1. The difference between the death nut and one chip challenge is the death nut is actually good. Like the levels leading up to it are delicious and the final level is fine. The one chip challenge is just a giant stale chemical chip. Nothing about it is good

  2. I’ve never cramped from “challenge” level heat, because I understand the importance of prepping and not going in on an empty stomach.

  3. Man I've had some stupid hot shit in my day, but last year's chip destroyed me. Thought I was going to have to get my stomach pumped.

  4. I think I'll pass. Recently did the one chip challenge. It was hot, but tolerable. No tummy issues, but I loaded up on dairy beforehand. Anyway, what got me was the taste, and the staleness. Oh, the staleness. Took forever to chew and swallow, as it basically soaked up all the saliva in my mouth.

  5. I had no issue with the challenge. Didn’t drink anything for an hour and fifteen after, no stomach issues. But exactly what you said it was stale af and tasted like shit.

  6. Yeah, a few of us recently did it at work and the consensus was that it wasn’t nearly what all the hype makes it out to be. Admittedly, two of the six of us tapped out immediately, but us remaining 4 were completely fine within ten minutes. Within 15 minutes and the heat had mostly worn off.

  7. Last year was ok for me once I got it down. This one had me panic-crying about an hour later, oscillating from almost puking to standing in a super hot shower to override the internal pain. I eventually found a couple old norco I had left over after a surgery, took two and was fine shortly after. It was enough for me at the moment to swear I’m done with challenge spices. We will see.

  8. I love spicy foods so I thought what the hell wont be that big of a deal. So I tried it about a hour ago and still have massive stomach pain almost dropping to your knees bad. It feels like it’s eating a hole through your stomach and esophagus. I have already taken down a roll of Roland’s. Probably the worst stomach pain I have ever had. The chip is just a stale horrible tasting tortilla chip that has massive amounts of pepper seasoning on it. Opening the bag you can smell that it’s gonna be hot. It doesn’t start out bad but it gets there fast. I wouldn’t do it ever again. My wife thought it would be funny but her laugh quickly turned into a look of concern. If your gonna do this challenge don’t swallow it just chew it up and spit it out the stomach pain isn’t worth it at all.

  9. I had very much the same reaction. I luckily had some really strong painkillers left over from an operation and they helped resolve it, but yeah the stomach pain would have had me calling 911 if I wasn't aware that there is no actual danger there.

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