1. Butcher has looked okay. I know he's turned into a whipping boy because he makes a lot of dumb mistakes, but there's a lot to like in his game. He really moves the puck well and has a great idea in the o-zone.

  2. I feel like the Sabres have more frequent and quality chances tonight, but Blues are capitalizing on what they are given and a little more puck luck

  3. We’re not a playoff team by any means but we’d be in a lot more games with better goaltending and I’d honestly be happy to never see Butcher, Fitzgerald and Bryson again. We have a solid 5 d core without them, add a few good FA and our D can be really really good. Also, bringing in Quinn and Peterka will help with finishing I think as well next year.

  4. I remember a few weeks ago being surprised he was near or at 30 points. Seems like he’s had a real quiet year. Hoping it’s just a sophomore slump

  5. I have a theory. The war room is in Toronto. So that makes Toronto the base of officiating in the NHL (or so one would think?). So, clearly all the refs are Leafs fans and just can't stand to see Buffalo win. Move the home office to Buffalo and we win the cup. I've solved every hockey problem ever.

  6. Let’s not forget that Brad May deked Ray Bourque out of his shorts for the May Day goal. Bourque’s greatness is hardly diminished by that moment. Power will have his day.

  7. Being Anderson. Where have you been. Begging for this team to use some of that unused cap money to get a goalie.

  8. Is there any way to still listen to wgr streams for games? Every time I try using audacy it’s some national program like espn

  9. The reffing is horrible on all accounts. We probably wouldve gotten a delay of game had we not been on the PK, just call the game. Zemgus lifted the opponents stick right into his face. Thats a stretch to call that a penalty on STL. The icing called in STL end with Faulk (i think?) was BOLOGNE because he just chose not to play it. The hooking calls are both bogus because STL realizes they can just tuck the stick into their arm and get the call. And then calling OP for the crosscheck even though thats not why he went down, it was a high stick FROM SCHENN also as POWER HIGH STICKED FITZGERALD. The ref just felt like "..uh guy went down, closest guy to me was Power...must be him" and ignored the fact that you shouldnt call that. Call none or both in that scenario.

  10. It’s so nice to have games to look forward to during the day. I love football but one day a week is too little for me.

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