1. Schizophrenia afflicted purple Merc life man wants revenge on autist god green Merc legend. A war occurs while that happens. At least that's what it would have been if Zhess' part did amount to more than 4 cutscenes.

  2. Sothis bad, byleth bad, purple guy with two swords cool, claudexedelguard, claude said chruch bad, Dimitri gets therapy, edelgard doesn’t know how to hi five

  3. Spoiler: you can recruit Byleth if you meet certain conditions of the chapter, when you do… turns out Arval ( not saying his true name ) is using you for his revenge.

  4. Someone who died before the beginning of 3 Houses lives and it shakes everything up, still a branching storyline with much debate over the quality of all routes, and with dynasty warriors-style gameplay, the last of which is the only reason I’m not gonna bother actually playing it myself.

  5. I honestly want DLC where it's three hopes but in the original. That way I can play it normally as an actual FE game

  6. What if a purple haired anime character met Dimitri, Edelgard and Claude before they met Byleth: the game.

  7. I’ll summarize golden wildfire: Claude gets bored, kills his brother, and joins edelgard against the church

  8. Angry Midget begins a war of aggression against their neighbouring countries, evil mole people try to conquer the world through subterfuge and advanced technology, funny "upside down" - man becomes the senate, traumatised gigachad becomes king and allies with religious fanatics to defeat all opposing forces, 2 shizophrenic mercenaries awaken saiyan powers and fight to the death.

  9. Claude want to kill Rhea because he believes she is the CEO of racism,a sane Dimitri is more cruel than an unhinged Dimitri,Edelgard x Claude is semi-canon now,more Myson and Dedue screentime,The empire have their local simp now just like the church(I don't want to start a debate so can we please don't debate on who has the worst simp?Please?),more Dedue and Myson screentime,we got to kill Count Varley in three differnent ways.

  10. Two schizophrenic mercs try to kill each other. Upside down man turns bad, Kaga's favorite fetish is back, and SB exists.

  11. Rhea does nothing. Edelgard learns how to hi-five. Claude has his villain origin story. And in an iconic twist Dimitri is the only sane man.

  12. If you liked the first FE Warriors game, it’s basically an improvement on all systems from that. The story needed some more time to bake in the oven, or maybe just a few extra chapters to really finalize it, but for a Warriors title, you can really do a lot worse for stories.

  13. 3houses story with much less depth, no character support endings, all three endings will kinda leave you scratching your head. Still feeling annoyed about being cucked outta Almyra lore that was seeming set up but never really took off. Holst reveal 10/10 though

  14. Main character Shez finds the students instead of Byleth in the very first level, and because they get that fateful meeting instead, history is changed. Shez is extremely skilled due to Agarthan magic seemingly jumpstarted by being inhabited by an Agarthan called Arval. Shez, with whatever house leader they choose, sets out to get revenge on Jeralts mercenaries and figure out what causes their strange powers. Edelgard and Claude have very good routes, and the war talk is extremely fun and intriguing, however all routes have sudden, lacking endings. Story aside, the gameplay is so fucking fun, incorporating more fire emblem elements than the previous fire emblem warriors game, while still having enormously fun warriors combat.

  15. You're a purple Byleth now with more words and less character growth, Edelgard still sucks, game still blatantly hates Nabateans, Claude is ruined, Nega-Sothis funny, Byleth is here but does nothing important, Monica should've stayed dead, and Holst has bigger tits than Hilda.

  16. man/woman with man/woman living in them fights man/woman with girl living in them and either kills man/woman or recruits man/woman alongside a bunch of men/women who tries to achieve their own goals.

  17. Edelgard route finally addresses how she can take out the Church and TWSITD at the same time.

  18. SB : Great story overall with Edelgard conquering other nations and fighting against both the Church and the dubstep fans.

  19. Yeah hack and slash at bad guys which doesn’t make much sense then Claude makes Reha CEO of racism even thought her people died because of racism. Don’t get to romance anyone within the game and the story really doesn’t make much sense without Byleth.

  20. Three Houses again but everything you liked about the characters isn't there. Also the story still doesn't make sense

  21. Do Not Pursue Byleth. I repeat, Do Not Pursue Byleth. Is there nobody who can give Byleth a decent challenge?

  22. Some mercenary with a voice in their head attracts the attention of the Church and the 3 House Leaders, Then you pick one, bond with the members of your house, and fight a war

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