1. Yeah it was good fun. I just take it for what it is; an over-the-top action game with a horror aesthetic. A fun opportunity to play RE with my dad who is into action/zombie killing but not so much horror gameplay. Plus the choice of fan favorite characters. I love playing as Leon. The game can be ridiculous at times, but many RE games have ridiculous moments. They make me chuckle.

  2. And the fact my friend can join me in the story and play through everything. Only thing I hated was when another player jumps into my game and tries to kill me as a zombie lol

  3. I mean, in a world where BOW's aren't such a rarity and there is an organisation specifically made to fight these things, it stands to reason that a lot of action should take place. The first RE games focused on survival horror because the characters were unprepared, they didn't know what they were going up against. Now, that's no longer the case, as we've got Chris motherfucking Redfield (aka the T-erminator for BOW's) who knows how to deal with every situation and the BSAA which is actively hunting down bioterrorists.

  4. I personally think RE6 is lore friendly, because it should be like how it is, the BOWs got more advanced each game, because the one who makes them are scientists who are trying to improve on them.

  5. Exactly. 1 and 2 were more survival horror because this was all new to them. Then with returning protags the action went up till we got Ethan in 7 and it returned to survival horror then went back to more action in 8 when Ethan returned

  6. THANK YOU! I'm glad someone understands. It is not at all by any standards a bad game. I love it, it's just a different turn from the previous games.

  7. Yeah, while it is a massive example of basically sticking everything into a game and hoping it works, there is some charm to it. You can tell that there was a lot of effort put in. The animations, gunplay, ridiculous set pieces, etc. The story is batshit insane, but it is Resident Evil and its surprisingly one of the better written (in terms of dialogue and character work, certainly not the plot) games in the franchise.

  8. One of the greatest Resident Evils, and perhaps the "most" Resident Evil if only because it's the most honest about how the series works, along with being a "greatest hits" rendition of the series' most iconic moments in absurd detail. Resident Evil has never been a horror series, it's always been an action series. Every Resident Evil devolves into mowing down enemies with absurdly powerful guns at some point, and 6 just cuts all pretenses of being a horror game. The game itself has absolutely insane production values and an absurd amount of content that you would absolutely never see with today's games, it's fun to play, and it's thoroughly entertaining with its stupidity. I don't understand how you can hate 6.

  9. I’ll defend RE6 to the death but only within the context of how much praise RE4 gets. RE6 is no more over the top or ludicrous than RE4 and when it comes to gameplay, movement, weapons, it is miles and miles ahead of RE4. I don’t particularly like RE6 but at least I have the balls to say RE4 isn’t that great either.

  10. It also has the best damn mercenaries mode in the series. It's fantastic and the best part of the game, plus the no mercy subgame of that mode? Chef's kiss

  11. I think its incredible how an entire subreddit opinion can shift. People hated RE6 as much as people dislike the re3remake. Now people with a lot of upvotes publicly voice their enjoyment in RE6

  12. I don't, but what I do remember is someone from Capcom stating that Resident Evil had to become more action-oriented in order to compete with Call of Duty and attract its playerbase.

  13. Kinda the same thing I thought about 4 shrugs A big change into an action heavy game where at one point a evil little man’s statue chases you. By 5 you’re dodging sunlight rays in a lost temple, and at the end fight weaker in a volcano. Just started 6 and did Leon’s campaign, and see it’s kinda the same for me so far, do expect it to get more ridiculous though.

  14. This game would have probably been received better if it wasn't called Resident Evil 6. The expectations placed on mainline titles didn't do it any favors.

  15. I actually liked it, especially the melee attacks. I don't mind if RE9 turns out to be like Control/Quantum Break with horror elements.

  16. I literally just did a whole run this last week. So many flaws but it’s a blast and it’s the closest thing we have to playing the 3D movies. This is the Leon and Chris we watch in those movies.

  17. Even then, i love resident evil 6, a lot of characters together, the fanservice, the typical resident evil charm, is simply a great game; Each resident evil game is special in some way, i hope there is more fanservice on resident evil 9 with the cast of characters, that was good on 6

  18. My favourite game. My kids and I had so much fun playing together and that's something I'll cherish forever.

  19. It's 2022, can we appreciate RE6 for what it is tho. Leon isn't gonna shit his pants the 4th time he is put on a BOW infested area.

  20. I loved it. It streamlined the UI of the item screen from RE5, and had tons of content to play through. I remember playing the shit out of the co-op mercenaries as well. I didn't enjoy the QTE chase scenes at all... especially with an online partner. Other than that, great game that gets shit on way too much.

  21. I'm just really hoping they don't mess 9 up too bad, I've played 7 and 8 dozens of times and love that story line

  22. I loved to play it with one of my best friends, 5 and 6 we're so fucking cool Coop. We loved it. But somehow the gamer world hates those games. Us no understando. Good gamo

  23. I don't like 6 very much but Capcom intended to make RE6 an action game, not a horror game and they did a decent job. RE to me always had a decent amount of action anyway.

  24. You know how far I got? 5 minutes into Leons first campaign then gave up - dont get me wrong people like the game, thats great, but I play RE games for the survival horror aspect

  25. I remember being so excited for this game after loving RE4 and RE5. Got all the way to Ada’s campaign and just couldn’t get through it. I do wish Jake got his own game.

  26. I have always loved RE6 but I can also appreciate that Capcom was flexible enough to pivot to the style of RE7 when it didn't perform well financially.

  27. Just seeing the cover of the game I already start to feel sick and want to throw up, this game made me sick physically and psychologically.

  28. I unironically enjoyed this game because I played it and finished it coop with my gf. It was actually funny, to be honest. But I could have never played alone.

  29. One of my friends loves this game. He knows it is garbage but he's got a weird nostalgia for it. I had played all the other numbered RE games except for this so when it was on gamepass I gave it a try co-op with him. I think we only played one act but it was such a weird frantic terrible game that I couldnt continue. The way Leon controls is wonky as hell (and what the hell is with the goofy scooting around on your ass or quickly rolling over on the ground lmao?)

  30. Me and my friend get alzheimer's with this game. Every year or so since we got the complete edition on Steam for 7.99 in 2013, we go “you know, we never finished RE6, and it has a lot of levels with co-op so it can’t be all bad right? It’s give it another try.” Then we download and play it for about an hour or so before we go “Son of a bitch! This game is boring as hell! Even with Co-op this game isn’t fun.” And uninstall.

  31. I guess I’m the only one who had fun with this one. Wasn’t a perfect Resident Evil but I enjoyed fighting the bosses. If anything this one falls in the same line as Dead Rising 4, just a mediocre entry in a great series!

  32. Man, I'm finally playing through this one fully. Finished Leon's game and a few chapters of Chris and Sherry a few years ago but I picked it up on PS4 to finally see it through. I'm sad to report that it's as bad as most say. Chris' game was decent, save for the first two chapters, but Sherry's was awful. I hated every second of it, all five chapters. I had to take a break for a day and play Resident Evil 2 remake to cleanse my pallette, and I still don't want to go back to 6 because I'm only halfway done.

  33. I’d just like to point out that “Mission: Impossible” was a TV show in the 1960’s long before it was a movie series.

  34. Genuinely great combat mechanics once you got used to the system, but it only shines in Mercenaries mode, in which you have a semi-open area and are surrounded by enemies.

  35. Yeah and it's a masterpiece of a game, they tried it a but on RE4 to spice it up and people cheered (still do), then on RE5 they made it more action oriented and people liked, then they made RE6 pretty much like an evolution of everything made before and they were crucified for some reason. Anyway I had a blast with this playing in co-op with my wife (twice) and I have been considering doing a 3rd run, but then titan quest had a new expansion and I had bought doom eternal, so haven't started yet.

  36. Remember when Leon flipped a car like three times and scraped a helicopter into a t r a i n and somehow all was well

  37. Falls into the same space as Dead Space 3 for me. A fun and well-made game but way too much of a departure from the source material.

  38. I just pls get Ed this for the first time and I don’t like it either. I assume not many did ? Maybe I’m in the minority but I miss the resident evil where there was actual puzzles and the forced camera angles , basically re 1-3 + CV

  39. Yea thats the usual opinion. There's a decent divide between the Survival Horror fans who miss classic RE and modern fans who like the action feel. It's even kinda split further with the release of 7 with the switch to First Person as well, but usually excepted its closer to the roots than the action era.

  40. I’m tired of seeing these posts constantly. Very close to leaving the sub. IF YOU WANT SURVIVAL HORROR THEN PLAY A SURVIVAL HORROR GAME YOU TWIT !!! Stop trying to force the series to go back to shitty aiming please.

  41. I did like the interwoven story with so many characters. And it was nice to see grown up Sherry following Leon and Claire's example, fighting bio terrorism. But it would have been better if they had stuck to more traditional RE game play.

  42. It had some horror elements in it like being in the water with a giant shark, that thing in the church, rasklapanje chasing you, hide and seek with ustanak, being up close with Derek Simmons in his c-rex form

  43. It's a shame because I didn't hate the first couple of minutes of Leon's campaign. There was at least a solid foundation there. It got worse as it went along to eventually being garbage like the other two (three if we're counting Ada's) but Revelations had me thinking Capcom knew what they where doing lol. I'm just glad RE7 came around and saved the series in the eyes of me and countless others. In hindsight RE5 sucked too if I wasn't in the mood to pretend it was a generic co-op shooter and not a single player RESIDENT EVIL EXPERIENCE like the main series had been up to that point. No disrespect to anyone who likes those games, I am glad you found enjoyment.

  44. im just hoping re6 stays a thing of the past and we dont go back towards its style again. the kicks were already silly in 4, but the combat just feels so stupid and gimmicky to me when i played 6 which took 4s crowd control to the extreme

  45. Especially that nemesis wannabe was actually fun to run from. I had fun shooting at the ice and waiting for him to run to me and I be running but he be already on the other side. It’s like Leon trying to punch Mr.X in RE2 but instead Mr.X decided to give Leon the right hook and slowly walk off.

  46. I played RE 1, 2, 3, and CV all on release and then just stopped buying RE games. I eventually played 7 on PSVR (yikes!) because it was on PSnow. And I just started playing RE4 on the Quest 2 and having a good time but it feels so much different than the other RE's, more action... less survival horror. Not sure if I'll ever play 5 or 6 but Village is definitely on my radar.

  47. Sad fact, but RE6 was the best Resident Evil game for simple, classic fun. It's not the worse Resident Evil title, but it definitely pushes the boundaries of "Is this resident evil". The extreme mobility, aiming, dodging, jumping, etc along with inventory system and herb useage makes the game so much more faster paced and enjoyable for more casual gamers.

  48. I'm trying to beat it just for being able to say I've completed 1-8. I've beaten Leon and Chris and finding it hard to motivate myself to finish the rest. I know I'll do it but it is definitely going to take some determination. It's a good action game but bad because of the name.

  49. Same goes for RE4, shitty controls, quick time events were even more boring, story was cliche and made no sense either, and the only redeeming quality of that piss of a game was ada appearing lol

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