1. Because Jerry tried Apple pie with the fork he was offering the pie using the same fork asked her to try it she refused

  2. At the beginning she says she's eaten "just enough" before the pie arrives. She was willing to eat the pie until Jerry said "best apple pie in the city".

  3. Idk, I still like to think that she witnessed something similar to what Jerry saw later that we’ll never know about

  4. Fully agree, unless it is Entemanns at the end of the aisle in its own case, we cant trust sloppy Poppy pies

  5. I always just assumed it was for the same reason Jerry wouldn’t eat the duck: she saw the chef in the ladies room not wash.

  6. That could too it’s a day-to-day life you don’t know what’s going inside a person’s restaurant in the back of the kitchen

  7. Just rewatched this episode and I figured it out, although the show very much ran through the impetus: she says she’s full, just the right amount, and she doesn’t want to go overboard.

  8. Tell me how exactly there exists in this universe the synchronicity for me to scroll past this while I'm literally staring at her sitting across from Jerry at her dad's restaurant on Netflix?

  9. She actually says right before Jerry offers the pie that she is the perfect amount of full. Even one more bite would be too much.

  10. From personal experience, she might have canker sores. I frequently turn down food and don't explain why. I easily get sores and don't want to explain everytime I have one.

  11. She didn't want to. I've turned a bite down plenty of times. Should have been the end of it. This was a strange story arc. Like cool man, I believe you that it's good... But I'm not in the mood and no thanks. Move on.

  12. Probably because her dad’s got some problems. There’s a whole other thing going on with Poppie.

  13. She had a future vision of a high school guy named Jim, engaged in coitus with a similar looking pie. And she said bye bye to that american pie.

  14. Because she didn't want any. She literally explains to Jerry that she just ate the perfect amount. Why would she wants to eat more than that?

  15. I don’t know and honestly this episode bothered me because she just wouldn’t state why she wouldn’t taste the apple pie

  16. I think maybe she saw a hair on it or something and Jerry ate it before she could say anything. Then she was grossed out but couldn’t tell him why. She really did want to try the “best apple pie in the city” so went back to try it.

  17. I always thought when we find out why jerry wouldnt take a bite of food (cause papi didn’t wash his hands) that reveals why she didn’t when they were back at the coffee shop with the apple pie. I’m assuming she saw the waitress who served it to him not wash her hands. I don’t know that’s just my theory.

  18. I just always assumed that she saw the cook do something to the food or she knew the cook. Similar to why George wouldn’t take a bite of the pie at the end of the episode.

  19. Maybe she knows Poppy doesn't wash his hands? But I think it's playing on the idea that people don't like to be forced to do things, no matter how inconsequential it might seem.

  20. Once you see the episode to the end, you think she must have seen a cook or server at the diner not washing hands, picking nose, etc.

  21. We all know why Jerry wouldn't taste Poppie's pizza, and George refused the cake offered by the chef whose 40-short suit he stole. So this is one of those "Whys?" never answered (like why did Jerry agree to wear the fur to keep Newman from getting evicted, when he hated Newman?)

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