1. If there is one, there is probably more, make sure you take a good look around, bait with dry food. Then take kittens to vet for checkup.

  2. he looks old enough to eat wet food, you can thin it out with some water if he looks like he's having a hard time.

  3. That’s a girl! Lol not trying to correct you. It’s the calico coat color that gives it away. But yea, soft wet food & water would be great! How is she moving around or meowing? If she was in the ac duct, big possibility of dehydration. Wet food will provide hydration if she doesn’t seem to drink the water and only eats. Also, look up rescues in your area! They can provide fluids and do a check up on her. Or maybe even do intake! Thanks for saving the sweet baby!

  4. Yep she’s 5-6 weeks, good to eat wet food or kitten dry food, and can potty on her own. Agree with keeping an eye/ear out for possible littermates.

  5. Where are you located? Can you contact cat rescues near you? I would check for more babies and you may need to set a trap for mom if she’s feral and get her fixed. These look old enough for wet food with water added. You can also add KMR or another kitten formula to help with more nutrients.

  6. They look the same age as my kitten when I found him. Vet said he was around 4 weeks old, but these may be 5 weeks. Take them to an emergency vet as soon as you can to get them looked at and treated. The vet can give you kitten formula or special wet food to help them gain weight.

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