1. man what's going on with this sub? I swear it's more recently that posts completely missing the point of the sub (poor execution!) pop up every day. maybe I only just recently became consciously aware of it. but no, this doesn't fit here, the execution is pretty well done, and it doesn't fit in atbge either because it's clearly a joke.

  2. It’s cause a lot of people who post here don’t have tattoos or are involved in the tattoo community to know the difference between a badly executed tattoo and something they just don’t like. It’s the same reason why beautiful women can post their shitty tattoos and get thousands of thirsty votes on

  3. I’m with you. About half of the posts made to this sub, this post is a good example of awful taste but great execution. Hence why there is the sub

  4. Executed well. Wrong sub. However- I can see the black text looking indiscernible a few years down the road since it’s so bold and close together

  5. Well I laughed. But I wouldn’t want it. I also wouldn’t want my daughter’s Screeching Weasel tattoo but I think it was executed pretty well.

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