly and I am having a blast so far!

  7. It’s such a good experience!! If you ever find yourself in wanting some more, the mods/addons for that are amazing.

  8. Playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I always enjoyed playing on master with only saving entering zones. The sense of accomplishment you get when survivng a firefight really made me feel like I was in the game.

  9. Wrong, download the realism mods and realise your fetish for guns and grenades. Then you will love every second of stalker

  10. When you play Stalker to ease the daily stress in your life only to realise, you are the Stress Ball of the Zone

  11. If I want to CBT I'll play Tarkov, Misery, Dead Air etc. If I want to have fun and still be challenged, vanilla all the way. IRL simulations are neat, but neater is a blend of arcade and realism. Vanilla nails that IMO.

  12. Well, personally, the fun part is when you roam around the cnpp like it's a vacation site, you kill anything in sight that the monolith gets so afraid of your presence, they start to believe in an actual religion

  13. The "fun" of STALKER comes from overcoming its obstacles and building your kit along the way. It's a game that rewards goal-oriented playstyles, and sometimes it even rewards some risk-taking.

  14. I finished Shadow of Chernobyl yesterday (first time playing a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game) and loved every second of it except for

  15. Wait, isn`t it called fun when you fight 3 chimeras in the red forest and and aggroed duty group because the grenade you threw hit them instead of the pseudogiant?

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