1. So Im pretty new to them. I found there thrash metal album and thought it was amazing. Metal and a little psychedelic at the same time. I was a little confused when I started listening to their other stuff, but its slowly growing on me. I think I would have liked the other stuff more on its own if I hadnt heard Infest the Rats nest first.

  2. Can we get some more Blur love? i know Thom has been a fan of their work previously and each band have referred to each other in interviews

  3. Too right. I've been following her for a while now and you're completely right but her crazy outburst of popularity has had a slightly negative effect in the fact that I/other people couldn't get a ticket to any of her shows and I'm really good with getting my gig tickets way in advance/as soon as they're available but just like Radiohead, I had the same problem in never getting a ticket%

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