1. The awards are jokes tbh, Kane definitely deserved it last year it’s just a popularity contest and going with the consensus votes instead of actually thinking about who should win

  2. City getting a clean sweep every year of these awards and still complain they don't get enough praise.

  3. They should submit votes after the first half of the season, keep them sealed, and then submit another round of votes at the end of the season. Then, unseal them together.

  4. So that's twice in a row now that a player got both the most goals and assists but still didn't win PotS

  5. Goals and assists don’t fully represent the quality of a player. If that were the case then how would a defender ever win this award?

  6. Honestly between De Bruyne, Son and Salah I put him down as least likely. I feel like Salah had a greater peak in his first half than De Bruyne did in the second and Son for just being consistent throughout. Although can't disagree with any of them and being top helps

  7. True, Allison has had an all time great goalkeeping season, genuinely has reached the point where you feel confident when he's in a 1 on 1. But a goalkeeper is never gonna win player of the season.

  8. I love the guy, but come on man, Salah and Son have a much more compelling case. Golden Boot contenders, Assist contenders, and you’re telling me this man is player of the season? I just dont see it Robbie

  9. Tbh he doesn't do any crazy PR, everyone just loves watching him play, including fans from other teams, which is what makes the difference I guess

  10. Kevin de bruyne doesn't have any PR, I can see you're a Juventus fan but in England and in the Premier league Kevin de bruyne is the one player in the league right now everyone from pundits, all the fanbases even rivals, media all respects, he might aswell be the face of the league

  11. As an avid United supporter of 40 years I hate admitting it but De Bruyne is indeed magnificent. Hopefully it'll carry on for tomorrow so the bloody scousers don't take the title.

  12. Lmao , when it mattered ? Bruh all season matters If we compare both players effect , Salah leads not only in goals but also in assists which is supposed to be KDB advantage It's a robbery fair and square Don't try to smooth it .

  13. Why is Son even a question what exactly has he won and he was pretty meh at in the middle of the season, also Salah has ghosted after AFCON, KDB showed up after his injury as the stand out player

  14. If we ignoring KDB's form in 1st half of season then why we not doing the same for Salah's form post Afcon?

  15. BS. He has benefitted from Peps City whereas Son did it all in a struggling Spurs side. Absolutely world class midfielder mind you. Just not deserved IMO.

  16. bruyne just got good second half of the season,son has been consistently good from beginning although with a few off days but still consistent overall, would have thought of salah but he hasn't been good lately

  17. Salahs still been good and getting crucial assists and still a few goals - just because he isn’t scoring very single game doesn’t mean he’s been bad. He’s been far better than KdB and son over the entire season - this is just recency bias imo

  18. Another undeserved POTY award for him. This is just a victory for City's PR teams. Now before people say "Salah dropped off after AFCON", KDB was very much "invisible" until February. Salah was still making crucial contributions here and there since AFCON but no attention has been brought to it.

  19. I don’t get how you can top both the goals and assist charts, yet not win POTY. Salah and Kane seething.

  20. Cos not everything’s black and white. Think about all the chances people miss off Kevin’s assists. We are one of the most wasteful sides

  21. KDB has missed 8 games this season and played under 30 minutes in a further 5 games. Surely this should be “player of the 2/3 season”

  22. Absolutely deserved. He may be the best midfielder of the last 5 years along with Luka Modric. I can't think of another midfielders with the same consistency.

  23. To be honest if KDB doesn’t win PFA Player Of the Year as well as this then that’s bullshit. This guy is something else

  24. Swap Salah‘s first half and De Bruyne‘s second half around and there’s no discussion that Salah was the best player of the season. What a joke

  25. With all due respect to Modric and Kroos, neither ever reached the levels of this guy, he has everything - intelligence, passing and vision, finishing, dribbling, work rate, physicality etc. One of the few players I really wished to see in the white shirt.

  26. If we award this for half a season then salah surely wins it. If it’s awarded for the full season then son has to win it.

  27. Salah is still SEVEN goal involvements ahead of any other player despite the drop off in the 2nd half of the season

  28. Salah’s form dropped off an actual cliff, even he was just average since AFCON he would’ve walked this

  29. There was a guy on the Chelsea subreddit trying to defend Mourinho’s decision to let him go to keep fucking Oscar who had a lil teeny tiny vein of form. I knew it was a bad choice then and now it looks to be the worst one ever made by the club. Crazy when you consider how many candidates for that we have.

  30. Someone explain me the logic behind giving someone the pots award before the season is over. Doing it before the match ends makes sense because alot of people stop watching after the final whistle, but that argument doesnt work here.

  31. De Bruyne was pants earlier this season. His game is one of millimeters and his game was a millimeter off coming back from the assault he took in the champions league final.

  32. Salah is the correct winner this season. Most goals and assists kind of says it all. Everyone and their mother was going on about him being the best in the world earlier this season (true nor not), for a reason. Yeah his form cooled down, but even so he's playing good football and has been contributing a lot despite not scoring as much. As many others say, if you swapped the two halves of the season he'd get 100% of the votes.

  33. Makes sense he’s the top scorer. Oh wait, not he isn’t. That’s Salah. Makes sense he’s had the most assists. Oh wait, not he hasn’t. That’s Salah. Pep is right, everyone does love Liverpool…

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