1. I only play on the easiest modes because it gives me the feeling of being smart without actually having to think about anything. It’s the same joy as going against easy mode chess bots, but with magic and waifus.

  2. That's why I play FE6 on Hard Mode. I love trivialities like Rutger and Melady. Percival to an extent. Nothing better than getting carried by high end talent through all the danger.

  3. I meticulously track every level up of every character in each game and base my party off of who is outperforming their statistical averages.

  4. At least you are alive, even if it was an anime game that saved your life, that is nothing to be embarrassed about

  5. Nothing to be embarrassed over, my man. Getting through the hard parts of life is something to be proud of, regardless of how you did it. I kind of went through a similar thing when playing Persona 4, and I'm endlessly grateful for that experience. Even if other people might just see them as silly anime games with magic, it doesn't mean they can't convey real lessons and messages, it's nothing to be ashamed of. I hope you're doing better now.

  6. Out of curiosity, if you don’t mind sharing was there a specific character or moment that made you realize? My initial guess would be something with Dimitri, but it covers a lot of area with the different characters in that game.

  7. Sending you love. This isn't anything to be embarrassed about. I really hope you're doing better and I'm glad the game was able to help you

  8. I know I'm just some random stranger on the internet, but I really do care. I'm glad it helped you realize and I hope you reached out for help. I'm here for you.

  9. I used to be angry when I got crits I didn't need to kill random goons, because I thought the animation hitting more times actually made the weapon lose more durability.

  10. I've always known that isn't the case and I still worry about it, I need to implement that into a srpg studio game to mess with people.

  11. I killed both Gaius and Tharja when I played Awakening because I didn't realise I had to talk to them with Chrom lol.

  12. On a related note in my first playthrough I accidentally skipped the enemy's turn and ended up both killing Tharja and recruiting Libra. I later found up he was a green unit but I spend a couple of turns wondering where this "random monk" came from lol

  13. this lmao awakening was my first FE after FEH so I didn't know anything about the talk mechanic. I was so confused because I didn't know if tharja and gaius were "on my side" because feh didn't really give me enough knowledge on the mainstream games. I thought you could talk to them with Robin but that didn't work, so I killed them off

  14. When I first played Sacred Stones, I got Franz killed on Chapter 1 (first chapter he was introduced in) due to taking the iron sword off of him and giving it to Erika because I wanted to preserve Erika’s rapier and thought I was being clever. He ended up getting hit by an axe fighter due to weapon triangle advantage and died.

  15. I remember the first time I played Sacred Stones and didn’t realize you’d lose units forever. Somehow beat it with just Eirika, Ephraim, Seth, Innes and Kyle 🥴

  16. Isn't that taught in the first chapter of every fe game. I remember in fates Xander basically just goes "COME AT ME BRO SHOW ME WHAT YOI GOT"

  17. I have played Fire Emblem. 😔😭🤦‍♂️ pls don’t tell my parents. They’ll disown me if they find out it’s embarrassing ik

  18. I don't pay attention to stats unless it's a necessity, like with 3H's Dancer class and the charm stat. I just pick my units based on who's appearance I like best and go from there.

  19. Despite my love for Tellius games, I just can't finish Radian Dawn. Those hour long enemy phases give me brain damage.

  20. Okay on an original wii and there’s a glitch you can do that speeds it up. Or play on an emulator and speed it up. That’s what I do.

  21. The game has a better story if you stop at a certain point, really almost any time during Part 3 but before the end of it, and then just imagine your own ending.

  22. I actually do wish Camilla was my sister. Yeah, she's insane, but at least she's insane in a way that would love and pamper, which is a preferable alternative to the crazy of my actual sister, who criticises everything I do, when and how I do them

  23. Camilla means well; she just wants Corrin to grow up with a maternal figure in their life, which is something she and her siblings never had. It's just that she tends to take it a bit too far sometimes.

  24. I was speedreading Path of Radiance when i played it. For about 3 years i thought Janaff was a woman because i didn't care to search a lot about that game.

  25. “You are the wind at my back and the sword at my side” is easily the most romantic line in all of FE, and is up there in all of media. That single line drastically improved my opinion of Chrom quite a bit.

  26. piggybacking off of this, I played through SS 3 times JUST so that I could get uber Journeyman, Trainee(?) and whatever Ewan's class is.

  27. I was in elementary school when I first played radiant Dawn. I leveled Nolan until he class changed, and when I saw his level flip from level 20 to level 1 I was like “Uh did he just get weak again?” Didn’t understand that stats were a thing.

  28. I had to restart thracia from the begining because i couldn't open a door. All thieves were dead and i was expecting the game to have some keys on the red units. Itbdid not.

  29. I played through the entire series because I wanted to understand character lore in FEH... boy was that a mistake

  30. Despite my first game being FE 7, I finished my first Awakening playthrough in 2 days and did not sleep during thst time. I still love that game. And Micaiah is my favorite Lord, because I love mages and Bishops andu ius is my favorite. I also failed 2 FE 7 runs, because Lucius murdered absolutely everything. I benched Hector too. I was 19 though and didn't kniw how tactics worked yet.

  31. I love Henry with every fiber of my being. I have a portrait of the two of us in my bedroom, that I edited to make it look like we’re together, like we’re an actual couple. And I love it. It’s been years. Help.

  32. I actually like the political drama in FE4 that caused Koei to write their own spin on it called 3H because it creates a lot of engagement and brings out the toxic assholes so they can get disciplining measures.

  33. .... I got genuinely miffed with Heather during her introduction and I still dislike her character. Mf flirted with my imported all stats capped lvl 20 Nephenee.

  34. I may or may not play FE sometimes (namely on harder difficulties, but not like the hardest difficulty) to make myself feel smarter considering alot of people I talk with compare me to my brother who almost always got better grades than me. So playing these games made me feel kind of like a genius, in my own right per se.

  35. I was once playing a randomized fe7 and Wallace got randomized to a Druid. With the pallet swap he looked like a straight up clansman and I thought it was so hilarious I made him my main guy for everything.

  36. I started playing Fire Emblem only because of the supports. You can play cupid and pair them with who you want. I didn't care much about the story plot sometimes.

  37. I bought Fire Emblem Path of Radiance brand new when it first came out. Sold it a week later to GameStop for something like $15. I beat myself up every single day

  38. When I was around 7, I had the biggest crush on Marth and wanted to play fire emblem so badly solely for Marth. It wasn't until I read the Smash Bros Melee trophy description that I found out that 1) FE was in Japan only and 2) Marth was not, in fact, a princess.

  39. In fates, I always invite people with muscley man boobies to my quarters, and then when they start talking I pan the screen downwards just to look at their chest lol

  40. I didn't realise Elise had a streak of purple in her hair. I thought that line was just a shadow or something.

  41. I've never heard anything about Thracia specifically that made me think "that sounds fun, I want to play that". Usually, it's just stuff like "the fog of war is pure black in that game" that makes me question why it's as loved as it is as all besides maybe the "popularity through obscurity" thing that sometimes happens (like how Sonic CD was much better regarded before it was widely available on every platform).

  42. I, on the other hand, gotta admit that if it wasn't for Heroes always making her alts broken then I wouldn't like Edelgard as much as I do (I mean, each time a new Edelgard was released I knew she was gonna be good and wanted to have her, and using each of then os fun as hell, which made me like her, so when I started to learn about 3 houses lore I always were a little biased towards Edelgard, She just gave me so much fun on FEH...)

  43. I guess my most embarrassing moment comes from feh. When I first started playing during the game's launch I was clueless to how a lot of aspects worked and wasted feathers to get eliwood to five stars thinking I could give the durandal to Joshua.

  44. My first ever play through of a fire emblem game was on easy mode of shadow dragon. Since I was a dumbass 10 year old, I decided to use the character Tomas because I thought he looked funny. He killed Medeus with the Pyrathi and I have used him in every subsequent playthrough since.

  45. -I used save points because i don't wanted to reset levels, so i play fire emblem awakening and fates on causal for this reason

  46. Tharja is in my top 10 favorite characters. I started with SS and played every game except 1,2,5, and 11, but she still stands out to me for some reason.

  47. it took me 200 hours to realize you're supposted to max a class' exp in three houses for the ability rather than immediately change classes

  48. I learned that midway through my playthrough but didn't care enough to get exp because I wanted advanced classes asap

  49. I tried playing Thracia once and even when I was literally using savestates, playing on Elite Mode, and arena abusing, it was just too much for me. I got to Chapter 9, died a bunch of times, and then I eventually just gave up because I realized I wasn't having fun. I'm also never gonna play Genealogy unless it gets a remake, and I made that decision after just looking at the first map and seeing how fucking comically large the prologue is, lmfao. Makes me sad because I remember when I decided "I'm gonna play every Fire Emblem and beat them all!" feeling all excited and stuff, and now these two games are just sitting there silently mocking me, lmaoo. Thracia specifically knocked my confidence back to where it usually sits after I was on a bit of a high from beating Awakening and Three Houses on Lunatic and Maddening.

  50. When I first played FE7, I was such an edgelord that I agreed with the entirety of Nergal's speech at the beggining of the final chapter (I remember my cringe 16 years old self nodding to every word he said to Eliwood on that conversation). I thought that he wasn't wrong at all and that his point of view was "relatable".

  51. I once bought a pirated copy of FE7 where it would crash after Lyn’s story ended and I’m convinced that they give out these copies in a circle of hell.

  52. I play on hard difficulties but always base my team around my main waifu and their family even if they are ass units. Awakening on Lunatic with whole team focused on Panne for example.

  53. I always grind, in every single playthrough. I have no desire to play an FE game where you can't grind.

  54. FE7 was my first game, and I played it for the first time when I was 10. I had never played any strategy games before and was extremely bad, couldn't make it past Chapter 3 because I kept getting Florina killed.

  55. I only ever play on casual because I can't stand the thought of losing one of the characters, even if I have four other saves on the same game. I also don't really care for the strategy portion, so if there's an optimization button, it will be pressed every time. I don't care about the stats or levels, I just care about the story and the characters. Finally, I have to confess I'm enjoying the combat of warriors WAY more than the turn based gameplay. I'm ashamed of that last one, actually

  56. I didn't figure out how to fight a demonic beast properly before post-time skip in Three Houses. Even though Sothis literally told me how, lol. I didn't break the armor, I just attacked it enough times for it to loose all it's HP. It took forever

  57. I like to promote Artur, Moulder, Ewan, and Lute into sages cause it's my favorite non-mounted magic class. I am also vehemently against Valkyries in FE8 Cause Anima was a much better magic for them, and light magic doesn't feel good on them. Yes I know, actively not using slayer, but you know what that's what Natasha is for.

  58. I have no idea what to expect from stat growth for characters or classes and I keep meaning to figure it out but always get confused/lazy.

  59. When I played POR for the first time, (which was also my intro to the series) I had Nephenee, Brom, and Kieran just stand around because I didn’t know you had to give new characters weapons since everyone before them came with their own. Because of that, I used none of them that playthrough

  60. Despite knowing that piracy is the only way to get half of the games, I am really paranoid about downloading ROMs for some reason. Like 95% of the time I will just watch someone Let's Play the game.

  61. I got Ferdinand killed on the first mission I could on 3 houses because I couldn't put up with his battle quotes, then 3 hopes made me aware what an awesome character he is

  62. I only play on casual mode in three houses because I'm too lazy to train more units than I need on the final map. It's also the reason I don't recruit often. Also hesitant to play other fe games because no divine pulse.

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