1. Do you feel unsure about other things in your relationship? Speaking from personal experience this sounds like it might be bothering you because there are bigger issues at hand, or maybe you’re feeling doubts (which is normal in any long term relationship btw.) at the end of the day gifts don’t really matter, but feeling seen and appreciated by your partner certainly does.

  2. I’ve been married 22 years and I still struggle to give gifts. My husband is usually better at it than I am. I grew up in a Christmas kind of household where we got dollar tree gifts. Holidays weren’t my favorite. I think it stunted me. It sounds like he really tried. I think you should give him some grace and show empathy that not everyone is good at this or has an affinity for gift giving. He will likely get better at it - or he might be like me and suck at it entirely. Thankfully, my husband doesn’t hold it against me and knows I try really hard. Some years I get it right and some are way off.

  3. It does make sense that based on his past (holidays and family trauma) he’s not the best with gift giving. I’m actually probably the first person he’s ever given gifts to. Thank you for helping me understand from a different perspective, he definitely did try which I can appreciate. Maybe I need to understand him more too.

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