1. Thanks for citing the study. It’s important to note how sensitive the reproductive systems in both sexes are to biological changes. I remember one study that we looked at in graduate school that showed medical school students have significantly lower sperm counts than controls.

  2. Based on this, why is Endometriosis not yet accepted as an autoimmune disease?! I have 2 autoimmune diseases and Endometriosis. When I get a flare up all three cause symptoms.

  3. I immediately assumed that the immune response must have something to do with it. The point of vaccination is to create a harmless mild fever and that's why it's not surprising that this will disrupt the normal bodily functions slightly. Findings like this are expected and shouldn't cause any concern, but we all know how antivaxxers will react to this.

  4. It's important to say that does not mean a girl or woman who is raped is less likely to get pregnant, no matter what conservatives will tell you.

  5. It appears that according to the study, only up to two weeks post-vaccination, did anyone experience heavier cycles.

  6. This vaccine was tested on a group that was balanced (plenty of women) but yes, that’s true for a lot of medications.

  7. 100% exact same thing happened to my girlfriend. Abhorrent that doctors don’t listen to patients concerns just because they’re women.

  8. This really isn’t news to most women - unfortunately, it’s going to be misinterpreted and misused as evidence of something it isnt.

  9. This comment is just more gaslighting to those of us who dealt with this issue. I have had my period for 34 years. 27 days every cycle until my second Pfizer shot. I have had babies and started back up 6 weeks post partum on my 27 day cycle. I have had cancer, no disruption to cycle. I have gained and lost lots of weight. No disruption to cycle. I have traveled all over. No disruption to cycle. I have been through divorce and grief and job stress. No disruption to cycle. I am pro vaccine, I got it very early on I was so excited!! But I never experienced anything like what happened to me. Maybe I am an outlier, but I ended up anemic and struggled with life changing menstrual problems for a full year. I finally thought maybe I had just gone through an accelerated menopause but nope. I'm back to 27 days like nothing ever happened. Listen to women. We know ours bodies.

  10. It would be interesting to compare this with the effects of COVID itself. I am on an endometriosis message board and ppl have reported inflammatory responses to both the vaccine and COVID itself. Just saying if ppl are considering not getting vaccinated, covid might have an even worse effect.

  11. I have adenomyosis and noticed significant pain over the week after getting my first vaccination and also nerve pain from a seperate injury in my thigh. I also didn’t get my period for three months after my first dose of the vaccine as well.

  12. Yep this has already been widely proven. Vaccine sometimes affects, covid pretty much always affects the cycle.

  13. Anecdotal. My wife’s cycle is typically predictable and COVID created a major disruption. She bled heavily for over a week and out of cycle,, stopped for a few days, then picked back up for a few more days. Very abnormal for her.

  14. Totally anecdotal, but my sister caught COVID twice and now she’s getting her period every two weeks… have no idea how the vaccine relates to that, but I just wanted to add that two cents I suppose.

  15. This would be very interesting, I don't have endo but recently had Covid followed by the worst period of my life. I was great after the vax and booster but Covid itself did appear to impact my cycle.

  16. I had breakthrough bleeding with both COVID shots (Pfizer), then when I had COVID, then again when I had my booster shot. And to be honest the “breakthrough bleeding” was full blown heavy periods because I’m on continuous birth control and not supposed to have periods.

  17. I had a similar experience. Bled for almost 13 weeks straight, and it was so full force for last week that I couldn't leave the house. It would puddle on the floor. My gyno gave me progesterone too, but it didn't work. She said there were numerous others with similar experiences in her practice and said it'd be very painful and heavy right before it ended. It was. And now I'm in a research follow-up study.

  18. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't more or less any immune response affect the menstrual cycle?

  19. It’s not necessarily alarming or unusual but it is important to know. Think about the millions of couples who are trying to conceive right now - it’s useful to know whether your vaccine is going to throw off your cycle so you aren’t set up for disappointment or wasting money on treatments that month. Other important procedures get scheduled in alignment with the menstrual cycle, so you don’t want to have to reschedule. “Don’t schedule your booster two days after your IVF treatment/one week before your IUD insertion” would be really important advice, so it’s worth investigating whether that’s true.

  20. Correct. Other vaccines have had this effect as well, and a temporarily disrupted cycle is a common side effect of things like fevers, illness, surgery with anesthesia, viruses, periods of stress, allergies, etc.

  21. Yes, this study essentially serves as a confirmation that an already known effect of immune system activation on menstrual cycles extends to COVID-19 vaccination. It’s nothing to phone home about.

  22. I am sure it wasn't your intention, but please be aware that your comment sounds a bit dismissive. When the changes started happening, we didn't know for sure (hence the study) that this vaccine would behave like the others. Women were not informed prior to taking the jab that this could happen, leaving us wondering if that was normal or not. May I remind you that this was happening at the same time when getting a doctor to talk to you was impossible, and while AstraZeneca was causing blood clots issues (which also impacted women). It was an uncertain time, when we collectively took responsibility for the public and got vaxxed, but it doesn't mean that privately we weren't perplexed or afraid about changes in our bodies that were not disclosed beforehand.

  23. We need to start taking reproductive health and menstruation into consideration when we do research studies, especially for pharmaceutical products.

  24. Yeah, I.... don't understand what the point of this is except to demonstrate to a grant agency that you need an RCT to study this. This kind of survey is way easier and way less expensive to run than an RCT, so I get why the doctors went this way. But you gotta do some kind of controlled experiment.

  25. A study based on a “convenience sample” of people responding to a web based survey, and the paper itself completely drops any semblance of a methods section. Any conclusions are dubious at best.

  26. Hpv was temporary, maybe this will be also. Nobody knows if it will be temporary, but lots of comments will push this opinion as a certainty.

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