1. The arena is fine. The brand new T-Mobile arena in Vegas is smaller, tighter, and harder to get around in and no one complaining about that one. Our arena still feels pretty open and modern after 25 years. They do little things here and there to freshen it up but it certainly doesn't need to be replaced. Even when the time comes, at least they actually use the damn thing more than 8-9 times / year.

  2. I don't think either team deserves a new partially tax payer funded stadium/arena until a championship is won.. however if the owners want to build one themselves without tax money and without a championship first, feel free to do so! If they build it with tax payer help and the sabres/bills never win a championship the teams will eventually leave the city. Go Bandits.

  3. With all of the money the Pegulas have invested in both venues as well as the harbor front area, you're letting your own baseless paranoia create unrealistic situations in your head. People forget that they didn't rest all their eggs in the Sabres basket. Investors in the area have seen firsthand what losing hockey does to this town, the Pegulas included. Pulling out/relocating/selling would be fiscally reckless and simply unjustifiable. Terry didn't just get rich last week; this is a man whose life has revolved around getting and staying rich. As horrible as they are for the Sabres as a team they're also our best bet at keeping both our teams right here.

  4. I’m gonna be honest I love keybank the way it is. It’s not a terrible stadium by any means id argue middle of the pack. But the iconic blue Zone logo always makes me smile

  5. After forking over 850 million in taxpayer money, the Pegula's can get fucked if they want more for another new stadium.

  6. The Pegulas are going to try and spend as little on the team as they possibly can until it finally becomes profitable.

  7. The difference is the Pegula sunk $250 million into HarborCenter. He’d be shooting himself in the foot if the arena moved.

  8. According to the lease the team is responsible for renovations, between the 30 year lease of the new stadium plus all the work they’ve done downtown the commitment to buffalo is for sure there. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re planning renovations now.

  9. Giving the pegulas this money is a scam and a waste of our money I’d rather the bills and Sabre leave than waste a dime on another billionaire

  10. Capital One Arena in Washington went through an upgrade in 2018 and they added new seats new concessions and updated the look of the concourse as well. Keep in mind that KBC is older than Capital One Arena (by 2 years) and that the Sabres have played there for the same length of time that they did at the Aud at the end of this season. The building should be good but its time for upgrades and renovations.

  11. I heard that they are looking to sell %49 of the Sabres so that they can keep ownership, but have less skin in the game.

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