1. Does anyone know where I can find the GIF of Mitts putting the moves some girl at the bar with Tage creeping through in the background?

  2. Maybe it's the earlier start time, but RJ sounds really sharp today. I think he's better at play by play even now than Dan is.

  3. For any GMs of contenders reading this thread, don't listen to him! Cody Eakin is a stud and I'm not sure there's a price high enough to acquire him at the trade deadline

  4. We are getting fucked with bad penalty calls right now. Hayden wasn't a trip at all, then the Skinner embellishment, how can you call a hook/trip but then also call the guy getting tripped? Refs got money on this one

  5. I'm old enough to have watched Gilbert Perrault play in the mid to late 70s. It was always rumored that he was as tough as they come and guys were afraid to fight him. The first and only fight I saw him in, he dropped the dude with a single punch. Like literally dropped him. Never saw him fight again. I'd like to think the same thing would happen with Dahlin.

  6. God I wanted Victor to try a lacrosse move with all the time he had behind the net. That woudl have been hilarious if it was first goal in however many games

  7. Such an excellent player to add to this roster I couldn’t be happier with how well he’s meshed with Skinner especially

  8. I'm from Cincinnati. There's a Bengals meme right now from when Joe burrow was mic's up where he just came off the field saying yep like 20 times in a row. Yep and pey (Krebs) have the same letter. So I'm just gonna appropriate the meme here as PEY PEY PEY PEY PEY if that's cool with you guys lol. I'm stoned.

  9. I feel like I rarely get to see those fresh outta the box break aways and they might be one of my favorite situations in hockey so fkn nice to see it from Krebs

  10. Bro I didn’t realize it was pysyk who made that amazing stretch pass I assumed it was Dahlin. Pls bring him back. I’m thinking he’ll be a good introduction partner for Power

  11. yea man pysyk has had like maybe 2 bad games all year(last game is one of them). Dude should come back for sure.

  12. I just don't understand American sports. We have all of the technology in the world, yet we allow these dumbass challenges when every other sport in every other part of the world uses a VAR referee to very quickly review basically everything and make the right call in almost every single case.

  13. They gotta break down these plays like it’s the JFK assassination. If it takes more than 30 seconds the iPad should shut off

  14. Despite the result of the review, Krebs will learn to leave his back foot at the line from this.

  15. It's the NHL, they will definitely take away a goal because a guy might have been offside by a quarter of an inch.

  16. I agree completely. We’re talking a millimeter too it’s pretty stupid but cmon peyton, drag that foot a little

  17. Uh oh. 2:00 left in the first and the Sabres have taken their dreaded 2 goal lead. Let's see how this plays out.

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