1. Does your boyfriend's hobbies include walking around in the middle of the forest making loud weird noises?

  2. I think cameras suddenly become 2MP 8-bit color when the lens is on him. Oh, the whoever holds that camera suddenly can’t carry its weight and shakes all over the place.

  3. He’s always had a clump of hair sticking out of his belly button (he’s generally pretty hairy so I thought nothing of it) until one day I was messing with it and realized there was what looked like a giant blackhead at the base. I pulled on it and it came out in one big mass. The white stuff seems like the same material that comes out of pimples. It smelled SO BAD.

  4. He needs to regularly clean it out with a qtip and some peroxide. My husband is hairy as well. His belly button is deep and collects hair.

  5. He just dosent wash his belly button, dead skin and bacteria with hairs that fell in. Tell him to soap up his finger in the shower and clean it out every couple weeks lol

  6. Does he not clean his belly button? What the fuck. GAG. bro needs to put a soapy finger in there every shower. Then rinse and dry. Peroxide is next level. Qtip and neosporin after. Gross. Wtf

  7. No offense, but tell your boyfriend to clean his bellybutton more often. Grime gets built up in there if its not cleaned properly....and yes it will eventually smell like death.

  8. We need a campaign similar to the dental hygiene campaigns of the 1920s an 30s with posters in infographics about cleaning out your bellybutton because so many people just do not know.

  9. I have never heard of this mysterious stone! Does it give you any special powers or is it more akin to a piece of gravel in your shoe?

  10. This may be the high water mark for this sub. Had she recorded the removal we would definitely have to shut it down, walk outside and reminisce about what it was all for.

  11. I’m an OR nurse and part of the “prepping” process we go through to clean the skin for surgery involves using swabs to clean the belly button. Because of this, I can tell you that half the people out there don’t clean their belly buttons properly. I will have an average-aged person of average size come in for surgery, they appear clean and have showered the day prior with the CHG sponge or wipes we ask them to use 24 hours in advance. Then it’s time for me to go spelunking and I discover lint, tons of dead skin, and even stones of hardened dirt/dead skin/sebum.

  12. I was absolutely aware and paranoid about having a clean belly button for my tubal. Glad to know my thorough and paranoid cleaning was not in vain.

  13. Opps - never washed my belly button. But was pregnant and noticed some gross stuff as my belly grew but my bb is so deep it never popped fully out.

  14. My husband once wiped belly button sweat onto my upper lip and I puked. I can’t imagine how much I would be heaving with something like this.

  15. So my bf has a really deep belly button. We also have a pitbull with very coarse fur. One day my bf gets home from work and tells me his belly button really hurts and wants me to see if there’s something in there. I use tweezers and pull out this massive clump of dog fur that was burrowing into his skin foxtail style and had created an abscess which burst upon removal of the fur, shooting pus and blood everywhere. And now my bf cleans the hair out of his belly button every week lol

  16. Gosh, I never really knew how vast the belly button was until finding this sub. Was he planting turnips in there?

  17. Yup and if you leave it under your pillow tonight the umbolith fairy will leave you a couple of q-tips and dr bronners soap under your pillow.

  18. Check the top of his butt crack. This could pass for a borderline pilonidal cyst. Maybe he’s got one in the top of his crack?

  19. Based on Google images this is the biggest one ever recorded. It needs to be in a jar on a shelf in a rural high school.

  20. He said it felt like a plug was pulled out but it was like a weird, newly realized relief and emptiness once it was out. He cleaned his BB throughly with a q tip afterwards!

  21. OP please make sure he cleans it and to keep an eye on the area. I had a bad infection in my belly button that sent me to the hospital (went in for that found out I had cancer, all better now). If that area gets infected it can spread to vital areas fast. Also the treatment was they numbed it, split it open, and then the surgeon violently fingered my belly button like a highschool boy at prom with very bad aim.

  22. Not to be rude, but is he a fat guy? I am and get similar shit to that, but I clean my gut gutter on the regular. If you let it fester, it’s got a scent to it of rotten road kill. Tell that dirty belly buster to scrub his honey hole more often.

  23. Thanks for sharing! As soon as you pulled it out you should have pushed your pinky in as deep as possible to get full effect of the smell. Hopefully he washes his ass better than his bellybutton

  24. Every time this sub pops up on the main page i read the comments. I'm convinced some of the regulars are closet masochists and there's a decent likelihood that you'll be back for more.

  25. That’s amazingly gross and I hate it. Thank you for posting it. I have so many questions, but many of them have been posted already.

  26. Damn I can only imagine how that smelled. I used to have a pretty smelly belly button but never anything like that. Btw once I started washing it it stopped smelling

  27. I had one pop out when I was super pregnant at a dr appt (more like a lint ball than that hairy thing) I was so embarrassed, I clean it all the time, my dr laughed and said it's a common thing when you're super preggo.I was still mortified.

  28. I can only imagine! I had a small cotton ball in my belly button that I had apparently put in my belly button and forgot about. Had to soak it with alcohol to pull out... I can only imagine how much worse your boyfriend’s button plug smelled

  29. Your boyfriend’s belly button has birthed a living being. This is just in it’s embryonic stages and will reach maturity on the night of All Hallows Eve.

  30. I bet that thing absolutely stinks. Begs the question, though, what state is your boyfriend in to allow something like this to even grow

  31. "Umbilical discharge in adult is rare, can be quite alarming and could be congenital or acquired, but is usually caused by a foreign material, most commonly hair. Obesity, deep umbilicus and poor hygiene seem to be the predisposing factors."

  32. This just in: your boyfriend has disgusting levels of hygiene if he let that mass of belly button smegma accumulate over the course of his post pubescent life

  33. I have seen this picture (thanks I hate it) I have read the comments (brilliant btw) Now I have checked my belly button several times...KNOWING its not deep dark or hairy, because I fear for the day I see a mystical goblin hair creature in my naval!

  34. That is a naval stone. It’s a collection of dead skin cells, hair, and dirt that accumulates deep in the belly button over the years. Hair can grow through it. I found one in my boyfriend’s belly button earlier this year. Yuck! Don’t sniff it 🤢

  35. He is hairy like me I guess, I oftenly make them too if I don't clean my belly button, it's falling bodyhair and clothing fibers building up in the belly button hole. Only remedy: clean more often

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