1. The final paragraph of the discussion summarizes the broader impact of this study well (emphasis my own):

  2. Yeah, that's what I wonder about a lot of these temporary vaccine side effects, like when they were saying they apparently caused very slight disruptions to menstrual cycles. Have we actually checked whether that's not just a thing that happens when anything at all activates your immune system?

  3. I mean this is anecdotal but I conceived my child 2 months after my second dose of Moderna, which also lined up 1.5 years post 6 month round of chemo (very likely to cause infertility) We thought we had a long road ahead of trying, nope, first try and the little stinker is super fat and healthy.

  4. I don’t think the premise is wrong but the data choices are somewhat.. questionable. For example they cite a study which included twenty five Covid patients and a mind boggling 30% rate of ED, with a 5x odds ratio… but

  5. I don't see where the article says the vaccine protects against infertility - could you quote me the relevant point?

  6. There is no study that suggests Covid causes ED. The studies people are referring to show only that men who get Covid are more likely to have ED. This is most likely because of pre-existing conditions like heart disease and obesity that increase chance of getting sick with Covid are also associated with ED.

  7. You can't do this without a significant bias since it's impractical to get people to jack off as they are coughing their lungs up. You'd have to exclusively recruit the asymptomatic or less sick patients, which would probably make any effect on sperm production smaller than reality

  8. It's possible their data were skewed and/or contained outliers. The mean is more sensitive to these characteristics of the data than the median.

  9. The study indicates that sperm count improves after a few months, but given how strongly they're pushing a biannual booster shot program, sperm count would continue to drop by 25%. Terrible.

  10. The study does not indicate that sperm count improves after a few months though, it continues to drop for the entire period measured in the study. This data is from Table 1:

  11. The T2 to T3 reduction of sperm count went from -22.1% to -19.4%. This is not a significant recovery. This text is highly misleading. Look at the full text.

  12. What's the method of action by which it lowers sperm count? Kills them or stops them being produced in the first place?

  13. Doesn't the data suggest that sperm motility and total mobile count are affected 150 days after vaccination? (T3) where the government suggests another dose of vaccine every 3-6 months, so as long as the vaccine is effective against covid, fertility is affected.

  14. One should mention the seasonal change of men's semen quality in winter (better quality) and summer (lower quality).

  15. I mean usually getting sick in general to any extent can mess with your semen for a little while that’s not unheard of or new so this study shouldn’t bother you too much

  16. Having Covid directly impacts your total motile count because your body is fighting a virus. Makes sense that there is a reduced rate after the vaccine.

  17. I imagine by the end of the weekend they'll be touting about how the COVID vaccine makes your testicles shrink and die, or something equally stupid.

  18. For myself (fully vaccinated bc the alternative seemed worse at the time) the only problem is that we didn't know that side-effect when the vaccines were introduced.

  19. So, this effect lasts for months - which is fine and obviously worth it - but vaccine efficacy wanes after about 3 months from your 2nd dose.

  20. See, this is why there will never be an agreement on anything. Even when faced with evidence that something might be happening, even if momentarily and not permanently, the goal posts get moved and debate over the topic is pushed into the realm of Qanon or whatever

  21. Can we please remember that even if these vaccines cause relatively small, temporary side effects (like e.g. short-term fever and chills) IT'S STILL WAY BETTER THAN GETTING COVID, WHICH THE VACCINES ARE VERY EFFECTIVE AT PROTECTING AGAINST!!!

  22. Any side effects the vaccine causes are likely going to be the same or worse with covid, since it's just your body's immune system kicking in (and thankfully in the case of the vaccine it's not actually eating through your cells like the virus does).

  23. Basically this study says: Covid vaccines cause an immune response that's fairly expected. When your immune system is working harder, other parts of your body aren't, in this case it's semen production.

  24. Im not very familiar with peer review standards in medicine but the analysis and results leave a lot to be desired. For one, I am dubious of any of these results without a control group to compare these relative changes. Also, the GEE is not really the most robust analysis to choose for this data. That being said I think the findings are acceptable and the discussion is well written.

  25. Considering the impotence rates already caused in men by previous Covid strains? This immune response to the new vaccine just shows that the vax is making the body do a temporary trial run that may protect better in the future.

  26. Yeah, if you’d read the article you’d know that they support vaccinations. The side effects are expected and temporary. They are due to your body’s immune reactions, not directly due to the vaccine itself. Same thing happens with Covid infections.

  27. I'd be interested in the 5 and 10 year studies along with a one or two generational study on progeny and that supposed link between the J&J vaccine and the juvenile hepatitis outbreak just to debunk everything. Until then the ghosts of Tuskegee and Guatamala still mar the public's faith in the scientific community.

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