1. Despite our so many efforts, she’s no more. We really thought she’d make it. We were there for her the whole day, we syringe fed her we sat with her so she can feel loved and might fight back. But she was in trauma and in pain, we really tried our level best to do everything in our power but we got a call for the foster home this morning telling us that she crossed thr rainbow Bridge.

  2. I’m so sorry 😢 this is the hardest part of animal rescue. Thank you for being there with her so she didn’t have to die alone on the street. Rest in peace, sweet baby 💔💔

  3. Thank you so much for this update and for trying as hard as you did to give her a safe, happy, and pain-free life. What you all continue to do for animals is sometimes heartbreaking, but SO amazing. ❤️🐾

  4. Sincerely appreciate the love in her final hours. She was dealt a terrible card, you provided her with a dose of decency and humanity, and in the end her suffering ended.

  5. Thats awful, you done the best you could tho and made her last moments the best they could be. My heart goes out to all of yous and sending so much love, bless her little heart :(

  6. This makes me so sad on my lunch break. I love animals so much more than people. They are such beautiful things inside and out

  7. God bless her sweet soul. 🙏Thank you for all you did for this angel. I pray whoever ran her over lives a life of agony and terror.

  8. You can tell she was glad to have you find her, I'm glad she's out of her pain 😭💔 thank you for showing her love in her last moments

  9. Oh my gosh, I was not expecting this. I’m literally crying. I will never forget her, or your kindness and willingness to help her. Thank you for what you did for her.

  10. Because its real life, i lost my dog almost a year ago and seeing this brought me back and I saw my dog in this dog, they have the same eyes and you can see their pain and i feel that this dog is in a much better place now, out of pain but full of love its hard to watch but its reality unfortunately

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