1. Because of your experiences with conditions and the fact that you’re older, I think it’s fair to say you’ll also probably have a better personal ability to understand altered consciousness. I can’t say anything about how you’ll handle psilocybin, but I think you’ll be able to navigate and interpret the experience with more grace and nuance.

  2. Thank you, sound advice. I live by the moment anyway so I expect the experience will be a continuum of each level of consciousness. I appreciate your insight about age and wisdom, you hit it on the mark I understand altered consciousness, letting the experience happen as it happens. There is nothing to fear it's only life in a unique form of being.

  3. In my opinion it depends on the dosage you take. Higher the dosage is, more the effect will make you see the truth which are the state of your life, who you are and also your fears. Everything will me amplified, so you have to make sure to keep control. Also, in my personnal experience, a way to control the effects if they are too strong is to reduce the stimulis around you. You can use earplugs, close windows, lower lights if at any point you feel it is getting out of control, close tv, etc. That said, I believe i have asd disorder and now I have more feeling, but it was not free because I also believe I have a little bit less control over my environnement. In my opinion, life is a balance, body is a balance and balance exists too in your brain. There is nothing free in life, if you take a substance that makes you feel empathy as an example, you have to expect that the rational part of your brain will be affected on the opposite side. That said, I strongly believe psylocybin will be used in treating many disorders in the future, but I strongly suggest not to take high dosage too often and maybe microdose is safer to start, then you can increase if you do not feel the effetcs

  4. I forgot one point also, in my opinion and I cannot prove anything that I will say there, I believe that ASD is at the opposite side of the brain with schizophrenia. With my experience I believe it can help ASD people feel emotions and their outside environnement in a better way. I would be scared though that taking psylocybin with schizophrenia could actually amplify the problem, it is only a fear I have maybe I am wrong.

  5. A low dose of psilocybin (2-3g), for me, results in an elevated happiness (I call it perma grin), mentally. Physically I liken my response to being well intoxicated with alcohol. A little off balance, swirling visions and generally relaxed.

  6. I want to take psilocybin with friend but also considering small dose sprinkled in tea beforehand when my wife is around. She knows I bought some but doesn't condone me using. I don't want a situation with her if I behave weird that would cause her worry about me.

  7. I’m not too sure how to describe it in text, but at some point, if you’re outside you’ll start seeing the sunlight in a different sense; kind of like that psychedelic art from way back when.

  8. Expect your emotions to be amplified. If you do take mushrooms, be somewhere that makes you happy. Nature works best for me, but I don’t have schizophrenia.

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