1. lmao what the hell? next they're gonna delete the simpsons hit and run episode, this is petty. they aren't friends with jon, i can see them deleting all those old episodes too. sucks

  2. even not as friends, i wish they could leave it be. chris’ impression is one of the reasons i remember that series. i hope they don’t delete doodle doods.

  3. I don't think it's because of that. I think that since they aren't in nice terms anymore, having a Chris cameo on the show might implicate the Grumps legally in some way. Maybe Chris doesn't allow his voice being in a new upload or something. Of course, those are only my two cents

  4. Is Chris working on Smiling Friends or does he have his own thing? Ik he did some music but other than that I didnt know he was still involved.

  5. Didn't it have something to do with Arin throwing a bunch of his newgrounds made friends under the bus after the Sr. Pelo Story Time Animated parody video? I remember Arin going on a weird rant about Newgrounds animators being bullies or something

  6. funny considering that official oney plays compilations will atill add clips from Arin guest appearances despite their falling out. i think the one from last night had one. only one of these two people is so weird that they feel the need to remove all reference to the other.

  7. This is really bizarre man. The only way I can think to justify this is that, since they are no longer friends, having any cameo of Chris on a new upload, even if it is from an old series, would implicate Chris with GG in some way. Maybe Chris could be eligible to ask for a cut of the profit, idk...I just don't want to think it's for petty reasons

  8. Nah, most of these are still up. I think the problem here is that the Sonic compilation is technically a new upload, and since (it seems that) Chris and Arin aren't talking, then maybe they want to avoid mentioning each other on the channel for legal reasons.

  9. That has to be at his request there's no way they'd cut out a reference like that Stamper still has his mentions and he's a hot mess now

  10. How anyone still watches or supports Arin Hanson I’ll never understand. Between all the controversial shit him and his wife have been apart of to the video of them saying the n-word. He’s trash. I wish Harley hit him harder.

  11. maybe they did it because they're not friends with Chris anymore. I mean Chris hasn't really been at all controversial in recent times.

  12. At this point, it doesn't feel like an Arin "decision" I think there is just a few people that work for GG who hate chris.

  13. Don’t remember what video it was from but I remember them saying you have to talk while sucking in air (sounds kinda like you’re suffocating) and put emphasis on the letter “s” when you say a word that uses it

  14. Maybe Chris asked them a while back not to include him into any future compilations? Chris and Arin don't collaborate anymore, doesn't mean there's some major falling out or conspiracy.

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