1. I just went on the group text of all women over 16. We've agreed that the size of your wang isn't the issue here.

  2. I'd say size is less of your issue, and attitude is your larger issue. You lump all women into one category, and say you have a love/hate relationship with them. That says to me that you have some resentment towards women for not finding you attractive for whatever reason.

  3. Although there are many women who either don't care about size or even prefer guys in the smaller end, it does OP no favors to pretend that all, or even most, women aren't going to mind.

  4. Man get a grip...bitches prefer confidence with career over what’s down their. It’s how well you use it!

  5. I'm the same size as you, yeah I wish it was bigger sometimes, but honestly, I've never had a problem.

  6. All of this is true. And he's lucky to find you. Trust me, I have the talk (not hung) on one night stands. That's the problem, the fact that smaller guys have to prepare you. It makes me sick how small the womens mind can be sexually. But again, he's a lucky guy. I can't be with a woman who has a toy larger than me. Also makes me sick. Like she's cheating on me with rubber.

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