1. Teresa. Her blank, blinking eyes and agape mouth when anyone presents a concept that requires a third grade comprehension level or above to understand….harsh but I can’t deal.

  2. I didn’t like Tinsley before the show, when she was just another socialite all over Page Six (or that bonkers piece about her rivalry with Olivia Palmero) so I wasn’t gonna start just because she became a HW.

  3. Erika. I feel like before all of the legal drama, a lot of people were fascinated by her/fans of her. I never understood it because to me she came across as 🥱

  4. Agree. She did have a certain following at one time that thought she was a BadAssBitch and fans were impressed that she embraced her cunty self. ugh

  5. I agree about Erika. I just thought she always put on an act to be like, I’m just like you because I eat! That scene where they are camping from a few seasons back when she’s eating pumpkin pie from the tin felt so put on to me. It’s like, you have a glam squad and you have the personality of an ice cube, you’re not relatable.

  6. Tamra. She supposedly found Christ a few years ago yet does nothing but talk trash about everyone else. She’s methodical in everything she does, and it’s all for more $$$ IMHO

  7. Tamra and Kyle are one in the same they both are shit stirrers and talk about everyone behind their backs then smile in their face like they’re everyone’s friends. They’re so unbearable. Melissa is similar to them but not on the same level

  8. That “born again” storyline has to be among worst storylines ever. Not believable in the slightest.

  9. I don't think there's many that genuinely like Tamra, or Vicki for that matter, though. They're just good tv and good housewives.

  10. Mine is Erika, I haven’t liked her from the beginning. I rooted for her at first but still didn’t like her. Then wirh each season she showed more her true colors and became even more of a bully. Her and rinna together even worse.

  11. I cannot stand Kandi, and I never could. She has nothing to do or say in a given situation and isn’t funny or interesting. LOATHE ENTIRELY.

  12. I agree. She’s always acted like she’s so above the show & if that’s how she feels then she should move on to make space for Phaedra’s return

  13. To me, it feels like Kandi just shows up to work and then leaves. Idk. I just don't feel like she really has an interest in continuing.

  14. Brave. So very few realize she isn’t that interesting, she sent her daughter to be “fixed” at a cult run camp and is really Beverly Hills’ Ginny Thomas.

  15. 100%!!!! I have a visceral reaction to fans fawning over her quirky auntie schtick and claiming she's a breath of fresh air.

  16. You can’t convince me that her whole façade isn’t PR working overtime to clean up the fact that she put Paris into an abusive “school”. Her timing was just too perfect.

  17. most of mine are ones I think are overhyped that don't deserve it (Garcelle, Denise, Kandi, Lisa B) & a few are ones I just CANNOT stand because their fans' delusions about them drive me up the wall more than the HW does with her own actions (LVP, Bethenny).

  18. Teresa Giudice. I find her absolutely insufferable to watch. Her hypocrisy is just something I can’t take anymore. The whole stupid analogy thing, all of it. I can’t tell if she’s actually incompetent or just doesn’t care. Lol and I know it sounds harsh but I think her time on the show needs to end. She doesn’t even seem like to enjoy it anymore

  19. Ditto. As much Hell as Melissa gets for not bringing a lot of juice, D brings nothing. And I get so sick of her "We're Italian" song and dance to justify whatever bs her or Tre are currently pushing

  20. Yes! I haatteee Ashley. She plays victim all the time. I will never understand the hate for candace over Ashley.

  21. Yes! I’m so sick of people excusing her defending her evil, sexual harassing husband. I don’t care that she’s divorcing him. What I do care about is she doesn’t give a shit about victims of sexual assault.

  22. Eileen Davidson. How can we all unanimously hate Rinna but love her biggest enabler/mouth piece - sidekick? She was so boring and pathetic

  23. In Eileen's defense, she was besties on the show with Rinna before Rinna became insufferable. Before all the Erica stuff Rinna was just a semi likable housewife who understood the assignment of being a shit starter.

  24. I don’t know if she’s popular, but I loathe Jen Shah. The way she promotes real fur, the way she gets her money, the way she lies without a second thought… I’m convinced the woman sold her soul to the devil. Just evil.

  25. Other than Eileen, Kyle is the biggest overrated housewife. I’ve never been a huge fan. She’s always been transparent to me. Plus she gives me second hand embarrassment with her weird voices and awkward jokes. She wants to be such an alpha when she’s been a beta her whole life. And she’s very high strung for me

  26. Eileen Davidson seems to get a lot of love that I don’t understand, she brought less than nothing to the show. She had no identity outside of being a sidekick, she couldn’t move on from anything so there was just constant repetition of the same conversations and she had the worst hair & house in the history of Bravo

  27. Gotta be Kyle, didn't like her from the start. Her tagines were cringe af, her attitude was horrendous once she outed her sisters alcoholism.

  28. I don't hate Sutton, but I'm suspicious of the inexplicable devotion she seems to engender. Look, I loved it when she shat all over Kyle's big crying over Dorit's break in scene. But I've got to give the old fish eye to anyone who keeps telling us what a good person and what a loyal friend she is. I just don't get the devotion to her, considering that what she's mostly given us is low stakes drama. Maybe she is great, maybe that's the franchise's fault. The jury is still out on her.

  29. Yes! Thank you. I find her whole “mind your manners” thing utter bullshit. Practice what you preach you irritating holier than thou princess

  30. Kyle is completely overrated and has been given the softest edit known to Housewives History. To the point that she was able to negotiate and control a narrative as KathyFuckiingHilton as quirky fun auntie.

  31. carole radziwill. she spent her whole time on the show being “too cool” for housewives and acting like she was above the other women or that she was on the show but like… ironically? but she wasn’t. she’s there for attention and money just like the others lol

  32. I agree with both, but especially Sutton. I was trying to articulate what my problem was with her. I think you put it very well! 😀

  33. The way she denied being friends w/ Tinsley when they were together all the time and her fallout w/ Bethnney revealed who she was. She wants to be the cool girl at all costs.

  34. People seem to love Lisa Vanderpump but I’ve never been able to stand her despite all the good things she does for animals. Same for her husband Ken.

  35. I don’t like Tamra. Her high pitched screams. Her constant shit talking. Her hiding her shittiness behind Christianity. I get why they’re bringing her back, but I need to lower the volume every time she talks

  36. Dorit. I used to like her, but ever since "puppygate" I just think it's revealed a horrible side to her wealth and attitude I just can't support. If you have all that money snd staff surely she could have organised or paid for someone to return the dog to its charity once she realised it wasn't compatible with her family as per the adoption papers. There is no excuse for her laziness, or lack of care and compassion toward animals. I'm sick of rich white people thinking they're above everything else and can't even do their jobs properly as caregivers. If you don't want the responsibility then don't adopt a rescuced puppy, and at least follow the proper procedures for returning it.

  37. Bethenny. I used to love her but then she made some degrading comments about Meghan Markle after Meghan and Harry went on Oprah. She did apologize eventually but her remarks were enough to turn me off for good. She hadnt even watched the special before she made the comments. Here’s what she said:

  38. Bethany was a straight up hater when she made those digusting comments. You're correct, she didn't take the time to look at the interview or read any material regarding Harry and Meghan's struggles with the royal family. Her entire response was very unempathetic and strange. The crazy thing is, people could say the exact same thing about her. It sounds like she's mad that she didn't marry a prince.

  39. I love LVP but it’s not a mystery why people dislike her. Take my upvote and cheers for speaking your truth!

  40. Absolutely Sutton. If the people on this sub didn't have a burning hatred for the cast that actually makes RHOBH interesting, Sutton would be nowhere near as popular as she is. She is boring, awkward and misspeaks worse that Ramona or Teresa. From the way she instigates fights with every single person and then immediately crumbles into a crying mess that storms off to just being automatic phone time whenever she gets her rare solo scenes, she just doesn't do anything for me.

  41. She seriously is so overhyped. She’s not a good housewife. The only thing people like about her is that she doesn’t like the main girls and doesn’t try to be on their good side. One thing that grinds my gears about her is when she cries in front of the girls, then in her confessionals however long later, she thinks of a comeback. Like say it to their face.

  42. Teresa, Vicki, Tamra, and Bethanny. Idk if by other than Bethanny are still considered popular but I’ve never liked any of them.

  43. Ooooooohhhhhh……….. I am catching up on my Beverly Hills, hating on Kyle so much. I usually don’t get that riled up over Housewives, but the way she and Diana went in on Sutton at Garcelle’s bday party is truly VYLE!!!!!!

  44. Eileen from RHOBH 💯 She thinks she is better than anyone else. She is smilin' in your face but hiding knife behind her back. She was so desperate about LVP 🥴 always talked about her.

  45. I’m gonna get so much hate- but I cannot stand Sonja or LuAnn. LuAnn grew on me a bit on my rewatch. But I don’t find their delusion funny or endearing 😬😬😬😬

  46. Sutton. I don’t hate her, but she clearly instigates arguments and her behavior is kind of uncalled for sometimes but then plays victim. That being said she’s not even close to being the worst housewife, but people on this subreddit definitely treat her with kid gloves and like she can do no wrong

  47. (BH)Dorit, Sutton, (ATL) Nene, (SLC)Mary, Meredith. (NYC) Kelly, Bethenny (though she grew on me towards the end). More I don't like but I think these are pretty popular haha

  48. Sonja. Her drunken antics are embarrassing and just sad at this point. She’s a mess and needs to be removed from Bravo.

  49. Porsha, Tamra, Kyle, Melissa!!! Love to stir the pot then either act the victim or act like they’re everyones friend

  50. Jen A. Granted, I haven't finished the latest season, and I am on the turn, but I've always found deplorable up to now.

  51. Everyone wanting Tamra back I fucking hate her. She puts this show above her daughter so fuck her. Then wants to play victim and “cry” cuz her daughter cut her out. Bitch you know this is why yet you choose it over her. 🤬🤬🤬

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