1. Something positive, I really love the way no queen was eliminated this season and I think they handled how queens got "eliminated" in the best way possible this episode. I love that part.

  2. Let’s Hear It For The Boy is really like: my man has no sense of style, is cheap, can’t sing and has poor communication skills... but anyway shout out to this chump

  3. PLS every single time they mentioned that platinum plunger I thought my screen was off or something like... it's literally gold

  4. I noticed that too! The audio seemed slightly off. Definitely a way to justify Jinkx winning after that lip-sync. I'm not mad at it. People would've given Monet hate if she won and vice versa.

  5. I love how they almost rioted. I bet at least one of the queens in the bottom tournament probably threatened not to do it 😂

  6. Raja breaking down had me ugly crying, you could feel how much she meant it. Beautiful person and such an EYECON!

  7. Lol you said "Runner Up" like it was cryptic then mentioned Bob. Gee I wonder who that could be 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Honestly the Yvie vs Raja was most confusing because the focus was all on Yvie. I wish she could have won something but i’m happy for Raja.

  9. I believe trinity has lost the most ever lipsyncs? Vs Peppermint, Manila, Latrice, Jinkx, Jaida, Jinkx, Monet. And that's even more than Trixies 4 of Pearl Ginger Bebe and Shangela

  10. When picking songs, I wish one of the queens said, “I choose platinum… like the plunger” so production wouldn’t know which box to open

  11. I also noticed that this is the Season 9 finale again...Shea and Trinity lost in the first round and the one who defeated Shea won the crown.

  12. 505k people here. One of you has to know how to hack in to WoW’s backend and release the raw footage of Swish Swish.

  13. My thing is why not give Monet and Jinkx a high-camp song, another Malambo No. 1, if they wanted it to appear close enough to choose Jinkx?

  14. Probably because Monet already beat her to a high-camp number and Jinkx's win would feel even more tainted if Monet beat her in a number that feels like it's picked for her.

  15. I wish they would have saved the variety show for the finale and given each queen 5 to 7 minutes instead is just 60 seconds. I feel like the evolution of drag race is that drag doesn’t just mean one thing anymore. I would have liked to be able to see the queens showcase what they do best. At the very least do individual lip syncs that they got to choose the song.

  16. Swish swish for a final lip sync? Im happy jinkx won. Even though I thought she lost the lip sync against monet, she had one of the best track records in the series so I feel like it's still kind of deserving.

  17. Anti-climactic finale but there was no way Jinkx was not taking the title - she slayed the season. I am not sure what format would have been better for the finale to make it feel a little more dynamic - I guess maybe just better songs or more gags like the girls picking their opponents or songs directly to raise the stakes a little.

  18. Seeing all the queens cheer for Monet and Jinx at the end all holding their sceptres just made me think of a bunch of kids at medieval times with their swords all cheering in the crowd together 😂

  19. When they mentioned the killer clown I was excited for Bianca Del Rio to show up... Instead all I got was a crappy song

  20. Monet almost did it again, not performing the best but smashing the finale. Different outcome this time

  21. I do think Monet won the final lip sync, but as soon as Ru said she was judging based on not just the lip sync but performance throughout the season, it was clearly going to be Jinkx, which did feel deserved in that sense.

  22. That line sounded edited in, and we didn’t see Ru actually saying it. I think they knew people would feel…a certain way about the result of that lip sync.

  23. YAY JINKX! Congratulations!!! However, I gotta say (without any hate because I love her) I feel like Yvie killed that lip sync and I was genuinely stunned when Raja won.

  24. Jinx is my fav winner from Drag Race. But even I knew where her strengths lie and where they don’t. I was fully expecting her to lose and not get crowned. So the way this was structured was definitely not great and I was shocked. But I’m still happy she won. Absolutely deserved when it comes to the overall competition. But I wouldn’t have been mad if Monet took the crown home since she did win that last lipsync for me.

  25. If Jinkx was going to win regardless, they should’ve picked a different song. Maybe hard to say having seen the lip sync and knowing the outcome already, but I would’ve imagined that’s a song much more up Monet’s alley anyway.

  26. I thought Yvie killed the she done already done had herses tournament and would’ve given it to her but I’m not mad! Also all of the queens look amazing this episode!

  27. Every queen’s confessional: “Here I am in the workroom one last time!” “It’s been wonderful walking the runway for the FINAL time!” “I’m so grateful for RuPaul bringing us back to compete on Drag Race ONE LAST TIME!”

  28. Production don't have a lipsync smackdown finale if you're just going to chop up all the footage awkwardly to fit the results you want-- do that challenge

  29. I want to know what potential challenge Trinity was saving that hairspray wig for 👀 You know she was pissed that she ended up using it for a quick drag look.

  30. Yvie clearly won the lipsync against Raja and Monet clearly won against Jinkx. I don’t mind the outcomes because it was one of the most fun seasons of all time filled with all amazing and deserving queens. But it just showed really that the lipsyncs don’t matter.

  31. As soon as Ru said, “based upon your track record for the season and this lip sync,” we knew what was going to happen. I’m not mad at it—it’s just interesting how the track record is doesn’t matter until it does.

  32. How do they keep advertising that All Stars Shore show every commercial and never showing Vanjie? The targeted marketing is failing.

  33. Love both Jinkx and Monét but kind of hated both their final lipsync looks, and it is frustrating how the lipsync was edited all to hell. But oh, that cackle Jinkx gives at the end just warms my heart. My queen! She earned this.

  34. I did agree w jinx being the winner of the season but the lip syncs made me reconsider lol they need to change the format of the finale bc this had me rooting for monet bc of the way she slayed. Also apparently they cut out a lot of gags Monet had in her lip sync against jinx? Like she turned out even more than that but they didn’t show it?

  35. So many confusing choices. Like I feel that both for last week's and tonight's episode we landed on choices most fans were good with but got there in the most non-sensical roundabout way.

  36. Do away with cussing lipsyncs. Just give every Queen a 7 minute stage at the finale to do -whatever- they want and judge it based on that. Imagine, we could have a comedy routine from Bianca in the finale, Monet singing, Kameron Michaels doing a choreographed dance, Trixie having a full band doing her show - we could have full on drag performances like 'Americas got Talent'.

  37. I'm more pissed they cut out Monet's full performance than them actually not crowning Monet lmao

  38. That's what I was thinking. I was like, this is a really weird edit that keeps cutting off a lot of Monet's moments kinda short.

  39. I feel victimized by all the lipsyncs this season. I don't think anyone of them hit that iconic level. Oh well.

  40. I’d rather they have just let Monét eat so we could watch rather than try to convince us she lost the lipsync. We’ve always known they just crown who they want anyways.

  41. Yeah I agree 100%, I mean clock the flair, I was obvi hoping for a Monétion win, but the format did a disservice to Jinkx. Shea and Monét didn’t do a Sasha Velour on her, but Jinkx didn’t give much while they at least gave a lil sumn and seemed to outperform her. Seems pointless to have the lip sync for the crown if Jinkx slayed that hard throughout the competition they were gonna give it to her anyway.

  42. WHAT THE FUCK WAS UP WITH THE EVIL CLOWNS. also I wish we didn't have to waste time on Ru's performance of that....song...when more time could have been spent on the actual lip syncs and talking to the queens but ok

  43. I’m seeing a lot of frustration about the format of the AS7 finale and many cries of riggory. It’s crazy that at this point the best performing queen actually winning the season can be seen by some as not legit. Production are fully to blame for this.

  44. I'm not unhappy with the result but that was a lackluster smackdown. If production is rigging the lip syncs they've done a truly shit job of it because we could have ended up with some of the best lip syncs ever and instead we only have a few even memorable ones.

  45. Viv sealed her fate not picking Bruno, but Raja vs Jaida "Let's Hear it for the Boy" was worth her snubbing Bruno

  46. Raja’s runway was giving me Mass Effect Reaper, alien leaf insect overlord in all the best ways. What a joy it was to see her on my screen again.

  47. Just a friendly reminder: You can defend Jinkx without tearing down the other queens(and vice versa). Monét was incredible this season, and it's delusional to say otherwise(I think when we're all bored one day, we should have a discussion about the way Monét's legacy is always questioned...) Is it so hard to just be happy that we were given this season? It's a TV show kids. I guarantee you that Monét isn't losing sleep over this, and neither should you. For me it was an ideal result with Raja/Jinkx getting crowns, and Monét gets to be the robbed goddess. That being said, thrilled for all the queens for being able to showcase themselves for us fans one more time. We are the real winners. Everybody say love.

  48. My preferred outcome came true. I'm sorry but I love all the older winners, and Raja and Jinkx are two of the best.

  49. I felt like this was more of a celebration episode- similar to the season's critiques. I'm sure there could've been a better way to do the finale, but I'm not too mad at it. Overall happy with the outcome- although choices for some of the lipsyncs surprised me.

  50. Lot to dislike about lipsync for the crown but man I hate that they are crowned in their lipsync outfits. Unceremoniously just crowned in whatever sweaty they had on.

  51. Maybe I'm the only one, but I really enjoyed the "lower" tier lip synchs so much more than the "top" tiers. And how bad was Monet and Trinity's that they basically just showed the judges for the whole song? Lol

  52. Lipsync for the Crown is tough because on one hand a finale without any kind of competitive hook gets boring without stakes but on the other hand nobody really wants one lipsync to determine the winner, including production.

  53. They really need to drop the LSFTC thing at this point. If it had really been based on the lipsyncs, Trinity & Shea should've been top 2 and regardless of that, Monet beat Jinkx.

  54. everybody say thank you yvie oddly for giving that reveal and making the most interesting part of all the lipsyncs

  55. Monet fucking ate that but I'm also happy Jinkx won because her run was so incredible. Throughout the season I felt there were a few challenges yvie and raja should have both been in the top for (hello big bad wolf and madame) but honestly I loved this season so much. To me it showed you don't need drama for an entertaining season because it could just focus on the sheer talent of our winners. There doesn't feel like there was a single loser among them and they all showcased amazing talent. I'm so glad Jaida got to prove to herself she really did deserve to be a winner even though her season was overshadowed by bullshit, and I'm glad Viv got to compete with some of the original icons, and Raja got to show she is still IT.

  56. The editing was so bad that it made it feel so fake when Ru was talking about how much she loved each of them but the way they were all sobbing and Monet's speech made me think it was all genuine.

  57. like I always feel a sense of performance when Ru cries but when she can make these queens get emotional... my grinch heart grows three sizes

  58. They BUTCHERED "So What" girl but I'm so happy for our winners 💕💕 I may not agree with the results of a couple lip syncs but I think the right people were crowned in general and I think they're gonna take their messages across the globe. All hail the witches of AS7

  59. When Jinkx said she was picking platinum I was shocked Bryce didn’t open his box given the confusion of the platinum plunger

  60. I've been pretty disappointed with the lipsync choices this season, but I feel like the final lipsyncs were actually pretty neat, at least from one of the sides. Monet and Yvie came PREPARED.

  61. I am happy with both winners (I would have been happy with nearly any combination of winners honestly) but I think this episode has just proven that yet again they should reconsider how to decide the finale winners. Jinkx did not win the finale lip sync however she also isn't really known for lip syncing. She totally deserved to win the whole season but if they want to crown people based on track record rather than one lip sync at the end maybe do a talent show or something.

  62. is anyone else disappointed that yvie wasn’t crowned queen of she done already done had herses? she won the lip syncs, in my opinion, and i was really rooting for her. i feel she deserves it after all she’s pushed through and achieved.

  63. Yes, Raja & Jinkx got the Bebe AS3 treatment because I think Ru is grateful they aren't James & Sharon. The OG winners are the winners

  64. Aside from all the comments on who should have won the lip sync etc, did anyone else realize that Trinity the Tuck was edited to be the reverse prophet? Every time she predicts something, the opposite of that actually happens! If yall have the time, check the episodes again. Examples of such anti-power are 1) today’s grand finale when Trinity rooted for her twin to get the crown, and 2) when she laughed at Jinkx’s peanut butter sandwich idea for a viral video.

  65. It's so moving to witness what is likely the end of many of these queens' Drag Race journeys. Felt so sweet and so fitting. The Vivienne still feels like she has unfinished business with Drag Race so I wouldn't be surprised if she showed up again - but for the other 7, this season was a wonderful legacy maker

  66. The way they had to basically show Monet topping Trinity offscreen during their lipsync was so funny. We all knew what was happening, just was not allowed to see it 🤣🤣 I guess I also should've known they'd pit the twinners against one another here too.

  67. Please let’s consign LSFTC to the bin. I’ve never liked it as a decider because if the top queen of the season doesn’t smash the lip sync then either a) they win the season and the lip sync was irrelevant or b) they don’t win and the competition seems irrelevant.

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