1. Were you able to catch the infection in time so that it doesn’t do more damage to her? I understand that some nervous system damage could’ve already happened, but I don’t see the discharge from around the eyes or hear any coughing? Could you please update with more detail? I feel for this girl and hope that who ever beat and neglected this baby gets what’s coming to them. Thank you for taking care of her!❤️

  2. The thing is the damage to the nervous system and her brain is huge here! It takes 5 of us to hold her down while she's on drips, she's on sedatives for distemper but other than that no infection has been detected, her albumin and hemoglobin levels are quite low. She has started teething and minor seizures.

  3. Poor thing. Thank you for helping her. Everyone, this is why it's so important to keep your dog up to date on ALL vaccines. I meet too many people who only get the rabies shots because most places require them by law. Parvo and distemper are deadly but highly preventable.

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